Female Country Singer Tracks Online Over The Internet For Songwriter Producers

Kassie will sing on your country, blues or soul tune!

Kassie will sing on your country, blues or soul tune!

If you produce original music, either your own or for a client, and you’ve been looking for a female singer online to do the vocals on your track look no further than Kassie. Country, blues and soul are her thing. Take a listen to her sing this guitar/vocal country song:

Her voice is high quality, on pitch and features tremendous tone. Why in the world would you look elsewhere?

It’s best to choose your singer prior to recording the music so it’s in the proper key for them to do their best. But if you’ve made the mistake of recording first, or the singer you planned on bailed or didn’t work out, Kassie can make most any key work.

All we need is your lyric, mp3 rough to set the key. As little as an acoustic guitar or piano track is fine. Then we’ll need am mp3 of your rough mix, started at the very beginning of your recording window, for Kassie to lay vocals to. You’ll receive a high quality .wav file that will lock right up to your mix, no positioning or bumping necessary.

Interested? e-mail nashtrax@bellsouth.net for pricing OR

Go to Nashville Tracks to check out other singers we have available.

Kassie can sing some blues now!Click her pic!

Kassie can sing some blues now! Click her pic!

Piano Tracks Online

Are you looking for a piano track for your self-produced home or studio project that you can order online? Maybe you also need Hammond B3, Clavinet or synthesizer?


A Nashville Trax piano players doing a Piano Tracks Online project for a client.

A Nashville Trax piano players doing a Piano Tracks Online project for a client.

You can go straight to the order page now where you can hear several samples of our keyboard work:

Piano Tracks Online

Piano Tracks online is easy! And it’s simple, just drag the piano file into your mix and it locks up automatically. Plus, tracking piano using a Nashville session quality piano player results in stellar work!

Cost? Only $95 per track!

To order you simply Pay Pal the $95 to nashtrax@bellsouth.net

Then send us an mp3 of the rough mix you are working on to nashtrax@bellsouth.net. A count of of 1-2-3-4 upfront helps the piano player come start at the correct moment.

A click track panned to one side so we can dial it in as needed is helpful but optional.

A chord chart is helpful as well as optional.

Need piano? What are you waiting for?

Country Lead Guitar Tracks Online Via Our Over-The-Internet Service: Guitar Tracks Online

Country Lead Guitar Tracks Online

Country Lead Guitar Tracks Online

Nashville Trax now offers Country Lead Guitar Tracks Online!

Do you have a recording of a country song underway and would like to add electric lead guitar parts?

We can do that for you via our over-the-Internet service Country Lead Guitar Tracks Online!

Fast Turnaround Time!

Professional sounding tracks that are guaranteed to enhance your project!

Easy as Pie!

Locks Up Automatically to your project!

That’s it! When your country lead guitar track arrives, simply load it into your project and it will be ready to mix when you are.

Samples of our work are available here: Country Lead Guitar Tracks Over The Internet!

Great Day of Tracks Online Work At Nashville Recording Studios

Our fiddle player, Jenee Fleenor solos at a Martina McBride concert. Jenee is available through Fiddle Tracks Online to play on your song, just one of the many world class players on our roster!

A great day of work for our new service, Tracks Online, which offers self-producers high quality instrument tracks over the Internet.

First a 10 a.m. at Nashville Trax Recording Studio to record four tracks of Mike Duchette Steel Guitar Tracks Online and two tracks of harmonica.

Then it was off to our Pro Tools HD sister studio in Hendersonville, TN to produce seven tracks of piano and strings played by The Oak Ridge Boys long time band member, Sir Ronald Fairchild, for our Piano Tracks Online service on a project for a client in Quebec, Canada.

Just in time too, Ron had to catch the band bus to the airport at 4 a.m. for a flight to play at an Oaks performance in Puerto Rico. Five star hotels, a one day paid layover to do some sightseeing, catered food, all to do a one hour show…hey it’s a tough life but somebody has to live it!

Finally, caught up!

Until returning to the studio where a Banjo Tracks Online order had just been confirmed via e-mail. The client’s mp3 will arrive in a few hours. Love it!- b.e.

