Jim Riley, drummer for Rascal Flatts and his Drum Dojo Students Stop By Nashville Trax.

Rascal Flatts’ long time drummer, Jim Riley, (in chair left) one of Nashville’s best session drummers stopped by Nashville Trax today so the students sequestered in his Drum Dojo for the weekend could meet producer Bill Watson (in chair, right) and experience a Nashville style drum tracking session. Jim, Bill, the Bass guitarist/producer, and guitarist Brent Mason are the foundation of the Nashville Trax A Team.

Needless to say the students were full of questions but very respectful and polite…a great way to start a Nashville Trax day!

Interested in being a student of Jim’s next Drum Dojo Weekend? It’s only $850 per student which includes meals and snacks. Contact Jim through his web site.


Los Angeles Band, The Swansons 1st (and 2nd) Country Album In Progress At Nashville Trax!

Day One of a full week lockout to cut vocals on 14 songs for the band that won The Producer’s Choice Award,  Best Band In Los Angeles, 2017, The Swansons:

The Swansons meet The Nashville Trax A Team. Left: The Swansons with our fiddle player, Jenee, Middle: guitarist Brent Mason, producer & bassist Bill Watson, Joe Finley of The Swansons, Right: Joe plays Brent Mason the new song he wrote during his stay here.





Joe Finley of The Swansons trades stories with long time Rascal Flatts drummer, Jim Riley. Here telling Jim, he  has sometimes been mistaken for Rascal Flatts’ lead singer, Gary LeVox.


Day One: Angie Finley meets Nashville Trax producer Bill Watson. Time to add Angie and Joe’s vocals to the songs Mr. Watson has been cutting music tracks on for several months. “Playing over 2,000 live shows I learned there’s a vast difference between a ‘danceable’ song and the next  level,” says Watson, “The tunes on this album are the prized ‘pull ’em out of their seats’ dance tunes every artist wants to cut and radio loves. People are going to dig this album!”


Be sure to pick up a copy of The Swansons country album when it’s released in late Summer/early Fall of this year!!!

Update 3-6-18: We have already started The Swanson’s album #2 and have about 5 sides tracked!

Ready to cut your own “for real this time” album? e-mail: nashtrax@bellsouth.net. Or call producer Bill Watson @ 615. 319. 8616.

Southern Gospel Music Bed Featuring Pedal Steel Guitar

This was a “for-vocals-mix” cut on a 12 song project collaboration from a studio in Norway. Eventually they will put their client’s vocals on this bed and send the vocals back to Nashville Trax for final mixing.

Title: Jeg Kantro Under Jesu Blood


Pedal Steel: Mr. Mike
Drums: Jim Riley
Bass Guitar: Bill “B.E.” Watson
Piano and Keyboard Strings: Steve King
Acoustic Guitar: Tom Wild

Produced, engineered and mixed by B.E. Watson

This is probably going to be used as both a live performance track and on CD.

Interested in having us do something similar for you? Contact Bill Watson nashtrax@bellsouth.net or call 615-319-8616

Nashville Trax Produced Song Takes First Place At 2017 Christian Film Festival

“Only Prayer By The People”  won several awards at the Christian Film Festival (August 2017) including best song, best video and best artwork.

Congratulations to our cient, Songwriter: Michael Rourke

Lead Vocals: Nashville Trax Producer, Bill Watson

Background Vocals: Angela Derrington

Acoustic guitar: Bill Watson

Keyboards: Sammi Watson

Bass Guitar: Bill Watson

Produced, Engineered, Arranged, Mixed and Mastered by Bill Watson


Only Prayer Award Poster Aug 17 CFF (1)

Should You Have A Demo, A Master, A Single or an Album Produced?


DannyThompson Royalty Check

Dan Thompson’s first quarter U.S. radio airplay royalty check from Sound Exchange for the single Miles and Miles produced by Bill Watson at Nashville Trax, It did even better overseas.

“My first royalty check for the Miles & Miles release in the US… This is for one Quarter.. Miles & Miles was played over 1000 times per week in the US… it did really good.. Thanks for the great work Bill!” – Dan Thompson

Your song is finished, now what? You aren’t capable of producing a professional quality recording on your own so you need a demo produced.

Or do you need a master? But if a master, how do you get it on the radio?

They seem to have the same basic steps, what’s the difference between a master and a demo anyway?

You’re confused. Let’s clear that up!

As this time the cost to have  a four to six piece band with a session singer demo produced at Nashville Trax is $750 to $1,400.

Each song production is unique but, in general, the higher price point may include background vocals, more instruments, better musicians and more time spent on the mix. A demo mix requires between 45 minutes to about 3 hours of mix time.

You’d do a demo if initial cost is a huge issue and the song will be used mainly to pitch to music publishers and other A & R industry professionals.

Some of our clients have assembled demos into an album and burned it on a CD but in most cases they aren’t true airplay quality. If you want radio airplay you really need to let us know that upfront, bite the bullet, and invest the additional money to ensure we deliver that.

Some of our clients have successfully attracted investors with a demo. For example, client Chad Barnes of Phoenix Arizona was able to interest an investor in putting $5,000 into his song “Cowboys” based on the initial sketch recording Bill Watson made of the tune.  As the full blown production progressed he was able to interest an investor to put up an additional $100,000, presumably for promotion and distribution.

