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“Before I go into details on this new project, I’d like to thank you guys for the tracks you played for my last project. I had a vocal recording session with my co-writer last Sunday and after recording some good vocals and mixing things down the song sounds very nice with your tracks. just absolutely stunning job. Thanks!”- Walter Troubadour, Alsace–Lorraine, France

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Chelsea, one of the highly talented singers at Nashville Trax…rock, blues..great harmony/backgrounds..maybe she’ll sing on your project?

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Vinyl is back! Are Hula Hoops and Bobby Socks Next?

Weren’t we done with “records” “cassingles” and the like a couple decades ago? Didn’t new and supposedly better tech push those and many other “no longer useful” items into a huge pile to decay on the scrap heap of history?

Not so fast.

The Recording Industry of America reports that vinyl record sales, which first overtook CD sales in 2020, have been increasing for a decade now. And they’re up substantially over the two year pandemic period, by as much as an additional 200%.

But it’s not just vinyl records making a comeback. Another once nearly extinct item, the cassette tape, has also increased year-after-year in sales that now total in the six figures over this past twelve month period.

As more and more listeners choose vinyl and cassettes, the case for songwriters to make a portion of their work available in these old school formats is building, and some singer-songwriters already have.

For example, the Los Angeles based duo, The Swansons, have recorded three full albums here at Nashville Trax, are midway through a fourth, and just re-released their popular second album done here, titled Bam!, on vinyl…. red vinyl, no less.

Yes, far more people have cell phones to play an mp3 than have record players or cassette tape players at this point in history, but even if your vinyl record sales don’t track quite strong enough to turn a profit, there’s a certain coolness factor to having product in a retro format that can make releasing on cassette, on vinyl, or both, a good business decision regardless. It’s also uncommon enough, with many people, including members of the press, not realizing the comeback is on, that it can help your act obtain articles and interviews.

Since we are discussing old things becoming new again, there’s this kinda sorta related fact:

Did you know that all growth in the music business is coming from decades old songs? Yes, really. Newly written and produced material is actually experiencing a decrease, proof and details here:

Is Old Music Killing New Music?

But what what does this interesting, little known fact, mean for songwriting, if anything? Your songwriting?

Not much. Make no mistake, the trend line may not be in their favor, but the numbers that “new music decline” are based on were huge so even with a decline, new Christian, country and pop artists are still enjoying plenty of radio airplay and are still building lucrative careers. There is plenty of opportunity to write and market your songs in those genres.

If you’re an independent songwriter/performer you don’t want to sound dated of course, that’s often the kiss of death for someone plugging their latest tune. But food for thought: if you can incorporate the best aspects of the material that was popular in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s into your writing- the super catchy hooks, the cool arrangements, while having your demos produced with a modern spin, you may tie into something of a hybrid nature that can grab airplay and sell in big numbers to both the diminishing demographic that loves the new songs, and also appeals to the older demographic that is tiring of listening to Heart’s These Dreams” on their local oldies station for the 3,000th time.

That influence can be subtle, it can be overt, such as the Kidd Rock riffing on Sweet Home Alabama in “All Summer Long”, or downright blatant the way De Jay Silver recorded a rap tune that sampled bits of the Alabama country hit “Dixieland Delight”.


The first step to releasing your songs on mp3, CD, Vinyl or cassette is to have a professional recording produced. Nashville Trax can guide you through the entire production process. Interested? Drop us an e-mail at

New Zealander Grace Kelly scores BIG with “San Jose” produced at Nashville Trax.

It’s the city’s NEW theme song!

The City of San Jose Tourism Bureau has officially replaced the song used to promote the city for the last 43 years, Dionne Warwick’s “Do You Know The Way To San Jose,” with Grace’s original, San Jose. San Jose was produced, mixed and mastered here at Nashville Trax, and is the track used in the City of San Jose’s vids posted here.

The third time recording here was the charm that landed New Zealander Grace Kelly major kudos, a lifetime coolness brag, and possible lifetime royalties from the use of her song by the San Jose Tourism Team. She also landed a show with Blake Shelton and has a major rap producer wanting the stems from her song for a rap remix!

San Jose credits:

Drums: Jim Riley (of Rascal Flatts)
Bass Guitar: Bill Watson (Nashville Trax producer)
Guitars: Tom Wild (B.J. Thomas, Mindy McCreedy, Brenda Lee)
Fiddle/Mandolin: Jenee Fleenor (Blake Shelton, Steven Tyler, The Voice)
Keyboards: Steve King (Keith Urban)
Vocals & Acoustic Guitar: Grace Kelly (songwriter)
Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Bill Watson for Nashville Trax.

