Male or Female Singers Available For Your Recording Project!

If you wrote a song recently and are in the process of recording or already have, one thing is probably crystal clear at this point:

The singer IS the song!

If you:

  • Don’t have a quality singer available for your song
  • Are in the recording process and the singer you chose isn’t working out
  • Attempted to sing your song yourself but know you aren’t the best choice
  • Have already finished your mix a while ago and now fresh ears are screaming, “This song deserves a better singer!”

We can help!

While it’s best to approach us at BEFORE you cut the first rhythm track so you can select the singer you want and let them select the key they prefer to sing your song in, all may not be lost if you didn’t.

Several of our singers have a range so wide they can fit into just about any key. The price range is very reasonable as well. Demo rate is anywhere from $100 to $375 per song, depending on which singer you choose and that INCLUDES studio time, the singer and the producer/engineer!

You get a .wav file in any format you need (default is 24/48) that will drop right into Pro Tools, Cubase or any other popular recording format and lock up to your project automatically.

So let’s get to work solving your problem:

What do you need?

A male singer for my song


Maybe Brandon would be a good choice?

A female singer for my song

Nashville Tracks singer Jenifer

Why not have our Nashville session singer Jennifer sing your song?

Custom Accompaniment Tracks


Custom Piano Accompaniment

  • Cover Tunes
  • Write your original song to a track we create for you
  • Perform Live Or Use For Recording
  • Reasonable Pricing
  • You Retain All Rights
  • Expandable, We Can Add More Instruments After Your Song Is Written

Custom Piano Tracks

Custom Guitar Tracks

Songwriter Bobby Layton Drops By Nashville Trax

Nashville Trax music producer, Bill Watson, took a break today to meet with Songwriter Bobby Layton who stopped by to drop off 3 new tunes and talk music. He said he posted the first song Watson produced for him and his phone lit up immediately with calls from all over the U.S., best reaction he’s ever had to a song in his 12 years of writing, recording and pitching in Nashville.


Songwriter Bobby Layton and Nashville Trax producer Bill Watson

Looking for a Bluegrass Recording Studio for your Single or Album?

“I’ve been listening to this track over this past weekend and I’ve got to say you nailed it again my friend. You captured exactly what I had in mind. Recording quality is superb, as always, and the session musicians are truly amazing. They are simply the very best! I am so proud to have them on this recording and all the others that we have done together. This song will be a great way to introduce Mike Anderson and The Mountainview Ramblers to radio.”

In 2016 we produced Mike’s first album which had one song that hit the top ten on the bluegrass charts. This is his first single with The Mountainview Ramblers.

We can do fiddle, banjo, mandolin, dobro and more!

Contact for more info. and a quote on your bluegrass project.


Inexpensive Recording Studios in Nashville

So you’re Looking for cheap recording studios in Nashville.

Nashville Trax
offers a lot for the money. Yet unlike many other inexpensive recording studios. there’s plenty of parking, excellent quality sound, rooms designed to record in, equipment manufactured after 1962 and knobs that actually work properly instead of sounding like they have dirt in them or work only if you twist them back and forth enough.

Studio rates in Nashville can range from about $45 per hour to over $300 per hour. Nashville Trax does post an hourly rate of $75 but often bids a set price for a demo, single or album so you’ll know the total cost before starting, including musician costs and studio fees. And it will be reasonable!

Here are some pics taken here, one of the less expensive recording studios in Nashville:

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For additional information e-mail or text/call 615-319-8616