Record Your EP or Album Over-The-Internet! We play session quality tracks, YOU sing!

Our producer writes a custom arrangement and music charts for each of your songs:

Bill Watson, Nashville Trax music producer Nashville Trax, Play It Again Demos

Nashville Trax Producer/Arranger, Bill Watson

Top notch session quality musicians play your song:


Professional background vocals are added:

How would YOUR song sound with a Nashville pro singing harmony on it? Awesome!

How would YOUR song sound with a Nashville pro singing harmony on it? Awesome!

YOU record YOUR OWN VOCALS where you live, either on your own gear or at a local studio.

Then WE mix (or you can mix on your end).

Yes it works great!

Interested? e-mail producer Bill Watson at for details.

Now Tracking: 5 songs for Wayne Lewis, 3 New Tunes for Winston Harold. Just added 1 song for Aleta Anthony, 1 for Joe Burnette + 20 Tracks Online projects in. Greg Jennings of Restless Heart on sessions! 1 Song Left On Stephane Bouchard EP!

Nashville session musician Mike Douchette lays a harmonica track at Nashville Trax!

Nashville session musician Mike Douchette lays a harmonica track at Nashville Trax!

There IS time to get your song in on one of these sessions!

Bill Watson, Nashville Trax music producer Nashville Trax, Play It Again Demos

Play It Again Producer/Arranger, Bill Watson

The players, all known as Nashville session quality musicians, some with live show artist gigs as well, will include:

William Ellis drummer for Montgomery Gentry. William locks on a click and basically dares anyone to try and move him off it. Nope, won’t happen.
Greg Jennings, session player and guitarist with Restless Heart.
Ron Fairchild, keyboards. Session player and The Oak Ridge Boys long time session guy.
Steve King, master session keyboard player.
Bill Watson, bass guitar. guitar, Nashville Trax producer.
David Northrup, Nashville session drummer. The Groove King was Travis Tritt’s drummer for years, currently with The Oaks
Randy Smith. session bass guitarist.
Jenee Fleenor, fiddle amd mando. Currently plays for Blake Shelton, her main gig, also for Martina McBride and The Opry staff band when she’s available.
Mike Douchette, session quality Pedal steel guitarist and harp player. Mike’s credits are major league and extensive.

1 new trio demo plus 9 tunes in for the full band/producers choice treatment. Wayne writes traditional style country and the trio of songwriters who make up Winston Harold write in a variety of styles. We’ve demoed several songs for them prior. This go-round one tune is going blues, another is Contemporary Christian and a third is leaning toward country. Update: Just got a new tune in to be done trio style (vocal, guitar, drums and bass guitar) for Aleta Anthony. We did a demo for her a few years ago that she was happy with but haven’t heard from since. Apparently she believes in quality not quantity. Altogether, with our Tracks Online projects and the Tony Pizzino album project we have about 40 song recordings in progress.

Bill Watson is producing on all. Tracking should begin in about two weeks. Busy, but keep ’em coming. We LOVE busy and we have plenty of capacity!

Our Tracks Online service is holding its own too with 1 guitar track, 1 piano, 5 pedal steel, 4 fiddle and 8 bass guitar tracks to add to client-produced projects. Trax Online clients are a mix of home recording enthusiasts and recording studios/producers, some in Nashville, some worldwide. This go-round we have 1 for a recording studio client in Ireland, 1 for a producer in Russia!

Dobro Tracks Online: Over the Internet Dobro parts for your song!

Meet the #1 dobro session player in Nashville, Kevin Post. Kevin’s “little side gig” when he isn’t doing sessions is playing for the #1 artist in country music, Blake Shelton (of The Voice, multiple Billboard country hits). Kevin plays dobro and pedal steel guitar for Nashville Trax.

Equally talented is acclaimed session player Wanda Vick who plays fiddle, cello and dobro for us.

Need a dobro track on your song? Send an mp3 quick mix of your project, starting at the very beginning of your session (so the file we return will auto-lock to your song) to: and payment ($95 per part) via to the same e-mail. Turnaround is usually 2 days or less.

Questions can be directed to producer, Bill Watson at

Kevin Post, Dobro player for country music recording artist Blake Shelton at Nashville Trax Recording Studio, Dobro Tracks Online

Kevin Post, Dobro player for country music recording artist Blake Shelton at Nashville Trax Recording Studio, Dobro Tracks Online

Acclaimed session player, Wanda Vick of Nashville Trax Dobro Tracks Online.

Acclaimed session player, Wanda Vick of Nashville Trax Dobro Tracks Online.

“Help Me Jesus One More Time” Mix Finished!

Here’s a clip of songwriter David Greer’s first demo with us, finished today.

Based on David’s guitar/vocal rough, we produced two versions, one with  Ray, a baritone, singing lead and harmony and a Bob Dylan style harmonica played by Mike Douchette. as the main lead instrument that I thought turned out great, well enough that David’s father thought it was the best song recording he’d ever heard.

