Jenifer L Doing Banjo’d Up Country: Romance and Rodeo

Not only is Romance and Rodeo Jennifer L’s very first country song recorded in Nashville, the very banjo used on the original recording of the most famous bluegrass tune ever, Rocky Top, was played on it by Aaron McDeris. Pedal Steel: Mike Douchette. Fiddle: Jenee Fleenor.

Aaron McDaris shows off his historic “Rocky Top” banjo.

The song is hot off the press with publishing open and right of first release intact. If you’d like to publish or record it we’d be glad to forward your interest to the songwriter.

Romance and Rodeo is © 2014 KC Steele. All rights reserved, presented here as a demonstration of production values, all other use prohibited under U.S. and International copyright law.

Nashville Tracks singer Jenifer

Why not have our Nashville session singer Jennifer sing your song?

Interested in having Jennifer sing your song? We can make that happen!

Music Project Funding: Silence Is Full of Sound

woodsMy songwriting collaborator, Amesh David and I, have agreed to move forward on a master session recording and video of our pop song Silence Is Full of Sound. I produced demos on 3 songs we wrote together and, this past weekend, we decided Silence is worthy of further copyright exploitation.

We will begin seeking incremental funding within the next 30 days. More details will be posted as they become available. The post will demonstrate the steps you can take to use a good quality demo costing hundreds, such as one made at Play It Again Demos to fund a master project costing thousands.

The demonstration recording of Silence Is Full Of Sound is here third clip from the bottom.- Bill Watson

Bill Watson, Nashville Trax music producer Nashville Trax, Play It Again Demos

Nashville Trax Producer/Arranger, Bill Watson

Female Country Singer Online Tracks Available Now! Meet Jennifer!

Nashville session singer Jennifer

Nashville session singer Jennifer

Are you looking for a female country singer to add to your project; the project you’re producing at your home or local recording studio? Meet Jennifer! She sings country in a powerhouse style similar to Jo Dee Messina. Great harmony vocals too. And Nashville Trax now offers female country singers Tracks Online, over the internet. Yes, you can put Jennifer’s singing on your project by trading files that will lock right up to your work!

Her session over, Nashville vocalist Jennifer takes a well deserved break

Her session over, Nashville vocalist Jennifer takes a well deserved break

Mix Music Online Offers You Professional Mixes of Your Music Tracks Over The Internet!

Your Mix CAN sound Professional!

Your Mix CAN sound Professional!

Can you record good solid music tracks: guitar, drums, bass guitar, vocals, etc. but find you don’t get very good results mixing?

We can make an excellent mix of your song!

For pricing and additional details check out:

Music Mixes Online

Nashville session singer Jennifer can do some country now! A great choice for your pop or modern country tune!

Nashville session singer Jennifer

Nashville session singer Jennifer

I was quite impressed with Jennifer at her session today. I knew she could sing pop but was worried if she could deliver on the modern country song on tap for her session. 10 seconds in to her first take all doubt vanished. Great voice. Thick, rich, excellent tone, superior range…. she sounded a lot like Jo Dee Messina, just perfect for my client’s tune! Very much looking forward to trying her on other material to see just what this girl’s capabilities are! I’ll post a sample once I get the mix done – b.e. watson

Her session over, Jennifer, a Nashville session quality vocalist,  takes a well deserved break

Her session over, Jennifer, a Nashville session quality vocalist, takes a well deserved break

Natalie Stovall and The Drive Chosen to Perform At 2014 Country Breakout Award

Songwriters, here’s a group to keep an eye on: Their debut album is being produced now (by Paul Worley who previously produced records for the Dixie Chicks and The Band Perry) with a scheduled release in 2014.

Music Row has chosen Natalie Stovall and The Drive to perform at The Country Breakout Awards on Febuary 18th at Margaritaville on Broadway as their single “Baby Come On With It” already moves up the charts:

Ludwig Signet Gigabeat Drum Kit Demo Review

Ludwig has re-invented the wheel. Okay, not literally. But it’s been a while since a totally new concept in drum kits has been offered. And this is literally a drum kit. Presumably to keep the price point low, you put it together. The only tool needed? A drum key.

A quality maple drum kit at a low price.

David Watson, a drummer for one of the Pittsburgh, PA area’s top show bands checked it out and had this to say:

“Definitely maple. Big beautiful open tone. The shells are finished to a very high standard of production quality. The veneer finish looks dramatically better in person than in pics, like a fine car. I want one. I’m really impressed with what Ludwig has done here.”- David Watson

Tracks For Your Project Cut In A Nashville Recording Studio? It CAN happen!

Why NOT have Blake Shelton's fiddle player and session quality musician Jennee Fleenor on YOUR project?

Why NOT have Blake Shelton’s fiddle player, session quality musician, Jennee Fleenor on YOUR project?

Nashville Trax Recording Studio announces its Tracks Online service allowing self-producers to add session quality instrument tracks recorded on quality equipment in a Nashville recording studio to their projects:


For Immediate Release

Many musicians throughout the world produce projects on home equipment as well as at local recording studios. The problem? There are only a few handfuls of session quality musicians in the world and the majority live and work in Nashville, TN. It’s known worldwide as Music City for a reason.

