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Shure PG52 micophone in a Gretsch bass drum

a pro recording studio but you live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania… we can help!

  • Demos
  • Masters
  • Albums
  • Add instrument tracks- sax, mandolin, fiddle, steel, piano and guitar to name a few- to your Pittsburgh based project played by our Nashville Trax A Team session musicians!

    We have recorded full albums for bands, singles, duos and trios in places as far away as New Zealand, Los Angeles, CA, Norway and other locations, often never meeting in person!

    Call us, We are THE recording studio that will make you feel right at home whether you come in to do the whole project, come in just for vocals or work remotely for the entire project!

    Nashville Trax


Nashville Tracks

Nashville Tracks may not be the proper spelling of the production studio you’re searching for. That’s an easy mistake to make.

It may well be us, Nashville Trax you’re searching for.

The Nashville Tracks you are seeking may not be the studio locally licensed and in business continually since 1990, located here in the Nashville Tennessee area.

Don’t be confused by a misspelling!

Our producer, Bill Watson, the man responsible for thousands of projects fully produced right here in Nashville, works only at our location. Our musicians are world class, second to none.

Nashville Trax is the studio that has been in business since 1990 and we have never been associated with any other city or location other than Nashville Tennessee.

Note that if you choose a studio with a different spelling, we are not responsible for projects produced anywhere except under the authentic Nashville Trax moniker.

We custom produce projects right here in Nashville, so while Nashville Tracks or several other spellings of the name that have come and gone over the years could indeed be what you’re searching for, and bless your heart if that’s the case, we believe you are most likely looking for us to handle your project.