But David wanted to hear it with a higher pitched vocal and fiddle instead of harp so this posted version features our singer, Jason. We’ll pick it up coming into the pre-chorus section:

Blake Sheton’s fiddle player, Jenee Fleenor plays both fiddle and mandolin. Other musicians include William Ellis of Montgommery Gentry on drums, Nashville Trax producer Bill Watson on bass guitar, Ron Fairchild of The Oaks on piano and Tom Wellenbacher on guitar who’s played with everyone from B.J. Thomas to Mindy McCreedy, .

“Jesus Help Me One More Time” is © 2015 David Greer. Bill Watson, producer.

Mandolin Tracks Online Delivered Over The Internet!

Do you need a mandolin track on your project? How about a world class mandolin track?

It’s AMAZING how much a well played mando can add to some songs.

It’s EASY to add a mando part to yours! Just click here: Mandolin Tracks Online!


Contemporary Christian artist Sara Beth is Seeking Songs to Record

God-focused rock/ pop rock songs a 20 year old female Christian artist would sing. But no worship music, no male-female love songs. For basic aim on Sara Beth, think Jesus Culture featuring Kim Walker-Smith.

Bring yourself up to speed here :

No deadline yet.

If your song(s) fits this mold submit to: Contact for permission before submitting.

Cap Bailey seeking material.

We’ve heard from several sources that Cap Baily is looking hard for songs.

He’s looking for what’s become known as bro-country, Florida-GA line being the poster child. Bring yourself up to speed here” Cap Bailey On Facebook but submissions have to be via an established music publisher to his producer at Phivestar. Do not attempt to send songs via Facebook, instead approach established music publishers and/or song pluggers in Nashville and suggest your song.

Another method that can work is to get your song to a band member after a Cap performance in your area. has access to Noah Gordon, his producer. Contact for permission before submitting.

Mix Completed! Check Out “Found The Truth” Christian, Bluesy, Client Is Lovin’ That Sax!

A clip of “Found The Truth” a Christian song driven by Jennifer L’s soulful vocal, just as it reaches the incredible sax solo:

“I liked the ‘Pink Floyd music meets The Beatles vocals on the client rough, and thought, yes, something modernized in that direction would work. Safety resided in the obvious path: go with the Pink Floyd vibe, regurgitate the client version, only updated and better; no risk, happy client.

But great music doesn’t reside in that space. Job security? I could care less, if I needed that I’d have been an accountant.

I tossed the thought to the guitarist and drummer on the session that a more bluesy aim might be where this tune should really land. Greg Jennings, one of the founding members of Restless Heart, picked up his electric guitar and started laying down a soulful rhythm guitar part, William Ellis of Montgomery Gentry and I joined him on drums and bass guitar respectively, and about a minute in I decided it was definitely happening, the right vibe, “put it in the red” and we cut this 3 piece rhythm track.

Many hours of overdubs and engineering work later, this mix happened.”-bill w. Client reaction: “Hey Bill, WELL, Just gotta say WOW, you nailed it! Greg Jennings is perfect on guitar, not too much but simple, as John Lennon said: keep it simple. How beautiful!! You played a GREAT bass line! Jen is incredible, OH DID I MENTION SAX,sax sax? Never thought that I would love this song so much, YOU proved me wrong, GREAT JOB! Two more songs are on the way.” ROB C

Producer Bill Watson and session singer Jennifer L. Why not have Jennifer sing your song?

Why not have Jennifer sing your song?

A special thank you on this one to my buddy John, who was so incredibly patient as I coached him to hear the sax solo I was hearing. He got it off to great start with the initial phrase. Once he got the remainder, man, he just absolutely delivered with the perfect energy and emotion this song needed to pull it together. He always says, “if you can sing it, I can play it. The whole truth is: he’ll play it far better than you can sing it!” B. E. © 2012 Winston Harold. Used by permission to demonstrate production values. All other use is a violation of U.S. and International copyright law.

Nashville Area Band and Deejay For A Wedding, Party or Special Event

Are you looking for a deejay or band for an upcoming party, wedding, worship service or special event?

The trio, Cherry River is available not only in their native Nashville, Tennessee area but also in nearby states. They’ll travel anywhere within a five hour’s drive of Nashville including Atlanta Georgia, Chattanooga, Knoxville, Louisville Kentucky and more.

The music is:

  • Oldies Rock
  • Country
  • Christian
  • Pop

They perform as well as DJ and will liven up your event.

Contact information and details are available at their website.



Chris Young Currently Seeking Material, Already Recording.

Producer Corey Crowder (Sony) has a call out to select Nashville based publishers and established (has hit songs and/or a publishing deal) songwriters for material for a few remaining slots on Chris Young’s next album.

Chris Young won on Nashville Star several years ago and it’s been career-on ever since. Bring yourself up to speed here:

The best way to get an “in” and possibly the only realistic way at this point, is to get a pro demo to a Nashville based music publishing company that ha a relationship with Sony amd/or Corey Crowder. Deadline is end of March so no time to waste!

Listen Again Music (BMI) has pitch access,

  • Professionally made demos  and masters of unpublished songs not produced by us may be submitted (with permission) to Listen Again Music (BMI) for music publishing consideration by either Listen Again Music (BMI) or PlayItAgainMusicPublishing (ASCAP).
  • E-mail your request for permission to submit to: