Nashville Trax Produced Jingle Airing to Millions Daily!

Tune in to the nationally syndicated Ellen K Show on KOST 103.5, Los Angeles, CA to hear The Swansons’ jingle opener for Rllen’s Thought of the Day segment. It was produced here at Nashville Trax and will play every morning moving forward until it wears out.

“I finished getting Jenee’s tracks on the project about 2 p.m. on Sept. 25th,” explains producer, Bill Watson.

“I wanted The Swansons songwriter, Joe, to hear how well it turned out. They had already supplied me with their vocal tracks so I did a quick mix, applied a little mastering, and Dropboxed it,” Watson continues, “As luck would have it Joe and Angie were still in a meeting at the radio station when they downloaded. The Program Director flipped over it and scheduled it daily starting the next morning, on the 26th.”


Jenee Fleenor of Blake Shelton’s band, a regular on NBC’s, The Voice, and fiddlist on several Billboard #1 country hits, figuring out her part on “Thought of the Day”.

“No way would I have thought the tracks we were cutting Tuesday would be heard on radio by millions of people within less than 24 hours, it’s crazy. God is good.”

The Ellen Kay Show

“Thought of the Day”

Written by Joe Finley of The Swansons

Vocals: Joe and Angie of The Swansons
Fiddle and mando: Jenee Fleenor (NBC’s The Voice/Blake Shelton’s band)
Guitars: 12 xs ACM’s Guitar Player of the Year, Brent Mason
Drums and percussion: Rascal Flatts drummer, Jim Riley
Bass Guitar: Nashville Trax producer, Bill Watson

Produced, engineered and mixed by Bill Watson, Nashville Trax

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Professional Mastering That’s Affordable

Mastering, the step in the recording process during which the stereo mix file is processed to increase the dynamic range as well as even out the frequencies to create a more professional “radio ready” sound, is necessary to prepare a mix for commercial release, these days many demo mixes are enhanced with mastering.

Other things can occur in this stage such as bringing out more vocal or adding effects such as reverb to the entire mix.

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Top Nashville Music Producers

If you’re searching for a list of top Nashville producers to record and produce your album project you should consider Bill Watson of Nashville Trax. For your an independent country, bluegrass, blues, folk or rock project, he is almost surely the right fit.

His experience encompasses decades and his numerous repeat clients testify to his skills. Don’t miss the testimonials.

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NashvilleRecording StudioNashvilleTraxMusicProducerBillWatson

Songwriter Kerry McFate (left) and producer Bill Watson (right) take a break from mixing songs for Kerry’s Clarence Lowden album.

“Bill, From the moment we met at the studio to begin the project, all my concerns were put to ease.  Your notes and charts before hand made 3 similar sounding acoustic songs become unique, each in their own way.  All my musician friends that I have been playing these songs with here in New York are impressed. I E-mailed the songs to them, check out their comments:

“Really nice man, I’m proud of you! Wonder Wheel is my favorite. Decent equipment and good musicians make a huge difference. Overall, two thumbs up from me dude!” (this is the guy who found the Nashville Trax blog and recommended that I record at your studio).

“Wow Kerry! The songs sound amazing! Good job man, they sound killer. Now that your ears have been sullied by the lofty heights of pro musicians it’s time to get back down into the mud”- Ian

Thank you everyone worked on the Clarence Lowden project!” Kerry McFate , NY, New York

Feedback in Today on Trax Online Projects.

“Received Them. Thank you. They’re excellent. ” -from Sean who hails from Canda and ordered fiddle and harmonica.

And in regards to steel and fiddle on two songs (4 tracks) ordered by Bert from The Netherlands:


Typical excellence from the usual suspects, Jenee delivered the goods on the three fiddle tracks, Mr. Mike contributed one harp and two steel tracks.

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