Affordable Mastering

Once your recording is mixed there is one additional step available that virtually all recordings intended for a CD release or radio airplay receive. That step is known as “mastering”. Mastering demos is also a recent trend.

What is it?

The stereo mix file is processed to increase the dynamic range as well as even out the frequencies to create a more professional “radio ready” sound. Other things can occur in this stage such as bringing out more vocal or adding effects such as reverb to the entire mix.

While the original purpose of mastering was to prepare a mix for commercial release, these days many demo mixes are enhanced with mastering.

But at $250 to $500 per song the major studios charge for custom mastering it can be costly to have a ten or twelve song CD mastered.

But how about a price as low as $55 per song?

Welcome to:

Affordable Music Mastering by Nashville Trax

Independent songwriters and artists price:

$75 per song for one or two songs.
$55 for three or more.

Send your best stereo mix(es) to

Send payment to via

mp3 files can be mastered here. but for higher quality we can master .wav files 16/44.1 or higher.

Most projects turned around within 24 to 72 hours.

Additional details available at the above link.