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Welcome to the Nashville Songwriter’s Blog sponsored by the song demo service, Play It Again Demos and the recording studio, Nashville Trax.

Nashville Trax have been in business producing demos, master recordings and instrument tracks for songwriters and producers since 1991.

This blog contains numerous posts about songwriting technique,. music theory, artists seeking songs, song publishers seeking songs and more!

E-mail us at nashtrax@bellsouth.net or at piademos@bellsouth.net to inquire about:

  • Having a demo, master quality single or album produced
  • Adding instrument tracks played by Nashville session musicians to your self-produced project.
  • Live stage performance tracks made of a cover song or original

Here are some MP3 samples of our song demo work. We produce Country, Christian, Blues, Americana, Bluegrass, Pop, Rock.. you name it.

Studio News:

Fisher’s of Men CD makes 2016 Grammy ballot

Dan Thompson’s single, “A Good Day for Progress” distributed by Sony drops to radio

Camille Rae’s single, But I Want You, on CMT

Here are indie and major label song pitch opportunities

Not computer savvy? No time? No connections? You’d rather focus on song writing than on song promo? Here’s how we can promote your song for you. What a great time to be a songwriter!

Play It Again Demos is a service for songwriters who need high quality demos and CDs made of their work using Nashville session quality musicians and singers.

Nashville Trax is a project recording studio for singers and songwriters who either live in the area or wish to come to the Nashville area from other locations to record. Nashville may be known for country and bluegrass but these guys can play anything.

If you haven’t had much success with your music in the past using other studios and producers, hop on board and hold on. Things are about to change!

This blog is about songwriting, producing, recording and life. If we think it will help you out in some way, we post it. It’s free of charge and access is unrestricted, stop by anytime. Subscribe if you like, that’s free too.


Background Vocals For Your Project

In Nashville, we call them “bgv’s” which is short for “background vocals”. Two of the best were in Wednesday, Jim and Jaime Riley, pics below, adding bgv’s to three Swanson songs, the final touch before moving the songs on to mixing.

While they can be somewhat costly, bgv’s can really make a song special; consider putting them in the budget of your next demo, single or album.

The songwriter this session was for, Joe Finley texted session producer/engineer, Bill Watson: “Hey Bill, heading to the airport and just listened to the rough mixes with background vocals, needless to say I’m in tears!! # Grammy”

We can add bgv’s to projects recorded wholly at Nashville Trax or even add them to songs in progress at other studios.

E-msil nashtrax@bellsouth.net or call 615-319-8616 for additional information or to book a session.

Video Production for Artist and Singles Promotion

Do you need video production for your song?

Video can be extremely effective at building a fan base, creating revenue streams and whetting the appetite of your fan base for upcoming products. As this video does:

Meet Dads And Daughters

dads and daughters

We live in a video world! The best way to promote your band, your song or you as an artist, is on video!

But if you lack the time or skill set to produce your own, contact Our Video Team

For a very affordable price they can create the video you need to succeed and even post it on social media for you.

Here’s the video of the actual song Dads and Daughters Know

Interested? Get details at the link above or text indicating your interest in having a video produced, call 615-319-8616.


Accordian Tracks For Your Recording Project Online!


Yes, That is just one of many instruments we have available at Nashville Trax Tracks online!

Need Accordion on YOUR project? Click Here!

Thanks so much to you and Aaron for the awesome Banjo track!

Hey Bill!! I just want to say thanks so much to you and Aaron for the awesome Banjo track, it sounds great the mix, exactly what I was after.

I think this will be my third order now with Nashville Trax and I’m sure there will be many more to come in the future. You guys are fantastic!! Thanks again!! Kind regards, Louise D’Arby (Australia)

Need Banjo? Click Here!

Banjo Track Excites Producer Client!

“Hey Bill!!

I just want to say thanks so much to you and Aaron for the awesome Banjo track, it sounds great the mix, exactly what I was after.  I think this will be my third order now with Nashville Trax and I’m sure there will be many more to come in the future.  You guys are fantastic!!

Thanks again!!”

Kind regards,

Louise Darcy


Louise hails from Australia. Instead of her coming to Nashville, we provide her with professionally produced banjo tracks online that drop seamlessly into her mix, usually within 1-3 days, sometimes just a few hours!

Need a banjo part? Here you go:


Need drums. bass. piano, organ, synth, sax, harmonica, mandolin, fiddle or something else? Inquire here:


Female Singers for Hire @ Nashville Trax

Female singers for hire can be found at Nashville Trax Vocals Online!

The singer IS the song! We have some of the very best available who not only will deliver your song authentically but also charge reasonable rates you can afford. Click here for samples, photos and rates.

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Custom Performance Tracks

Need a custom made production of a cover tune in your key so you can perform the song live at an upcoming event?

Or maybe one of your original songs?

And do you need that at a reasonable price?

It’s easy!

And yes, you can get anything from an extremely inexpensive acoustic guitar or piano track, all the way up to a full production.