A master suitable for radio airplay typically lands at about $2,500 but could be much lower or higher depending on the same factors detailed above for demos.

While a demo might have one of our A Team musicians on it, a master has only our A Team musicians. Your master may also have a more intricate arrangement; doubling and stacking of tracks (the musician physically playing a part multiple times to thicken the part) as well as a more detailed mix requiring up to 10 hours of mix time.

You’d do a master if you are making an album for release and intend to get radio airplay.

Nashville Trax is a music production facility, we do not go beyond that role; however,  we have witnessed the previous successes of our clients over the years and once your demo or master is produced we have a network of companies who can handle your next step effectively.

That list includes music publishing companies; song pluggers; music promotion companies, concert promoters; distributors who can obtain major label distribution for your album or single; and yes, we can connect you with the same radio promotion team that obtained radio airplay for our client Dan Thompson.

Read more about Dan Thomson’s album and single releases this article opened with:

Dan Thompson’s “Miles And Miles” Makes The Country Radio Most Added Prime Mover Chart!

Songwriter Dan Thompson Visits Nashville To Record Vocal Tracks For His CD Album, 1st single getting radio adds daily, 23 stations yesterday!

Dan Thompson Single “A Day Without Progress” Produced by Nashville Trax, Distributed By Sony… 28 Weeks on Sirius XM. Give A Listen!

Miles and Miles by Dan Thompson Gaining Traction On Radio, including on the BBC!



Songwriting Collaboration: The Nashville Standard… But Why?

Many songwriters, unaware of the benefits of collaboration, question why anyone would collaborate on a song. Typically they consider only what they perceive as the negatives: splitting the royalties and losing creative control. Perhaps some, used to captaining the ship alone, find the process of collaborating with one r more other captains, a bit odd.

Some hits are indeed penned by just one songwriter. But take a good look at the Billboard Charts, especially the country charts: an extremely high percentage of songs are co-writes. Sometimes a song’s credits will list six or seven collaborators.

So if hit songwriters regularly collaborate there must be some benefits. First, writing with a partner or two you obtain immediate feedback that will (hopefully) nip poor ideas in the bud. Also, songwriting is usually a difficult process as you try to perfect the original idea and collaboration provides helpful creative input, for example, when you’re stuck on a particular section the co-writer may inject an idea that is usable and keeps things moving forward.

Collaboration expands the well of experience available to draw from as you write. More ideas. Better lyric lines. And fatal mistakes due to simply being unaware are often prevented. For example, frequently a writer will try to use a phrase or expression common to the area they were raised in that is foreign to everyone else. A co-writer who lives in or grew up in another area of the country would immediately notice that particular phrase is not going to work and question it long before it gets to radio or even A & R.

While most writers believe the best possible song would result from them running the entire show because they assume it would be a more cohesive product, the truth is that collaboration more often produces the best work.

Co-writing can also make you appear to be more professional. Why? Because pro writers generally co-write constantly while amateurs rarely do. Cross over into the co-write camp, write great song, have truly pro demos made, and song publishers will likely give your submissions additional credibility.

But the biggest advantage to a co-write situation  lies not in the creation of the work, but in the marketing of the work. Instead of one person marketing the song you have two or three. And it’s amazing how often a particular song you’ve long forgotten suddenly gets a hold or a cut because a blast-from-the-past co-writer has been pitching it all along.

Before you co-write with anyone be sure to sign a contract specifying the song title, date of creation, what the contributions of each songwriter are (music %, words %) how royalties will be split and sign and date it. Some points may be unknown at the start, fill those in as you proceed and initial it.

Consider taking on a partner to write your next song and perhaps you’ll soon be singing the praises of an old cliche: Two heads are indeed better than one!- B. E.

Mastering Studio Nashville

Seeking a mastering studio in Nashville? Nashville Trax is now offering it’s stellar mastering services to all comers, regardless of where your project was recorded or mixed.

For more information or order, visit Nashville Trax


Music Producers Near Me Who Produce Singles and Albums

Obviously you are searching for “a music producer near me”. The question is why?

When there’s a studio you can use just as effectively that can provide:

  • Better Musicians
  • Better Engineering
  • Better Production skillsAll at a highly competitive price.

    That studio is Nashville Trax

    Yes we are based in Nashville but we can work with you and produce your album without you ever leaving your home town!

    We are working on The Swansons second album now, the only thing they travel to Nashville for are their vocal parts. Their first album had two top 10 singles!


    Joe and Angie: The Swansons

    We have worked with many overseas artists and groups who had us produce, arrange and mix their album, yet never came to Nashville, We cut their music tracks, they cut their vocals at a local studio. Check out our Nasville Trax Facebook page and read about the album project, done right here at Nashville Trax without the rtist ever setting foot in the U.S. and WOW are they super pleased with how it turned out!

    We have worked with Dan Thompson, from Canada, who came in only for his vocals.


    Singer and songwriter Dan Thompson

    We offer top notch equipment, a highly experienced producer to guide your project, full time session musicians, sometimes for less than using the local studio that has little, if any, talent associated with Billboard hits!


    e-mail: nashtrax@bellsouth.net