Male or Female Singers Available For Your Recording Project!

If you wrote a song recently and are in the process of recording or already have, one thing is probably crystal clear at this point:

The singer IS the song!

If you:

  • Don’t have a quality singer available for your song
  • Are in the recording process and the singer you chose isn’t working out
  • Attempted to sing your song yourself but know you aren’t the best choice
  • Have already finished your mix a while ago and now fresh ears are screaming, “This song deserves a better singer!”

We can help!

While it’s best to approach us at BEFORE you cut the first rhythm track so you can select the singer you want and let them select the key they prefer to sing your song in, all may not be lost if you didn’t.

Several of our singers have a range so wide they can fit into just about any key. The price range is very reasonable as well. Demo rate is anywhere from $100 to $375 per song, depending on which singer you choose and that INCLUDES studio time, the singer and the producer/engineer!

You get a .wav file in any format you need (default is 24/48) that will drop right into Pro Tools, Cubase or any other popular recording format and lock up to your project automatically.

So let’s get to work solving your problem:

What do you need?

A male singer for my song


Maybe Brandon would be a good choice?

A female singer for my song

Nashville Tracks singer Jenifer

Why not have our Nashville session singer Jennifer sing your song?

Songwriting Tip: Separate That Chorus!

Nashville Trax Music Studio
One mistake some songwriters consistently make is failure to create a chorus section that’s distinctly different from the verse. You want that chorus to just about shout to the listener: “Okay now: here’s where I’m summing up what this song is about!”

How? A few good techniques to achieve separation are:

  • Alter the line length
  • Change the rhythm
  • Alter the note length

    You can use any one of those or combine as necessary. A lyric that has relatively lengthy verse lines but the chorus lines are short and powerful may provide sufficient contrast. A subtle change of rhythm can work and some recent hits take that to extreme such as Jason Aldean’s “Dirt Road.”

    We need look no further than the Florida Georgia Line hit, Cruise, for a good example of altering note length. If you sing it and tap your fingers with each syllable you’ll notice the tapping is a lot faster when you reach the chorus “Baby you a song, you make me wanna roll my windows down and Cruise …” part.

    A producer has a good number of tools available to create chorus separation via the arrangement but if you can provide it in the structure of the song itself, it makes the song that much stronger and the final product that much more likely to be signed. More songwriting tips are available at the link in the menu to the right- Bill Watson

Is Melodyne Better Pitch Correcting Software than Antares?

It really has come to the point where if you don’t run pitch correction lightly on a vocal track it just doesn’t have that pro studio sound. I’ve had this conversation many times with a pro Nashville session singer who works at the studio frequently. We’ve deduced that’s mainly due to so many artists being signed who can’t stay on pitch, that engineers are forced to run correction on nearly every master vocal session. We’re all so used to hearing it on major label mixes that if it isn’t there on a vocal track, the track doesn’t sound right. Wow!

There’s No Clear Winner

Having started out with Antares Auto-Tune and using it for about two years while producing for clients of Nashville Trax on Music Row, then trying Melodyne when it became available in year three, twelve years now, I don’t see a clear cut winner here. It really depends on your experience, how good your ear is and what you need to achieve.

When harmonizers first came out my drummer then, cousin still, David Watson, and I used to jokingly refer to them as “de-harmonizers” because they’d sound great through a few chord changes then hit a chord they couldn’t recognize properly. At times the generated harmonizer part was so far out of key it was painful to listen to.

Well, Antares Auto-Tune, set once and allowed to do its thing on an entire track, unfortunately can de-tune with the best. Many engineers use it that way when a vocalist is pitchy on nearly every note and time is of the essence. It may track perfectly throughout a song or there may be points where it gets out of whack.

Antares Better At Set & Run

The best way to handle that problem in Pro Tools and in most digital recording software is to duplicate the track and run Antares on the duplicated track. Then, using your ear, find the spots the pitch correction algorithm went haywire and paste those specific vocal phrases over from the original section. The pastes can then get individual attention.

Melodyne Is The Better Choice for Detailed Work

Melodyne is better at the individual attention in my opinion. The newest version actually allows you to go into an out of tune guitar chord and move individual notes up or down in pitch, incredible! It’s also better at automatically pocketing phrases, changing amplitude of a note or group of notes and other things- B.E. Watson

Screen Shot of Melodyne

**Do you self-produce your songs or produce other songwriter’s projects?

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