Mastering Studio Nashville

Seeking a mastering studio in Nashville? Nashville Trax is now offering it’s stellar mastering services to all comers, regardless of where your project was recorded or mixed.

For more information or order, visit Nashville Trax


Video Production for Artist and Singles Promotion

Do you need video production for your song?

Video can be extremely effective at building a fan base, creating revenue streams and whetting the appetite of your fan base for upcoming products. As this video does:

Meet Dads And Daughters

dads and daughters

We live in a video world! The best way to promote your band, your song or you as an artist, is on video!

But if you lack the time or skill set to produce your own, contact Our Video Team

For a very affordable price they can create the video you need to succeed and even post it on social media for you.

Here’s the video of the actual song Dads and Daughters Know

Interested? Get details at the link above or text indicating your interest in having a video produced, call 615-319-8616.


Custom Performance Tracks

Need a custom made production of a cover tune in your key so you can perform the song live at an upcoming event?

Or maybe one of your original songs?

And do you need that at a reasonable price?

It’s easy!

And yes, you can get anything from an extremely inexpensive acoustic guitar or piano track, all the way up to a full production.

Just click this link:

Custom Performance Tracks

Female Country Singer, Sammi Moore, added to the Nashville Trax Vocalists Online Roster

Looking for a female country singer online for your demo?


Nashville Demo Singer, Sammi Moore

Give a quick listen to Sam:

She’s fabulous for rock, blues or country.

Additional Sammi Moore samples can be heard at Nashville Tracks Vocals Online


Male or Female Singers Available For Your Recording Project!

If you wrote a song recently and are in the process of recording or already have, one thing is probably crystal clear at this point:

The singer IS the song!

If you:

  • Don’t have a quality singer available for your song
  • Are in the recording process and the singer you chose isn’t working out
  • Attempted to sing your song yourself but know you aren’t the best choice
  • Have already finished your mix a while ago and now fresh ears are screaming, “This song deserves a better singer!”

We can help!

While it’s best to approach us at BEFORE you cut the first rhythm track so you can select the singer you want and let them select the key they prefer to sing your song in, all may not be lost if you didn’t.

Several of our singers have a range so wide they can fit into just about any key. The price range is very reasonable as well. Demo rate is anywhere from $100 to $375 per song, depending on which singer you choose and that INCLUDES studio time, the singer and the producer/engineer!

You get a .wav file in any format you need (default is 24/48) that will drop right into Pro Tools, Cubase or any other popular recording format and lock up to your project automatically.

So let’s get to work solving your problem:

What do you need?

A male singer for my song


Maybe Brandon would be a good choice?

A female singer for my song

Nashville Tracks singer Jenifer

Why not have our Nashville session singer Jennifer sing your song?

Free Guitar Lessons Online! Over 25,000 lessons available, no charge!

If you enjoy reading online you may have excellent results studying guitar from these free online lessons:

Free Guitar Lessons!

If very much reading on a comuter screen gets tiresome and tedious for you, consider learning from a self-help book like this one:

Guitar Shop by Bill Watson419G44RP69L__SL500_AA300_

Performance Tracks of Hit Songs & Originals Now Available!

The band Hoffman performing a show in Hendersonville TN. Your single act can sound like a full band! Your cover band can sound just like the original recording!

The band Hoffman performing a show in Hendersonville TN. They’re paid  hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars in base pay, plus earn even more in tips at each performance!

Do you perform with a band? As a trio? A duo? A single?

A quick search of Gigmasters proves that many singles and duos earn $400 to over $2,000 per performance! Why not you? Sound like a full band without the hassle or expense!

Perhaps you perform now? Have you ever tried making your sound bigger and richer by performing with pre-recorded tracks?

It’s EASY! you’ll hear four count off clicks and the song begins. You play along on whatever instrument(s) you wish. That instrument will be removed from the mix but the rest of the instruments will be there!

Your single act or duo can sound like a full band! Your four piece band can now have professional keyboards!

If you already use karaoke tracks you know most of the parts sound cheesy. Low quality programmed drums are usually the foundation and often, guitar parts are lame because they’re played on keyboards! All outputted to lossy, low quality mp3 files. Not with Nashville Trax, we use ONLY real, pro musicians, ONLY session quality players and we can give you high quality file formats!