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Grace has been tapped to open for country star Blake Shelton when Blake plays in San Jose on Sept. 13th.


Our production gets a cameo at 2:50:

Grace’s San Jose story on Auckland’s News Now


Check out That Girl, another of Grace’s original’s produced at Nashville Trax:

That Girl credits:

Drums: David Northrup (of Rick Derringer, Travis Tritt)
Bass Guitar: Bill Watson (Nashville Trax producer)
Guitars: Tom Wild (B.J. Thomas, Mindy McCreedy, Brenda  Lee)
Fiddle/Mandolin: Jenee Fleenor (Blake Shelton, Steven Tyler, The Voice)
Keyboards: Steve King (Keith Urban)
Vocals & Acoustic Guitar: Grace Kelly (songwriter)
Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Bill Watson for Nashville Trax.

Serious? Need your song produced for real?



The Swansons Rock Revelry!

The Swansons out of Southern California, regulars at venues such as Sunset Station in Las Vegas and Whiskey A Go Go in Los Angeles, perform their first show in the Nashville area at Revelry, . backed up by Nashville Trax session musicians Brent Mason on guitar, Bill Watson on bass guitar, Jim Riley on drums, Jenee Fleenor on Fiddle, Steve King keyboards and Mike Douchette on steel.

Need an Acoustic or Electric Guitar Session Guitarist for Your Project?

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Thank you very much for your fast service and the GREAT sounding

guitars 🙂

Song: Laber

Player: Tom Wild, a highly experienced Nashville session guitarist with a long list of major label credits.

Provided: High and low register acoustic picking/rhythm, electric fill and electric bed tracks.


Nashville Session Guitar Player, Brent Mason at Nashville Trax Recording Studio. Known for his Telecaster work, for this song he's playing a Gibson Les Paul.
The #1 most used session Guitar Player in Nashville, Brent Mason at Nashville Trax Recording Studio.

Grammy winner, CMA Musician of The Year (year after year).. Known for his Telecaster work, for this song he’s playing a Gibson Les Paul.

Need A Steel Guitar Track for Your Project? Or the Best?

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“What a great performance! Thanks for the quick turnaround and for the stellar track. This is totally what I was after.” Dave F.

Song: New Colors.

Pedal Steel

Getting YOUR pedal steel guitar track is easy!

1, Export your current mix as a .wav or ,mp3 file (start your bounce at zero).

2. E-mail or dropbox it to nashtrax@supermagicmusic007

3. e-mail any notes you have or let our session pro decide what to play.

4. Pay via to nashtrax@bellsouth,net


You’ll soon receive a steel file you can drop in and will automatically line up.

Mr, Johnny, a Nashville legend..

Steve Sturm, 7 years with Travis Tritt.

Tim Basieski…a great young player breaking out in the Nashville recording scene.

We have the player you need!

Need to add the best Pedal Steel Guitar track Nashville has to offer to your project? And at a reasonable price? Questions? Text 615-319-8616 NOW!

Kristen from Newport Beach California, does her first recording ever at Nashville Trax!

Mother Kim (left) and Kristen at Nashville Trax

August 29th, 2020 was a big day for Kristen, her first time recording on pro equipment!

And that happened right here at Nashville Trax!

“It went very well, Kristen displayed great tone and range,” said producer Bill Watson as the the session unfolded. “She also has great personality, and to top it off, she dances and has awesome stage presence right in the vocal booth,” he chuckled. “With a little direction, focus and work she’ll be the whole package that’s required to build a career on.”

And Kristin’s mother Kim later e-mailed:

” Wow Bill!

What an amazing day we had with you !!

Kristin was so nervous coming in and came out so excited with the experience!!!

Until next time…😊 God Bless !! -Kim

If you would like to do a similar session- a couple of cover tunes for a few hours as a test before diving into a larger original song project- or maybe you’re ready to dive in on recording a full album? Contact us (text is best) as to your interest at 615-319-8616 or e-mail

Is Your Songwriting Dated?

When your song is pitched, there are many things that can knock it out of contention.

One of those things is your presentation sounding, or even looking, dated. That can be in the writing itself, or in the subject matter, or the demo recording.

It’s often the kiss of death if an A&R person is thinking, “This could have been a hit back in the 80’s, not now”. But that happens… a lot.

