Affordable Mastering

Once your recording is mixed there is one additional step available that virtually all recordings intended for a CD release or radio airplay receive. That step is known as “mastering”. Mastering demos is also a recent trend.

What is it?

The stereo mix file is processed to increase the dynamic range as well as even out the frequencies to create a more professional “radio ready” sound. Other things can occur in this stage such as bringing out more vocal or adding effects such as reverb to the entire mix.

While the original purpose of mastering was to prepare a mix for commercial release, these days many demo mixes are enhanced with mastering.

But at $250 to $500 per song the major studios charge for custom mastering it can be costly to have a ten or twelve song CD mastered.

But how about a price as low as $55 per song?

Welcome to:

Affordable Music Mastering by Nashville Trax

Independent songwriters and artists price:

$75 per song for one or two songs.
$55 for three or more.

Send your best stereo mix(es) to

Send payment to via

mp3 files can be mastered here. but for higher quality we can master .wav files 16/44.1 or higher.

Most projects turned around within 24 to 72 hours.

Additional details available at the above link.

Nashville Trax Client Dan Thompson Receives First Quarter Airplay Royalty Check from Sound Exchange.

“My first royalty check for Miles & Miles release in the US… This is for one Quarter.. Miles & Miles was played over 1000 times per week in the US… it did really good.. Thanks so much for the great work Bill!”

DannyThompson Royalty Check

Read more about Dan Thomson’s Nashville Trax album and single releases:

Dan Thompson’s “Miles And Miles” Makes The Country Radio Most Added Prime Mover Chart!

Songwriter Dan Thompson Visits Nashville To Record Vocal Tracks For His CD Album, 1st single getting radio adds daily, 23 stations yesterday!

Dan Thompson Single “A Day Without Progress” Produced by Nashville Trax, Distributed By Sony… 28 Weeks on Sirius XM. Give A Listen!

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How To Make Your Self-Produced Album Sound A Lot More Professional


The four CDs above were released this year and Nashville Trax helped make them happen. Yet the we helped was different for each project.

Planning your next album? Interfacing with Nashville Trax can help make it more professional than any music you’ve created before.

Here are four different ways artists chose to work with us to achieve a better result than they could muster on their own:

The upper left CD by The Greatest Gift was an eight song album, one of many we’ve done for this Christian, three-piece vocal group. The group’s songwriter sent us his rough originals recorded with just piano and vocal.

We charted his songs and cut all new music tracks. The group then added their vocals to those tracks in a local studio near them in the New England area and mixed the project there.

As we’ve worked with them on several CD projects, they’ve gone from playing on Sunday’s at their local church to appearing on television, winning awards and scoring hits on the Gospel charts.

Lower Left: The Swansons first album: We cut all the music tracks using our Nashville Trax A Team. Based in the Los Angeles area, the Swansons came to Nashville and cut their vocals here at Nashville Trax then we mixed here in Nashville using three different mix and mastering studios, including here at Nashville Trax.

Country This has garnered considerable radio airplay in the United States and birthed two charting singles. We are now (1-31-23) about half way through producing their 3rd followup album. In between we produced their “Bam” and “Amazing Love” albums.

Upper Right: Rootstock was an album project we added individual instrument tracks as needed, steel on several songs, fiddle on a few songs, etc. providing musical muscle.

Lower Right: This group is based in Norway. We cut every instrument track, they added their vocals at a studio in Norway, sent them back to us where we mixed and mastered. This Christian group reports that CD sales are going extremely well with many hundreds sold the first few days, nearly recouping their investment within hours of release.

In each case the group or artist mentioned above possessed a high degree of talent, but no one is an expert at everything. We were able to provide top notch equipment, world class musicians, professional engineering and guidance in a symbiotic fashion, to make their projects superior to what they could have accomplished alone.

We can help you too! e-mail with a description of your project, what you wish to achieve and how you believe we might help out. Or text/call producer Bill Watson at 615-319-8616.