Just click this link:

Custom Performance Tracks

Male or Female Singers Available For Your Recording Project!

If you wrote a song recently and are in the process of recording or already have, one thing is probably crystal clear at this point:

The singer IS the song!

If you:

  • Don’t have a quality singer available for your song
  • Are in the recording process and the singer you chose isn’t working out
  • Attempted to sing your song yourself but know you aren’t the best choice
  • Have already finished your mix a while ago and now fresh ears are screaming, “This song deserves a better singer!”

We can help!

While it’s best to approach us at nashtrax@bellsouth.net BEFORE you cut the first rhythm track so you can select the singer you want and let them select the key they prefer to sing your song in, all may not be lost if you didn’t.

Several of our singers have a range so wide they can fit into just about any key. The price range is very reasonable as well. Demo rate is anywhere from $100 to $375 per song, depending on which singer you choose and that INCLUDES studio time, the singer and the producer/engineer!

You get a .wav file in any format you need (default is 24/48) that will drop right into Pro Tools, Cubase or any other popular recording format and lock up to your project automatically.

So let’s get to work solving your problem:

What do you need?

A male singer for my song


Maybe Brandon would be a good choice?

A female singer for my song

Nashville Tracks singer Jenifer

Why not have our Nashville session singer Jennifer sing your song?

Looking for a Bluegrass Recording Studio for your Single or Album?

“I’ve been listening to this track over this past weekend and I’ve got to say you nailed it again my friend. You captured exactly what I had in mind. Recording quality is superb, as always, and the session musicians are truly amazing. They are simply the very best! I am so proud to have them on this recording and all the others that we have done together. This song will be a great way to introduce Mike Anderson and The Mountainview Ramblers to radio.”

In 2016 we produced Mike’s first album which had one song that hit the top ten on the bluegrass charts. This is his first single with The Mountainview Ramblers.

We can do fiddle, banjo, mandolin, dobro and more!

Contact nashtrax@bellsouth.net for more info. and a quote on your bluegrass project.


Pic & Mp3 Clip: Grace Kelly, In From New Zealand For A Recording Session!

GraceKelly Session

Grace Kelly of Wellington New Zealand doing a Nashville Trax recording session, L to Rt: L To Rt: Shawn Conley (engineer), Bill Watson (bass player & session producer), Grace Kelly (guitar, vocals), William Ellis drums, Tom Wild, guitar.

Thirteen year old Grace, is a “busker” (street musician) in her home town of Wellington, New Zealand. She decided to come to Nashville to record her original song “Before And After” and also a cover of Taylor Swift’s “All Too Well”.

Grace never played with other musicians before, let alone session quality players of this caliber. Yet producer Bill Watson said, “Wow, it’s hard to believe such a big voice came out of such a small girl! Grace delivered the goods like a pro. She’s a great songwriter too. Sign this little Kiwi powerhouse to a record deal!”

Grace, who’s goal was simply to gain experience in a big time recording environment is happy, happy, happy! Huge smiles and multiple comments from Grace, “This is so fantastic!” and “I’m speechless!”  ruled the day.

She left for New Zealand Monday with a rough mix of the day’s activities, final mixes are to be delivered to her later this week.

A short clip of Grace singing the Taylor Swift cover:

© 2011 recorded as a demo for demo purposes and posted for demonstrating production values and talent demonstration only.All other uses are a violation of U.S. and International copyright law. This performance  is © 2016.


Musician credits:

Grace Kelly: Rhythm Acoustic Guitar, Lead and Harmony Vocals

William Ellis (Montgommery Gentry): Drums

Tom Wild ( Mindy McCreedy, B.J. Thomas): Guitar

Bill Watson (Nashville Trax producer): Bass Guitar

Looking to record in Nashville? You’ll be listening to your project the rest of your life. Why not choose the best: people who not only have the gear and chops you need but also care about making your session a fantastic experience for you in every way?

Take a look at our site:

Nashville Trax Recording Studio or contact us at

nashtrax@bellsouth.net or (backup e-mail) nashtraxstudios@gmail.com



The Jailbirds from Germany in to record yesterday!

Father and son duo, The Jailbirds, flew in from Germany to record 5 songs yesterday for their upcoming album.

Dirk played guitars, bass and percussion while his father, Walther, sang and occasionally added rhythm guitar. Great guys, good players, Walther sings great and somewhat surprisingly, they speak English very well.

What a fun session!. Tracking is complete, the project is ready to mix.

Other upcoming recording sessions with clients coming from overseas include clients from New Zealand (May 1st) and Australia (June 8th).



Hi Bill,

  Feel free to post the mixes on the website.  They really sound great, thanks again to both Shawn and you.

  Best regards from Berlin,

  Walther & Dirk

Looking to record a project in the Nashville, TN area? We can book your session, hire any needed Nashville based session musicians, help you arrange hotel accommodations, choose the proper facilities for recording, mixing and mastering each aspect of your project and more. Contact us at e-mail: nashtrax@bellsouth.net