Cheap Recording Studios in Nashville

So you’re Looking for cheap recording studios in Nashville.

Nashville Trax
offers a lot for the money. Yet unlike many other cheap recording studios. there’s plenty of parking, excellent quality sound, rooms designed to record in, equipment manufactured after 1962 and knobs that actually work properly instead of sounding like they have dirt in them or work only if you twist them back and forth enough.

Studio rates in Nashville can range from about $45 per hour to over $300 per hour. Nashville Trax does post an hourly rate of $75 but often bids a set price for a demo, single or album so you’ll know the total cost before starting, including musician costs and studio fees. And it will be reasonable!

Here are some pics taken here, one of the cheap recording studios in Nashville:

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For aditional information e-mail or call 615-319-8616

Pic & Mp3 Clip: Grace Kelly, In From New Zealand For A Recording Session!

GraceKelly Session

Grace Kelly of Wellington New Zealand doing a Nashville Trax recording session, L to Rt: L To Rt: Shawn Conley (engineer), Bill Watson (bass player & session producer), Grace Kelly (guitar, vocals), William Ellis drums, Tom Wild, guitar.

Thirteen year old Grace, is a “busker” (street musician) in her home town of Wellington, New Zealand. She decided to come to Nashville to record her original song “Before And After” and also a cover of Taylor Swift’s “All Too Well”.

Grace never played with other musicians before, let alone session quality players of this caliber. Yet producer Bill Watson said, “Wow, it’s hard to believe such a big voice came out of such a small girl! Grace delivered the goods like a pro. She’s a great songwriter too. Sign this little Kiwi powerhouse to a record deal!”

Grace, who’s goal was simply to gain experience in a big time recording environment is happy, happy, happy! Huge smiles and multiple comments from Grace, “This is so fantastic!” and “I’m speechless!”  ruled the day.

She left for New Zealand Monday with a rough mix of the day’s activities, final mixes are to be delivered to her later this week.

A short clip of Grace singing the Taylor Swift cover:

© 2011 recorded as a demo for demo purposes and posted for demonstrating production values and talent demonstration only.All other uses are a violation of U.S. and International copyright law. This performance  is © 2016.


Musician credits:

Grace Kelly: Rhythm Acoustic Guitar, Lead and Harmony Vocals

William Ellis (Montgommery Gentry): Drums

Tom Wild ( Mindy McCreedy, B.J. Thomas): Guitar

Bill Watson (Nashville Trax producer): Bass Guitar

Looking to record in Nashville? You’ll be listening to your project the rest of your life. Why not choose the best: people who not only have the gear and chops you need but also care about making your session a fantastic experience for you in every way?

Take a look at our site:

Nashville Trax Recording Studio or contact us at or (backup e-mail)



The Jailbirds from Germany in to record yesterday!

Father and son duo, The Jailbirds, flew in from Germany to record 5 songs yesterday for their upcoming album.

Dirk played guitars, bass and percussion while his father, Walther, sang and occasionally added rhythm guitar. Great guys, good players, Walther sings great and somewhat surprisingly, they speak English very well.

What a fun session!. Tracking is complete, the project is ready to mix.

Other upcoming recording sessions with clients coming from overseas include clients from New Zealand (May 1st) and Australia (June 8th).



Hi Bill,

  Feel free to post the mixes on the website.  They really sound great, thanks again to both Shawn and you.

  Best regards from Berlin,

  Walther & Dirk

Looking to record a project in the Nashville, TN area? We can book your session, hire any needed Nashville based session musicians, help you arrange hotel accommodations, choose the proper facilities for recording, mixing and mastering each aspect of your project and more. Contact us at e-mail:

Mandolin Player for Hire Online For Your Recording

Nashville session quality mandolin for hire on .wav file tracks that automatically lock right up to your recording!

Work can be performed in Nashville and delivered over the Internet, no need to be present.

Reasonable rates

Pro engineering

Click the link for samples and pricing:

Mandolin for Hire


Instrument and Vocal Tracks Online On YOUR Project!