For more information visit our site:

Performance Song Tracks

Nashville Bass Tracks

If you need a Nashville Bass Track for your song, why look anywhere but Nashville Trax? We’ve satisfied ,ore clients with our “add this instrument to your project” over-the Internet service than any other Nashville based recording studio!

Bill Watson Engineering and playing bass guitar

Bill Watson engineering and playing bass guitar

Order your bass guitar track here:

Need a specific bass and amp combo?

Fender Precision? Ampeg? Hartke? Fender Jazz? Yamaha? Washburn? You name it, we probably have both the amp and bass you need. Not that knowledgeable? we’ll be glad to select the proper bass gear for your song!

Remember it’s

Nashville Trax!


Nashville Bass Tracks

How to Earn Income from your Songs on YouTube!

Gary Nowak operates a business on YouTube using our productions of his original songs. His latest A Miracle At Work is just getting started.

The first, titled Gasoline featuring actor Christopher Rigali is closing in on a half million views! Chris is an awesome actor and has superb lip syncing skills. It really looks like he sang it!

YouTube compensates songwriters several ways and you don’t have to be on a major label, any independent songwriter can create a song video and post their song on You Tube.

1) Independent songwriters are paid for advertising revenue clicks on their video post.

2) Your music is made available for licensing to professional and consumer content uploaders. You get paid each time your music is played as featured or background music in someone else’s video.

3) You get royalties for original song material video plays.

Besides continually pitching the majority of our catalog (of client song demos and masters) to our major label and top independent label contacts, if you’re not computer savvy, we can create a video of your song for you, then post it on YouTube.

We can also place your songs on through’s Advantage program; on CD Baby and their associated AllMedia and MicroSync programs, on TuneCore etc. to make your music available not only on YouTube, but also through licensing channels for TV, film, video games, and more.

We can place your single demo on Kickstarter and request funding for a master recording or a full blown CD, video and promotion.

Of course there are more traditional ways to profit. Your songs could be picked up by a producer looking for songs for an artist, they could be featured in an indie film or placed on a network TV show.

Like the idea of making a pro version of your tune and posting on You Tube to see if you can pull in some bucks? Want us to produce a song for you? Send your rough MP3 to and request a quote today!

Meet The Producer : Nashville Trax and Play It Again Demos

The music producer, and sometimes engineer at the Nashville recording studio Nashville Trax and the over-the-Internet song demo service Play It Again Demos is Bill Watson. Mr. Watson brings years of experience with song structure, lyrics, arrangement, recording and production to your project. He will choose the perfect session quality Nashville musicians and pro session singers for your song.

He’s known for taking a songwriter’s rough work, no matter how sketchy it is, and transforming it into something amazing. Check out our samples, hopefully you’ll agree.

“I certainly hope you choose our services because I know we can do far more with less for you than any other service out there, but even if you don’t I wish you much luck in your musical endeavors. And far more important, may you find peace and happiness in this life and beyond.”-Bill Watson

Bill Watson, music producer Nashville Trax, Play It Again Demos

Bill Watson, music producer @ Nashville Trax Recording Studio, and Play It Again Demos Has Guitar Shop by Bill Watson

419G44RP69L__SL500_AA300_ Guitar Shop by Bill Watson is available once again at

Both bound and spiral bound (lays flat for lessons) editions are available.

ISBN # 0-9670751-8-1

Multiple copies are discounted starting at 5 copies for libraries, private instruction by guitar teachers or schools through Ingram or Baker & Taylor using the ISBN #.

Libraries should order through: Baker & Taylor or Midwest Library Service using the ISBN #.

Nashville Recording Studio Nashville Trax Is Open For Business

Your Songs Can Be On The Next  Session! Ask For A Quote!

Your Songs Can Be On The Next Session! Ask For A Quote!

Are you a songwriter in need of a place to take your song or songs and turn them into a demo recording or master for release on a CD or download? Nashville recording studio Nashville Trax can! We actually opened under this name in 2007.

Are you a singer in need of a studio to cut a demo showcasing your voice? Nashville recording studio Nashville Trax can!

Do you need high quality session musicians to play on your project? Nashville recording studio Nashville Trax can provide!

Do you have a home studio and need Nashville Trax to interface with your efforts, letting you handle the steps you can do and paying us for the steps you can’t such as tracking the drums, bass, guitar, piano rhythm section? Provide vocals? Or do the pro mixing for you? Nashville recording studio Nashville Trax can interface!