Need an instrument track? Saxophone? Harmonica? Dobro? Mandolin? Nashville music producer Bill Watson will choose the perfect session player to add to your mp3 mix and send it back as a high quality .wav file that will lock up perfectly for your mix and give you exactly what you need to make an impressive, spectacular song demo or master!

Songwriting Tip: How To Self-Critique Your Own Country Lyric

Before pitching your songs or even before recording, have your lyric critiqued for free by clicking here!

Before pitching your songs or even before recording, have your lyric critiqued for free by clicking here!

If you intend to pitch your country lyric with the hope of obtaining a hit record, know this: it will be scrutinized for flaws by the gate keepers- industry pros like music publishers and screeners- before it ever gets near the eyes of an artist. Here are several fatal flaws you should avoid, preferably before cutting the demo. Review your lyrics to see if they have any of these.:

1.“Too Wordy” Many times your first efforts will be long winded. You can usually convey the same message with fewer words, both in the song as a whole, as well as in individual lyric lines. Cut the fat.

2. “Cramming In” If you’re singing along with your melody and find you’re struggling to make the words quite fit in a given space it’s going to sound that way to a listener. Writing more words in a line than the singer is comfortable singing, unless done intentionally for the effect, is bad writing. Take some out or rewrite the line.

3. “The Song Goes On Forever” If you have crafted five verses  doubled up on every chorus and put in both a solo and bridge, your song is going to land at 5 to 7 minutes in length. That’s too long if you’re aiming for radio airplay. Radio likes 2 1/2 minute songs. It may be painful but you need to delete several sections.

4. “A Too-Long Bridge” Often a song is rolling along, holding the listener’s interest but bogs down in the bridge that’s twice as long as it needs to be. Can your bridge convey what you need it to in 8 bars instead of 16? 4 instead of 8? Do it!

5. “Stale Ideas” Does your lyric have a lot of clichéd phrases? Instead of “She drinks like a fish and gets stupid” which everyone has heard before, replace that phrase with something unique and fresh such as, “She’s an alcohol drain, a meatball brain”. And no place is more critical to replace clichés in than the hook.

6. “Reversed Order”. Don’t reverse the natural order of words just to create a rhyme. Country lyrics should be conversational. If you wouldn’t speak it quite that way,, unless your only listener will be Yoda, don’t write your country lyric that way.

While hardly comprehensive, this list will help get your lyric on the right track- b.e. watson

Songwriter Demo Recording Sessions

The guys from Mission 615 in Nashville Tn stopped by to lay some tracks on their new Christian rock song song “Free” and singer Brittany Lane Baptiste was in to sing harmonies and bgvs on 5 different songs.

Session singer Brittany Lane arrives to sing on a songwriter demo

Session singer Brittany Lane arrives to sing on a songwriter demo

The guys from Mission 615:

Drummer for Jesus, Darrell Hcks

Drummer for Jesus, Darrell Hcks

Mission 615 singer Grant Anderson

Mission 615 singer Grant Anderson

Mission 615 Guitarist, Tony Pizzino

Mission 615 Guitarist, Tony Pizzino

Bill Watson playing bass guitar with the guys from Mission 615

Bill Watson playing bass guitar with the guys from Mission 615

Now Tracking: 5 More Songs for Client Gary Nowak

Your Songs Can Be On The Next  Session! Ask For A Quote!

Your Songs Can Be On The Next Session! Ask For A Quote!

5 songs just in and confirmed (paid for in full) for Play It Again Demos client Gary Nowak.

We’ve produced several projects for Gary in the past. Recently, he began a business creating professional videos based on our work (so far he’s gone to video with a song we produced for him called “Gasoline” and another titled “Miracle At Work”) and posting them on You Tube. They are filmed by professional photographers and employ actors to lip sync to the recording.

Obviously his enterprise is becoming successful. See this link for details about what Gary is doing:

More About Gary Nowak Projects

Brandon Chase added to Nashville Vocal Tracks Online Service!

Country Singer, Brandon Chase

Country Singer, Brandon Chase

You know him from The Voice with Blake Shelton, but for a limited time you can have Brandon Chase sing your demo! This is your chance to catch a rising star!

He’s working on his first album right here in Nashville and is eager to sing on demo projects.

With our over-the-Internet service, Nashville Trax Vocal Tracks Online service, the singer you choose from our roster will sing to the mp3 you send us of your home-produced, or local-studio-produced project!