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“I just wanted to drop a line and say the tracks was super awesome. I will be encouraging clients to use you for most all projects in the future.”- studio owner P. Rodgers, Saluda, S.C.

In today from Kim Berry of Citrus Heights, CA:

“I did a rough mix last night and blown away by the quality. The bass line is exactly what I envisioned. All of the musicians captured the essence of the song – up to that “grand finale” at the last beat. Banjo – fiddle – guitar parts … Everything fit.

I’m used to working with separate samples for chorus and verse – much faster when it’s one sample for the complete song – and the sync was perfect too – no latency to adjust for.”

Need Tracks?

Bass Guitar Tracks Online

Piano Tracks Online

Vocal Tracks Online Yes! Get the singer online you need for ypur song here!

In fact, see every instrument available by going to our main page and clicking the word “MORE” in the upper right corner for a drop down menu where you can order mandolin, sax, violins…you name it!

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Brent Mason Guitar Tracks Recording Session, Available For Your Song!

Celebrated Nashville session guitarist, Brent Mason, is available to play on your song!

The photos below show Brent recently playing on a  a recording session for several Nashville Trax clients.

Also included in the slide show are pictures of Brent Mason’s amplifier and Brent Mason’s pedal board.

If you have only one song and time is of the essence the rate is  higher than normal, but if you have at least 4 songs or you’re willing to wait until we have enough to do a Brent session it’s only slightly more than you’d normally pay for a typical session guitarist.

To hire Brent Mason to play on your song in a session here at Nashville Trax contact us at



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Planning a vacation trip to the U.S.? Stop by to record a couple songs!

Make your vacation to the U.S. and the Nashville area a memory you’ll never forget!

Record with world class musicians, get pics of your recording experience you can post to your friends on Facebook! Get session charts signed by the Nashville musicians and producer!

The Danny Thompson Band single, Miles and Miles (distributed by Sony) which was recorded here, has given Nashville Trax unexpected exposure overseas.

Airplay in the U.K., Australia, Canada and other places has prompted potential clients who live in those countries to seek us out. The sessions have been low pressure, great fun and the clients left with great recordings. Some do cover tunes, some do originals.

It’s so much fun for us to meet people who live in other countries, trade stories and make some great music!

If you, or a member of your family sings or plays an instrument and you are about to vacation in the U.S., why not take advantage of the opportunity to do some music in Nashville?

This is your chance to record with world class musicians, the best on the planet!

Some of our overseas clients did only cover tunes, others only originals. Grace Kelly of New Zealand (pic #1) did both.

“Thanks Bill, I wants to say thanks for your patience, professionalism and support of Grace. Sunday was a big step for her. The guys were all outstanding AND were all great musos too. Loved your bass playing, your lines on her own song really made the track. We can start planning the next project. Best to you and the guys.” Brian (Kelly)

This from our clients from Germany:

“Hi Bill,


Feel free to post the mixes on the website.  They really sound great, thanks again to both Shawn and you.

 Best regards from Berlin

  Walther & Dirk”


e-mail us:

backup e-mail

Here are some pics from sessions we’ve done recently with clients from outside the U.S. (Canada, Germany and New Zealand):




You can sing and play everything yourself, or perhaps just you and another family member can record together.

We can add any musicians you need or provide the whole band!




Nashville Session Guitarist, Brent Mason, Is Now Available To Play On Your Song!

Nashville Session Guitar Player, Brent Mason at Nashville Trax Recording Studio. Known for his Telecaster work, for this song he's playing a Gibson Les Paul.

Nashville Session Guitar Player, Brent Mason at Nashville Trax Recording Studio. Known worldwide for his Fender Telecaster work, for this song he’s playing a Gibson Les Paul.

Brent Mason has been featured on over 1,000 major label albums and hundreds of Billboard #1 hits; on commercials for Dodge, Ford, Wrangler Jeans, Whirlpool, Revlon, Geico, the opening to NFL Monday Night Football and tons more. Also on movie and TV soundtracks: Friends, Becker, King of the Hill, The Dukes of Hazzard, A Few Good Men, The Horse Whisperer, Home Alone, Home Alone II to name a few.