Often, a producer outside Nashville needs a specific instrument track and soon discovers that many great live players simply don’t have the impeccable timing and skills required to play at session quality.

Even if they can access Nashville players, how do they know which ones are really able to deliver the tracks they need before investing? Are they really session quality players? Will they record the part at their home using inferior home grade equipment? Digital is digital but commercial quality preamps and condenser microphones are not part of most home setups.

Enter Nashville Trax Recording Studio Tracks Online Service which solves the problem with low cost individual tracks by proven musicians delivered over the Internet.

Basic rhythm tracks like drums, bass guitar, piano, keyboards and guitar can be ordered or even mixed and matched to track together, all recorded on quality gear with an experienced producer/tracking engineer overseeing the process.

Other instruments like saxophone, mandolin, fiddle, steel guitar, even vocals and more are also on the menu.

A fringe benefit of the service is that most of the players available have credits you can use to help promote your project via a press release, on your website, etc.

Bill Watson, owner of Nashville Trax Recording Studio reports some early success, “I think we’ve tapped into a real need with Tracks Online. Within the last 24 hours we’ve received confirmed orders for a banjo track, two steel guitar tracks, and a harmonica track. We hope to have continued success and increased volume because obviously, at the price point we’ve set, there’s a very low profit margin per track.”

For more information as well as a sample of the work available visit Fiddle Tracks Online.

Amazing Sunday Service!

Bill Watson, music producer Nashville Trax, Play It Again Demos

Bill Watson

What an amazing time at church Sunday! Attendance was high and the pastor gave a tremendous sermon on the importance of having a healthy fear of God. Not respect. Fear.

For me, Sunday marked a turning point in my Christian walk- a far deeper commitment of time- as I debuted on bass guitar with the church band.

The songs were fun to play. Matt Maher, Lord I Need You. A song by Jesus Culture and 2 other new-to-me songs. But first up, I Am Forgiven complete with an 8 bar bass solo within three minutes of taking the stage! No pressure there, LOL. But Jesus helped me ace it, all glory most definitely to Him. Here’s the original of Forgiven I learned from:

I became serious about my Christianity about the same time we started this blog. I had just begun attending two churches here in the Nashville area and had a thought that perhaps I’d end up being called to play in the band although there was no reason to expect it to happen. This from my first Christian post months ago:

“And man, what a cool little band they have, with drums and guitars and backup singers even. Maybe you can be The Catcher In The Rye someday after all, stand with arms stretched wide on the edge of the cliff… perhaps save a few of His children from the evils of adulthood.”

I never told anyone in the church that I had this secret dream of being a bass thumping Christian Catcher In The Rye., or even told anyone I played a little, and with a bit of help from above might be able to provide some bottom end. But God has a way of getting things done, always working through people here on earth and a few of them approached me simultaneously a few weeks ago to ask if I’d be interested.

When The Creator of the Universe delivers a message asking you to do something it’s probably not a good idea to say no- The Catcher In The Rye ; )

Brian Welch of Korn on being a rock star and….finding Jesus?

2,000 years ago Jesus revealed Himself to Paul who converted from a Christian hater and persecutor into a Christian believer. He then wrote nearly half the New Testament, some of the most clear and convincing testimony in the entire Bible. 2,000 years later, Jesus is still revealing Himself, still changing lives:

Free Music Publishing!

Sony Music Publishing, Nashville

Sony Music Publishing, Nashville

If you’ve had a limited release recording produced by Play It Again Demos or a master recording made at Nashville Trax you can now get it licensed with a music publisher, guaranteed!

You no longer need to worm your way in to Sony then wait for A&R to decide if they’ll take your song or reject it.

John Goodman of Dickie Goodman Publishing is offering free music publishing to any songwriter who has written an original song that isn’t yet tied up with a publisher! Dickie Goodman is Guinness certified as having the most Billboard charting novelty records ever. They have all the mechanisms in place to fully exploit your copyright.

Legal Restrictions: Note that a demo recording is not licensed for this type of use. You’d need to pay for an upgrade to limited release master and once you achieve 10,000 download or CD sales, an additional upgrade fee to full master recording is required.

Click here to go to Dickie’s sign up page and learn more.

The article released this morning:
John Goodman offers free music publishing!

for more info: e-mail:

Jump on it, the offer may not last!

Living Life Unchained, Courtesy of The Eagles

I’ve listened to a lot of songs in my time and few had any lasting impact on my life that I’m aware of. But there are a handful of lyric lines that have, one of which is The Eagles song Already Gone.

“So often times it happens, that we live our lives in chains and never even know we have the key.”

That line has resonated and echoed in mind ever since I first heard it, more because I lacked the courage to just throw the chains off, than for actually doing anything to live up to its implied promise. And looking back I see that it was a mistake to stay in the chains because the longer you go in that direction the tighter they get, the harder it is to cut them off and the less choices you have.

Meanwhile, time you’ll never get back has passed away- b.e.