The Swansons Rock Revelry!

The Swansons out of Southern California, regulars at venues such as Sunset Station in Las Vegas and Whiskey A Go Go in Los Angeles, perform their first show in the Nashville area at Revelry, . backed up by Nashville Trax session musicians Brent Mason on guitar, Bill Watson on bass guitar, Jim Riley on drums, Jenee Fleenor on Fiddle, Steve King keyboards and Mike Douchette on steel.

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Nashville Trax is our physical recording studio , Play It Again Demos is our online demo service. Bill Watson produces our music here and he is well qualified to be your music producer! We offer high profile Nashville session musicians such as four time, currently reigning CMA Musician of the Year, Jenee Fleenor and 14 time winner of the Academy of Country Music (ACM) Guitarist of the Year Award, Brent Mason, to play on your music projects.

We can help you with recording your demo, your album, your EP or your single, starting from scratch.

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This blog contains numerous posts about songwriting technique,. music theory, artists seeking songs, song publishers seeking songs and more!

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Here are indie and major label song pitch opportunities

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Play It Again Demos is a service for songwriters who need high quality demos made of their work using Nashville session quality musicians and singers.

Nashville Trax is a project recording studio for singers and songwriters who live in the area, those who wish to come to the Nashville area from other locations to record Or we can also work with you remotely without you ever having to leave your hometown. we have successfully worked remotely with songwriters and singers from every state in the U.S. and countries such as Norway, Sweden, Australia, Japan, Czechoslovakia and more.

. Nashville may be known for country and bluegrass but these guys can play anything.

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Nashville Bass Tracks

If you need a Nashville Bass Track for your song, why look anywhere but Nashville Trax? We’ve satisfied ,ore clients with our “add this instrument to your project” over-the Internet service than any other Nashville based recording studio!

Bill Watson Engineering and playing bass guitar

Bill Watson engineering and playing bass guitar

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Fender Precision? Ampeg? Hartke? Fender Jazz? Yamaha? Washburn? You name it, we probably have both the amp and bass you need. Not that knowledgeable? we’ll be glad to select the proper bass gear for your song!

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Nashville Bass Tracks

Christian Indie Group Experiences Success With Over-The-Internet Album Collaboration


A Christian vocal trio known as The Greatest Gift decided to do an album of material penned by bandleader Wayne Paterson. Unhappy with previous efforts recorded at studios located in Nashville, New York and Los Angeles he searched for a new studio that could bring the magic he knew existed to his work.

He began sending piano/vocal demos to producer Bill Watson of Nashville Trax in March of 2015 and was ecstatic with the results. With Watson arranging and producing the music tracks, then sending them to The Greatest Gift where they add vocals and mix at a local studio, they have finished the first album, Come Into His Presence, and have nearly completed a second.

The Greatest Gift is also using the mixed and mastered tracks to perform live and even sing to the tracks in Christian songwriting and performance contests. They took first place in the local, regional and state competitions and are scheduled to compete in the national finals in Tennessee this coming spring.

The Greatest Gift is reporting brisk sales at churches and other live concert performances, helping them recoup their investment plus help fund the next CD. They’ve also been able to secure an entertainment lawyer based in Nashville to help them pursue national distribution.

Give a listen:

Female Country Singer Tracks Online Delivered Over The Internet

Country and bluegrass singer Jennifer

Country and bluegrass singer Jennifer

Click here to order your female country singer vocal track online NOW!

Need a female country singer over the Internet to sing your song and deliver it online so it will automatically lock up with your self-produced project?

It happens here! That’s what the Nashville Trax Vocal Tracks Online service is about!

Is Kassie the online female demo singer you need?

Is Kassie the online female demo singer you need?

Would Jenee Fleenor work for your tune?

Would Jenee Fleenor work for your tune?

Simply choose your singer, send us your rough mp3 so we can set the best key for your singer, record your tracks and send us a quick mp3 mix. You’ll get back a .wav file containing a great vocal track that will upload and lock right up, guaranteed!

Same day Fiddle Track Over The Internet Via Tracks Online!

Marc Loren of 42nd Street Studios hired us to do a fiddle track (for a country song he’s been working on for one of his clients) through our Fiddle Tracks Over The Internet service, Trax Online.

It was a bit of a rush job, Nashville Trax was contacted by Marc in the morning and he needed to mix that afternoon. Our fiddle player, Jenee, happened to be available.

Done deal!

“Her playing is excellent and fit perfectly with this track. I look
Forward to future projects with you.” Marc

If you ever need him and you’re in the Ft. Lauderdale 33334 area, Marc does great work. We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with him and 42nd Street Studios.

Country Lead Guitar Tracks Online Via Our Over-The-Internet Service: Guitar Tracks Online

Country Lead Guitar Tracks Online

Country Lead Guitar Tracks Online

Nashville Trax now offers Country Lead Guitar Tracks Online!

Do you have a recording of a country song underway and would like to add electric lead guitar parts?

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That’s it! When your country lead guitar track arrives, simply load it into your project and it will be ready to mix when you are.

Samples of our work are available here: Country Lead Guitar Tracks Over The Internet!

Tracking Session Alert!

