The Swansons To Perform With The Nashville Trax A Team LIVE SHOW at Rev-el-ry.


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Here’s a Nashville Trax A Team rehearsal Tuesday evening, 9-19-17:

And footage from the show on 9-22-17:


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The Nashville Trax A Team: The sound of guitar on country radio for the last couple decades, Brent Mason: guitar; Rascal Flatts long time drummer, Jim Riley; Steve King (Keith Urban) keys; Nashville Trax producer, Bill Watson, bass guitar and band leader; Jenee Fleenor (Blake Shelton & The Voice) fiddle and mandolin; Steel guitar legend Mike Doucheete, all backing the highly entertaining, high octane Joe and Angie Finley of The Swansons!


Joe and Angie: The Swansons

The Swansons have achieved considerable notoriety in the Los Angeles area. They have pop/rock albums out, winning awards and have built a large fan base. But after starting their latest recording project they felt the urge to “go country”.  They wanted a country album and wanted to do it in the Nashville area. After careful research, they decided Bill Watson of Nashville Trax was the best choice to produce them.

The album was started about six months ago and 18 songs have been cut.

This is their first country live performance, announcing their turn toward country music and releasing their new music to the public. Some of the musicians who will back them on the show:

Nashville Session Guitar Player, Brent Mason at Nashville Trax Recording Studio

Nashville Session Guitar Player, Brent Mason at Nashville Trax Recording Studio



Jenee Fleenor, fiddle, mandolin, vocals


Band leader, Bill Watson, and his ’78 Fender Precision Bass Guitar


Jim Riley Playing the studio drum track to The Swansons song, Getting Ready 5-16-17


Jim Riley Cymbal swells

Footage clip from the show, 9-22-17:

Valentine © 2017 Joe Finley of The Swansons, published by Listen Again Music (BMI).


Jim Riley, drummer for Rascal Flatts and his Drum Dojo Students Stop By Nashville Trax.

Rascal Flatts’ long time drummer, Jim Riley, (in chair left) one of Nashville’s best session drummers stopped by Nashville Trax today so the students sequestered in his Drum Dojo for the weekend could meet producer Bill Watson (in chair, right) and experience a Nashville style drum tracking session. Jim, Bill, the Bass guitarist/producer, and guitarist Brent Mason are the foundation of the Nashville Trax A Team.

Needless to say the students were full of questions but very respectful and polite…a great way to start a Nashville Trax day!

Interested in being a student of Jim’s next Drum Dojo Weekend? It’s only $850 per student which includes meals and snacks. Contact Jim through his web site.


Song Written in Memory of Mark Gray Garners Interest from Fellow Exile Member, Sonny Lamire

Just in RE: “Camo Cap” which Nashville Trax client, Bobby Layton, wrote about his friend Mark Gray who wrote many hits and most of the Exile catalog. Mark recently passed away.

” Piano version was exactly how I heard Camo, Tops on Jason singing. Piano player made song. Entire Production Awesome!! Sonny Lamire of Exile wants to hear it.”

Steve King: piano

Jim Riley: drums,

Jason Eustice: vocals

Bill Watson: acoustic guitar. bass guitar

Produced, engineered and mixed by Bill Watson who says, “I heard this song very sparse and gave Bobby a full mix plus a simple piano/bass guitar/vocal version.
I never met Mark but I probably have a client for life in Bobby, because just before his death, Mark Gray heard a song I produced for Bobby and said that of all the songs Bobby had done in Nashville, it was the best and that Bill Watson is the guy he should stick with.

High praise from high places and very, very cool to get affirmation I’m doing something right from one of Nashville’s upper echelon songwriters.”

A pic Bobby sent of Mark Gray (middle) with Exile shortly before his death, wearing his beloved “Camo Cap”:

Mark Gray

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Congrats to Jenee Fleenor Billboard Country #1 Hit, Jon Pardi “Head Over Boots”


Jenee Fleenor fiddle at #1 Country Billboard hit party for Jon Pardi’s “Head Over Boots”

Jenee dreamed of hearing her fiddle on country radio since she was eleven years old. Scratch that off the bucket list, Jenee. Jon Pardi’s “Head Over Boots” hit Billboard #1 two weeks ago. Great player. Very humble. Congrats!

