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Tracks are done and you’re seeking a Nashville mix engineer? Nashville Trax offers the highly skilled talent you need to make your mix sound fantastic!

Simply use Dropbox, We Transfer or some other file sharing service to deliver your tracking files to us, we upload, mix, and return your stereo mix.

Yes, it’s that simple! Prices start as low as $150 for a mix with only a handful of tracks.

For additional information please text us at 615-319-8616 or call the same number. Or e-mail Please make it clear your interest is in having us mix tracks you’ve already recorded.

We can also add additional instruments at this time. Need extra percussion? Bass guitar? Pedal steel? Let us know and we can add what you need prior to mixing!

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Country Artist Cole Tomlinson Records First Single @ Nashville Trax


16-year-old Cole Tomlinson, about to sing on his first single.

“Mr. Watson, I cannot express enough how pleased we are with the outcome. The sound is exactly what Cole wanted and you tapped into that. He can’t wait to work with you more and see where the other songs go as well. Thank you for making this process so easy!“-(Cole Tomlinson’s mother, Heather)

Even though he’s only sixteen, Cole Tomlinson is no novice. An accomplished singer, songwriter and guitarist he decided early that music was his focus. He played over 100 live shows in his native Georgia in 2017 and has visited Nashville many times to participate in songwriter’s nights.

After carefully researching the many possibilities, he decided he wanted to do his first record @ Nashville Trax with producer Bill Watson. And so he did. “Dirt Road Princess” releases in early 2018.

Here’s a sample*:


Electric Guitars: Brent Mason
Bass Guitar: Bill Watson
Drums: Jim Riley
Fiddle: Jenee Fleenor
Wurlitzer Keyboard; Steve King
Vocals and Acoustic Guitar: Cole Tomlinson

Produced by Bill Watson, Nashville Trax

Looking to do your first radio release and like what you hear? e-mail us at

* Dirt Road Princess © 2015 Cole Tomlinson is provided as a demonstration of production values only. Any other use violates U.S. and International copyright law. Requests for copies by program directors for radio rotation and requests by other parties interested in recording or performing this song in TV, film or other commercial use should be e-mailed to and will promptly be forwarded to the songwriter and/or publisher.