You Can Be On The Next Nashville Trax Session!

You Can Be On The Next Nashville Trax Session!

Rhythm tracking sessions have been scheduled for Wednesday December 11th and Monday December 23rd. If you’d like to get a song on either session, please send your MP3 rough to or your CD to the address on the website.

There’s a three song minimum on these sessions if you wish to be present and watch your song being recorded. No minimum if you just want to get a song on the session.

Note that it’s far too late in the year to record songs about Christmas for 2013 unless it’s for a personal project. If you intend to pitch a Christmas song for one of the numerous Christmas projects released each year by movie companies and major label or even independent artists, record now, but aim for Christmas of 2014.

Meet The Producer : Nashville Trax and Play It Again Demos

The music producer, and sometimes engineer at the Nashville recording studio Nashville Trax and the over-the-Internet song demo service Play It Again Demos is Bill Watson. Mr. Watson brings years of experience with song structure, lyrics, arrangement, recording and production to your project. He will choose the perfect session quality Nashville musicians and pro session singers for your song.

He’s known for taking a songwriter’s rough work, no matter how sketchy it is, and transforming it into something amazing. Check out our samples, hopefully you’ll agree.

“I certainly hope you choose our services because I know we can do far more with less for you than any other service out there, but even if you don’t I wish you much luck in your musical endeavors. And far more important, may you find peace and happiness in this life and beyond.”-Bill Watson

Bill Watson, music producer Nashville Trax, Play It Again Demos

Bill Watson, music producer @ Nashville Trax Recording Studio, and Play It Again Demos

Debra Alt CD

Debra Alt CD In Broad Daylight

Debra Alt CD In Broad Daylight

It was great to finally receive a copy of this CD in the mail along with a very nice thank you note from singer/songwriter Debra Alt. Even more exciting is to see that one of the two excellent songs she recorded here at Nashville Trax with yours truly engineering, as last minute tags onto another songwriter’s session “just to finish off the project” is the first song on the CD!- b.e.

What’s A Good Studio for Recording Christian Music?

Record Where Your Beliefs Are Respected

Record Where Your Beliefs Are Respected

Just because a studio claims to be “Christian” doesn’t mean its the best choice to record your Christian material. It also needs to be a studio with the right commercial gear and reputation.

Consider Nashville Trax At Nashville Trax the owner/producer, singers and musicians who will work on your songs are Christians who understand the process of recording Christian material. Its what we listen to. In fact, most of us, when not touring, play in the worship bands at local churches on Sundays, constantly learning the best of the latest Christian music.

One major benefit here is we have at Nashville Trax  combination of session quality Christian musicians you can get nowhere else on the planet.

Most Christian singers or Christian songwriters will benefit from working in a studio where their efforts are respected so they can focus completely on their project.


Nashville Trax does record secular material but Christian and country are the studio favorites. You can’t beat the equipment at Nashville Trax or being surrounded by believers as you record your single, your demo or your full blown CD.

And if you’re doing at least three Christian songs on your project, Nashville Trax automatically gives you up to 8 hours of free recording studio time to help defray or eliminate your travel expenses!

Why not forward your rough MP3 files now to for a price quote?

Update On Kerry McFate’s Clarence Lowden Album Project

Songwriter Kerry McFate (left) and producer Bill Watson (right) taking a break from mixing Kerry's songs. Songwriter Kerry McFate (left) and producer Bill Watson (right) take a break from mixing songs for Kerry’s Clarence Lowden album.

Songwriter Kerry McFate (left) and producer Bill Watson (right) taking a break from mixing Kerry’s songs.
Songwriter Kerry McFate (left) and producer Bill Watson (right) take a break from mixing songs for Kerry’s Clarence Lowden album.

Kerry McFate will be taking his flight back to New York City tomorrow morning just thrilled with the experience at Nashville Trax and stoked about the way the songs came out.

“Bill, I’m blown away, I can’t thank you and your team enough for taking the songs I brought in, mere kernels really, and growing them into these fabulous recordings!” Kerry exclaimed as we parted.

He’ll be the first to admit he’s not a highly skilled singer technically, but he has a great voice and with do-over punch-ins, plus a little help from software, reverb, delay and EQ, his strong baritone, (which has shades of deep register country singers like Hank Williams Jr., Johnny Cash and Jamey Johnson) sounds just great, even better than he expected. He also played his own Taylor acoustic guitar and those tracks mixed in, no problem.

Fiddle and steel guitar are featured throughout, which Kerry requested when we first discussed the project, and sound super, thanks to the contributions of my favorite calls on both of those instruments, Wanda Vick on fiddle and Mike Douchette on pedal steel.

The mixes are finished on all three songs, which Kerry intends to release on CD under his fictitious Clarence Lowden name.

Kerry has the stereo mix .wav files as well as the (Pro Tools) session files on his hard drive. That’s actually the 8th or 9th copy of all files on 4 different drives because at Nashville Trax we meticulously back up on external hard drives in rotation at each stage of the recording process: After each song is tracked, after each overdub musician or singer completes their parts, and of course, after the final mix.

With these first few tunes I think we were able to define a direction and create a unique sound for Kerry that can be explored even further as the album is completed- b.e. watson