We return a high quality .wav file in the format that works with your digital audio workstation, it locks right up automatically!

Why not have Brandon sing your tune? More info can be found by clicking on Brandon’s picture above.

Songwriter Signs With DayWind Music Publishing

Southern Gospel songwriter Dianne Wilkinson has re=signed an exclusive agreement with Daywind Music Publshing in Hendersonville TN.

Florida Georgia Line takes BSC’s “Stay” to #1, Meets Band Members.

Sony Music Publishing, Nashville

Sony Music Publishing, Nashville

Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard heard “Stay” on a Black Stone Cherry album and decided to cut it.

Great instincts.

BSC headed to Nashville for the first time and met with Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley at the ASCAP offices on Music Row two days ago (Feb. 13th) to celebrate. The song stayed in the #1 Billboard position for 4 weeks.

“This is crazy, for us to write a song when we were sitting at the house, and then for it to become a success on Country radio,” said BSC member, Fred Young.

Southern Rock Pitch Opp: Old Southern Moonshine Revival Recording Soon

Old Southern Moonshine Revival (based in Nashville, TN) needs uptempo Southern Rock tunes for an upcoming recording project.

Submit to:

LAMusicPublishing.1@gmail.com. Contact for permission before submitting.


Danny Myrick producing.

How To Get A Record Deal In Nashville

Sony Music Publishing, Nashville

Sony Music Publishing, Nashville

Talking with a fellow music producer about two weeks ago, we compared notes on how to get a record deal in Nashville. A few days later there was an article published in one of the local magazines regarding You Tube. Part of it discussed the relevance of You Tube hits in this town.

While all that is still fresh in my mind, here are the most important points:

1. By far the most predictable, reliable way to get a record deal in Nashville is to come here with a proven product. Make a name for your act regionally, prove you can put people in the seats, prove you can sell T-shirts, sell downloads, etc. and the labels will be interested. It helps to have a management team in place, an entertainment lawyer, experience opening for big name artists, and experience giving radio/television interviews. The closer you can get to making the deal turnkey for the label, the more likely it happens.

2. Be the national winner or place high in an American Idol style, national competition. Obviously it’s worked for some artists. But others have won shows nationally, yet ultimately went nowhere.

3. Come to town with wheelbarrow loads of cash. Yes, the word is it’s possible to buy your way in to a record deal. I’ve discussed the figures batted about at downtown meetings with singers who worked for me, singers who were just in these types of meetings. How much cash? Lots. Figures I’ve heard firsthand from singers involved in negotiations usually are at least $500.000 to over $1,000,000.

The story goes that Taylor Swift’s Dad paid upfront fpr her deal then bought enough copies of her first release to ensure it hit the #1 Billboard spot. I have no idea if it really happened but many in this town tell that story over and over, typically relayed as if it’s practically evil. If I had that much money to toss around and my daughter gave me the puppy dog eyes I mean, come on, done deal! I call it a father’s unconditional love and belief in his little girl, a beautiful thing. And hey, once there, Taylor had the songwriting, vocal skills, looks and personality to not just sustain it but take it to heights few have ever achieved.

4. Move here with talent. So much of the advice on this subject begins and ends with this point. Move here, network and “get discovered”. But both my producer friend and I agree: the labels aren’t particularly interested in slightly above average singers with good looks and some personality. That describes half the people in Nashville.

I’ve seen plenty of those, probably the very best in their local area, come to Music City, try with all they had to get signed, then move back home a few years later, their dream severely altered. Some aspect of your talent likely needs to be exceptional, even for here, to hang your hopes on that card.

You Tube? Enormous numbers of views racked up on You Tube that might get you a deal elsewhere, or at least get you an appointment to talk to A&R people, elsewhere, are currently not being taken seriously here by most A & R people, at least according to the article.

So Nashville A & R has been lagging a bit in grasping the significance of the Internet and how it’s changing the way acts are discovered but perhaps the article itself has already started to wake up the powers that be to the fact tons of You Tube hits can equal pre-packaged fame as well as fortune and both can be capitalized on.

Include your anywhere-else-they’d-be-so-impressed-by-this You Tube view numbers, download sales numbers and such in your promo package. They can’t hurt and may help- b.e.