Nashville Trax producer, Bill Watson, recording Jenee Fleenor fiddle tracks yesterday on four songs for various clients:

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Jesus On My Lips

This simple, sweet Christian ballad didn’t require much instrumentation to make it work.

Hot off the press, so to speak, here’s Michael Rourke’s “Jesus On My Lips”


Piano: Steve King

Strings: Steve King
Gut String Guitar: Bill Watson,
Percussion: Bill Watson
Bass Guitar: Bill Watson

Vocals: A.J. Thacker

Arranged, engineered, produced and mixed by Bill Watson

Jesus On My Lips is ©  2016 Michael Rourke, posted by permission. If you’re interested in recording this song; using it in a commercial application such as in a movie or on a website; or singing it in a performing situation please let us know and we’ll forward your request to the songwriter and song publisher.

If you have a song you’d like to have a similar sound, please reference this URL in your inquiry to

Song Publisher In Nashville Accepting Submissions

Listen Again Music (BMI) located in the Nashville TN area is accepting songs from unpublished songwriters. They are currently in a catalog building phase, songs accepted and contracted will be promoted to major label and independent recording projects as well as film and Television. The “open doors” policy is for a limited time.

Interests are Country, Christian, Rock and Pop.

Extra consideration will be given to performers currently playing the song regularly in a live show.

Also, lump sum purchases of royalty streams and/or copyrights are being offered on songs that charted on the Billboard Top 40 and are no longer earning substantial royalties.

Click here for contact information and more complete information.

Australian Issy Burnup Finds Her Sound At Nashville Trax, Bill Watson Producing

Hailing from Australia, pics of  highly talented singer/songwriter Issy Burnup’s recording session yesterday.

Producer Bill Watson, pictured below holding the gifts the Burnup family brought  from “the land down under” (Vegemite and a bag made from a kangaroo’s scrotum) says, “We did more than simply cut tracks, I believe we gave Issy a sound that will help her discover her direction as an artist.”

Left: Issy, Bottom Right: Issy’s mother Jennifer, Issy, producer and bass player Bill Watson, Issy’s father Clive. Above right: engineer Shawn Conley, Bill Watson, Steve King keyboards, and father Clive. Playing on the session but not pictured: drummer David Northrup and guitarist Tom Wild.

Awesome session!

Publicity photos of Issy:



Issy Burnup

The Jailbirds from Germany in to record yesterday!

Father and son duo, The Jailbirds, flew in from Germany to record 5 songs yesterday for their upcoming album.

Dirk played guitars, bass and percussion while his father, Walther, sang and occasionally added rhythm guitar. Great guys, good players, Walther sings great and somewhat surprisingly, they speak English very well.

What a fun session!. Tracking is complete, the project is ready to mix.

Other upcoming recording sessions with clients coming from overseas include clients from New Zealand (May 1st) and Australia (June 8th).



Hi Bill,

  Feel free to post the mixes on the website.  They really sound great, thanks again to both Shawn and you.

  Best regards from Berlin,

  Walther & Dirk

Looking to record a project in the Nashville, TN area? We can book your session, hire any needed Nashville based session musicians, help you arrange hotel accommodations, choose the proper facilities for recording, mixing and mastering each aspect of your project and more. Contact us at e-mail:

Eesean Bolden Seeking Pop and Hip Hop Songs

Eesean Bolden , Vice President of A&R at Epic Records, which is part of Sony Music Entertainment is seeking Pop and Hip Hop songs for acts on the Epic roster that have not been released for sale.
Instrumentals or complete songs; rough mixes up to fully mixed and mastered broadcast ready.

Compensation is negotiable.

Ongoing, no deadline.
A partial list of current Epic Artists: Meghan Trainor; Jennifer Lopez; Travis Scott; Jidenna; Wrabel; Future.

  • Professionally made demos  and masters of unpublished songs may be submitted (with permission) to Listen Again Music (BMI) or PlayItAgainMusicPublishing (ASCAP).
  • E-mail your request for permission to submit to:
  • MP3 only, songs must be unpublished. Lyrics submitted in body of e-mail, no attachments except the MP3. Songwriter and/or co-writers must control copyright 100%.

If your song is accepted you will be asked to sign a single song publishing agreement. There is no charge to the songwriter, the publisher will acquire the publisher’s share of the song and the songwriter retains 100% of the writer’s share.