And he’s now available to play on your song!

Known for lightning fast chicken picking style guitar like he played on Alan Jackson’s song “Chatahoochee,” and dozens of other hits, Brent can play anything. He has a Best Country Instrumental Performance Grammy and is a 12-time winner of the ACM Guitarist of the Year Award.

Brent has been added to the Nashville Trax roster and is available for songs we produce from scratch as well as songs you’re self-producing and need to add only his guitar skills to your work.

A small premium charge will apply.


For more information contact us at


According to Guitar World Magazine, Brent is the #8 session guitarist of all time across all genres. And he'll play on your song!

According to Guitar World Magazine, Brent is the #8 session guitarist of all time across all genres. Wouldn’t it be great to list him as a credit on your song?

Male Singer For Hire Online

Bill Watson has been added to the roster of singers available at Nashville Trax service Vocal Tracks Online.

Style:  bluesy

Rage: Medium

Pitch: good

Tone: A cross between Peter Wolf and Michael McDonald

He can sing lead, harmony and bgvs.


Or click this link for details and audio samples:

Bill Watson Male Vocals


Our Newest Vocal Tracks Online Singer, Bill Watson

Performance Tracks of Hit Songs & Originals Now Available!

The band Hoffman performing a show in Hendersonville TN. Your single act can sound like a full band! Your cover band can sound just like the original recording!

The band Hoffman performing a show in Hendersonville TN. They’re paid  hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars in base pay, plus earn even more in tips at each performance!

Do you perform with a band? As a trio? A duo? A single?

A quick search of Gigmasters proves that many singles and duos earn $400 to over $2,000 per performance! Why not you? Sound like a full band without the hassle or expense!

Perhaps you perform now? Have you ever tried making your sound bigger and richer by performing with pre-recorded tracks?

It’s EASY! you’ll hear four count off clicks and the song begins. You play along on whatever instrument(s) you wish. That instrument will be removed from the mix but the rest of the instruments will be there!

Your single act or duo can sound like a full band! Your four piece band can now have professional keyboards!

If you already use karaoke tracks you know most of the parts sound cheesy. Low quality programmed drums are usually the foundation and often, guitar parts are lame because they’re played on keyboards! All outputted to lossy, low quality mp3 files. Not with Nashville Trax, we use ONLY real, pro musicians, ONLY session quality players and we can give you high quality file formats!

For more information visit our site:

Performance Song Tracks

Strings Online: Keyboard-Generated, Live Player Violin, Cello and Viola Delivered Over the Internet



Nashville Trax has added strings online to their list of instruments available to producers and self-producers of music.

The options you can add to a project you’ve started in your studio are:

  • Keyboard-generated string parts
  • Live string parts
  • A mix of keyboard and live musician-played parts (on violin, viola or cello)
  • Typically .wav files in the format required by the client’s recording setup (24/48, 16, 44.1, etc.) are exchanged via file exchanging services such as or

    Mp3s are lower quality than .wav files but can be exchanged via e-mail.

    For more information visit:

    Strings Online

    If you are searching for fiddle tracks:

    Fiddle Tracks Online

    If you are searching for keyboard tracks:

    Piano Tracks Online

    Record Your EP or Album Over-The-Internet! We play session quality tracks, YOU sing!

    Our producer writes a custom arrangement and music charts for each of your songs:

    Bill Watson, Nashville Trax music producer Nashville Trax, Play It Again Demos

    Nashville Trax Producer/Arranger, Bill Watson

    Top notch session quality musicians play your song:


    Professional background vocals are added:

    How would YOUR song sound with a Nashville pro singing harmony on it? Awesome!

    How would YOUR song sound with a Nashville pro singing harmony on it? Awesome!

    YOU record YOUR OWN VOCALS where you live, either on your own gear or at a local studio.

    Then WE mix (or you can mix on your end).

    Yes it works great!

    Interested? e-mail producer Bill Watson at for details.