Rascal Flatts Drummer, Jim Riley, Plays On A “Record Your Album Over The Internet” Project

If you are considering doing a three song demo, an EP or a full album, need session quality players yet wish to sing, here’s your solution!

Pictured below is drummer Jim Riley of Rascal Flatts, overdubbing percussion yesterday on a power ballad. The song, “Change Your Life” is song number seven of an album done completely over the Internet.

“So far we are absolutely THRILLED with the work Nashville Trax has done on our album!” says the client we came to know as “Wayne from Main” who records and performs under the group name, The Greatest Gift.

The songwriter and singer, Wayne, uses a local piano player to record a rough at a local studio and sends us (Nashville Trax producer, Bill Watson) an mp3. Watson determines the arrangement, writes charts for the musicians, then hires session quality musicians such as Jim Riley, to record the song in Wayne’s key. The finished tracks are uploaded and delivered to the studio Wayne is using in Main. He then goes in and records his vocal.

At that point the mix can be done at the local studio or the vocal file can be sent back for mixing here at Nashville Trax.

Better yet, the cost is only about $600 per song for charting, arranging and recording the raw instrument tracks on the Nashville Trax end so an 4 song EP can be done for under $2,500, excluding vocals and mixing. Payments of about $300 each are due as the project unfolds and completed songs are delivered.

The price, of course, varies according to song complexity and instrumentation required.

Rascal Flatts' drummer, Jim Riley, overdubs a tamborine part for the Wayne from Main project at Nashville Trax Recording Studio

Rascal Flatts’ drummer, Jim Riley, overdubs a tamborine part for the Wayne from Main project at Nashville Trax Recording Studio

Rascal Flatts' drummer, Jim Riley, overdubs cymbal swells at Nashville Trax Recording Studio

Rascal Flatts’ drummer, Jim Riley, overdubs cymbal swells at Nashville Trax Recording Studio

Rascal Flatts' drummer Jim Riley overdubs shaker at Nashville Trax Recording Studio

Rascal Flatts’ drummer Jim Riley overdubs shaker at Nashville Trax Recording Studio

Self-producing a music project and need session quality instrument tracks?

Available this week with no more than 2 day turnaround time: fiddle/violin, viola, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, harmonica, B3 organ, and piano.

I’d need your rough mix on mp3 or .wav file and payment of $95 per instrument, per song, via PayPal.com. PM for additional details. Other instruments are available but would probably have longer turnaround.

Nashville Trax Fiddle Tracks Online

Drum Tracks Online

Pedal Steel Guitar Tracks Online

Bass Tracks Online

Other instruments are available under the “More” tab on the home page of the site.

Yamaha MOXF6 vs. Motif Review, Our New In-Studio Keyboard

Yamaha MOXF6We do a lot of keyboard tracking work performed by session keyboard players who typically cart in a Yamaha Motif. But we like to have a keyboard available in the studio also to do a quick addition of sounds to a project. Maybe B3 on chorus sections or the creation of a loop. When it was time to upgrade from the old Roland we started researching the weapon of choice of the players we use and the Motif series in general. Here’s what we learned:

The gold standard is the full-featured flagship Motif XF8 which has a weighted 88 key board and runs about $3,400 to $4,000. The MOX XF6 is about $1,200 out the door and differs from it’s bigger brother, the MOX XF7 that costs about $1,700 only in the number of keys (61) and the fact those keys are semi-weighted

The MOX series has the exact same Motif sound engine but less features. Some reviewers on various music sales sites say although the sound engine is identical, processing later in the chain gives the MOX series lesser quality sound. But even those reviewers acknowledged the sounds were still excellent. “You’d have to A-B compare the Motif and MOX side-by-side to hear the subtle difference,” said one reviewer.

.Our principle concern is quality B3 organ, piano and string sounds. When we tried the MOXF6 at a local Sam Ash store, the piano and string patches sounded very good but the B3 organ patches came up short of our standards. A little digging around though turned up a site that make organ and piano libraries for the MOX series:

What finally convinced us to make the purchase was this video. It’s in Japanese but has subtitles in English. This guy really does a great job demonstrating the capabilities of the Yamaha MOX F6:

Yamaha MO6f6 review

Update: 6 months after purchasing the MOX XF6 we are completely satisfied with it. It’s been used on all types of projects and has delivered exactly what was needed every time.

Note that if you;re researching the Motif series for recording work, a big part of achieving great keyboard tracks is the player rather than the keyboard. Unless you are a session quality keyboard player, another way to handle your keyboard work for far less money and  get better tracks than you can play yourself is to hire us to do them. It’s simple, fast and affordable. Check this out:

Nashville Piano Tracks Online

We can also add vocals, sax, harmonica, fiddle, violin, pedal steel guitar, guitar, bass guitar and more to your project. For pricing and specific musicians and singers, check out our Nashville Trax web site under the word “More” in the upper right corner.

“Miles and Miles” by Dan Thompson Gaining Traction On Radio, including on the BBC!

Nashville Trax received an e-mail from a radio programmer today, requesting a copy of a song we just produced, “Miles and Miles” to add to their rotation:

Our normal procedure is to forward a copy of the request to the artist or their music publisher, which we did.

But it was old hat to singer-songwriter Dan Thompson.

“I just got message yesterday that Miles and Miles is being played by the BBC radio in the UK,” Dan replied. “The Broadcaster emailed me yesterday and said he thinks the song Is going to be a big hit in Europe and could be play listed on the BBC network. I think that would be around 1000 stations. The song has been picked up by a number of internet radio stations.”

Hear his other two songs and discover more about Dan’s songs and sessions here:

Nashville Demo Service Blog Post RE: Dan Thompson

Play It Again Demos Rap Tune Testimonial Just In.

Yet another satisfied client offers us an unsolicited testimonial regarding music recording work we’ve done for them!

This time it’s Amarish Dave, a client Bill Watson first worked with toward the end of 2008, when he produced the first of four Amarish’s recordings to date.

Amarish was moved to give us this unsolicited testimonial after receiving, in July of 2015, “Boom Buh Jinjee” a rap song written by his 10 year old son, intended for the children’s market:

“I have had Bill work with me on 4 songs, each of different genre, country, pop/rock, and recently rap style. All done well and professionally. I highly recommend his work.” Amarish Dave

Here’s a brief sample of the Boom Buh Jinjee raw track mix, ready for Amarish to add his son’s vocals:

And the guide track (for his son to follow when he records the keeper vocal) Amarish received featuring Samantha, our go-to voice for these type of projects:

10 year old female session singer, Samantha.

10 year old female session singer, Samantha.

Boom Buh Jinjee is © 2015 Amarish Dave and is posted here for demonstration of production values only. No other use is permitted. If you wish to record this song or use this production the songwriter holds all rights, including the right of first release.we will be glad to forward your interest to him.