If it’s friends and family you’re writing for, no problem, write what you like, nothing here applies to you. But if you’re hoping for a cut with a major label artist you likely have little choice but to “run the A&R gauntlet”. They are the gatekeepers, so to speak, between you and the final decision maker, either the artist, , their manager, their produce, the record label or all of the above.

Many writers get mentally entrenched in what was popular in their formative years, not realizing how much radio hits have changed over time. Or maybe its not recognizing how much influence their formative years still have on their writing, even when intentionally attempting to craft something more modern.

The instruments change. The way records are mixed changes. Listen to 3 or 4 hits, country, pop or whatever genre you prefer, from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s 80’s etc. on up to current hits. you’ll hear dramatic differences every 10 to 20 years.

Lyrics change. The culture changes. The population ages.

One thing to be very careful about is when you attempt to reference something familiar and/or universal in your song. If you reference a famous movie star, will the younger people who buy most of the records even know who you are talking about? Stadiums and teams get re-named. Products go out of production, stores go out of business. Slang and cliches fall out of favor and new terms take their place. In the 70’s most Americans knew who The Duke was- John Wayne- not so much now.

Even a dated approach can lessen your chances. Mailing in a cassette tape for example. Cassettes have not been popular or used much in the music industry in over twenty years. Even CDs have largely given way to mp3 files, although some A&R still request pitches on CD. Most communication these days occurs via e-mail, not the postal service,. Mailing in a cassette or an inquiry letter will impart the impression that you are old, out of touch and clueless.

Musically things have changed greatly too. Today’s country radio is a far cry from the music of Johnny Cash or Tammy Wynette. Twangy guitars and minimal, basic drums have been replaced with mostly rock and pop sounds.

Review your catalog or have it reviewed by someone who won’t pull punches. Be sure your songs are similar in terms of lyric content and overall sound to what’s getting played on radio right now. If not, updating or writing new songs is in order.

The best way to stop living and working in the past is simply to listen to more modern music regularly. In your early years you probably listened to a steady diet of what are now oldies. Can you honestly say you’ve embraced the modern music you are hoping to get a break with in that same way? If not, that may part, or all, of your problem.

Life Is So Unfair! Releases this week!

The Thompsons, a family band from Canada had Nashville Trax produce this track titled, Life Is So Unfair, this past winter and it’s finally being released, you can hear it on Spotify.


Lead singer Danielle.

“Life Is So Unfair” written by Danny and Danielle Thompson.

Produced by Bill Watson for Nashville Trax.

For more about this exciting band visit

The Thompsons

And be sure to attend one of their shows listed on the site!

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The Thompson’s Band Video- Music Cut At Nashville Trax- Released!

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered For the Canadian Women’s Trucker Association, by producer Bill Watson of Nashville Trax:

The Greatest Gift Wins NCMAI Gospel Album of the Year, Produced at Nashville Trax

Wins Collage

3-3-23 Update:  It’s been a few years but The Greatest Gift is back in recording mode and sent Nashville Trax Producer, Bill Watson, the first two songs to start a new album.

Gospel music trio, The Greatest Gift. won the Gospel Album of the Year at the North American Country Music Association International 2019 competition on March 19th, with Bill Watson of Nashville Trax, who produced their “Closer than Ever” album music and sound tracks.

“We give all of the glory to God for giving us our talents and opportunities to praise Him,” they proclaimed.

Watson, who traveled from Nashville to Pigeon Forge, TN to witness the fruits of his labor, was impressed, “It made sense for the Greatest Gift projects to work remotely,” he explained. “Wayne e-mailed me piano/vocal roughs, I created the charts and arrangements, cut the music tracks, then they added their vocals and mixed on their end with me overseeing the final product.”

“After producing several albums,” Watson continued, “not only did we finally meet for the first time, I got to see them perform as well, utilizing some of the tracks we cut in Nashville. It was a kick!”

The Greatest Gift landed several other awards as well:

New Gospel Adult Vocal Group of the Year

Gospel Video of the Year

Wayne Patterson:

New Gospel Songwriter of the year for “Walk with Me”

New Gospel Male Adult Vocalist of the year

Most Promising New Gospel Male Adult Entertainer

Mike Biasin:

Traditional Gospel Adult Instrumentalist of the Year

Krys Smith:

Traditional Gospel Female Adult Vocalist Horizon Award

Traditional Gospel Female Adult Entertainer Horizon Award

Vocals and mixing for their album were done by Bob Catalano of Bobcat Studios.

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