Your Music Produced and Played by Professionals!

Music Producer Bill Watson and the session musicians here at Nashville Trax can do it! …Demo, Single, LP, or a full blown album!

In business since 2004- eighteen years with roots extending even beyond that- we’ve thrilled a long list of clients, and we can make that same jaw-dropping-level project happen for you!

Please take a look through the pages of this blog, It details what we’re all about and features many samples of our work.

“Before I go into details on this new project, I’d like to thank you guys for the tracks you played for my last project. I had a vocal recording session with my co-writer last Sunday and after recording some good vocals and mixing things down the song sounds very nice with your tracks. just absolutely stunning job. Thanks!”- Walter Troubadour, Alsace–Lorraine, France

To get the ball rolling on your project, give us a call or drop a text to: 615-319-8616

Chelsea, one of the highly talented singers at Nashville Trax…rock, blues..great harmony/backgrounds..maybe she’ll sing on your project?

Britt sings great pop, gospel, Christian..fantastic harmony and background vocals. Got a song for her? Text us 615-319-8616