Ashlynne Vince Recording this month, still looking for songs

Update: She’s recording more tunes this month (February) so no time to waste! Uptempo female pop only, demoed with a female singer.

Submit to: Contact for permission before submitting.

Producer, Tommy Mantor.

Do your research 1st:

Trick Pony: Together Again & Looking for Songs! Pitch Opp!

Pitch Opportunity:

All three original members of Trick Pony have reunited, (yes, including Heidi Newfield). Band member/producer Ira Dean is looking for material for a new record. Submit uptempo country hits only, and only through a Nashville based music publisher such as: Contact for permission before submitting.

Heidi is a fabulous harmonica player so if it works for your tune, a harp solo might be that extra edge you need to get a “yes.” We have a top-notch session harmonica guy in Mike Douchette, just chomping at the bit to play on your song.

If you’ve ever seen them live you know this a high energy band Trick Pony is and likely wanting material to match that mindset. We saw them at Kentucky Speedway where Ira rode his bass guitar across the stage and Heidi was all over the stage and runway playing her harmonica. High….energy!

If you’re nor familiar with the band, your homework is at:

Pedal Steel Guitar Tracks Online: Steel Tracks Online For Your Recordings

Whether you need a drum track online, a guitar track, bass guitar, steel, fiddle, sax, flute, harmonica, background vocals, lead vocals, piano tracks online…you name it, we can do it!

But how easy?

Louise D’Arcy found out how easy we are to work with, even though she’s located in Australia, she now has a steel guitar track by one of the best players in the world, straight out of Nashville Tennessee and Nashville Trax Recording Studio!

Here’s how it went down:

Louise D’Arcy
Apr 14, 2014


My name is Louise D’Arcy, I am a singer/songwriter from Australia and am currently Studying a Bachelor of Popular Music. For our assessment we are required to produce 20 mins of original material per semester. I have a country song I wrote called Crazy (Wild Heart) and would love some Pedal Steel guitar on my track. The track itself is still in early stages with only the acoustic guitar recorded and some guide vocals. I will attach the track, if it is not suitable in anyway regarding the volume of panned click etc. please let me know and I can send you another bounce from Pro Tools.

Kind Regards

Crazy (Wild Heart) with click

To Louise D’Arcy
Apr 15, 2014

Hi Louise, I’ll take a listen and let you know.

Do you have a chord chart by any chance? If not, no biggie, we have great ears, just saves a few minutes, don’t go out of your way to make one.

To Louise D’Arcy
Apr 15, 2014

Track is fine for us to work with Darcy, good job. Nice song, good voice.

What’s the deadline?

Bill Watson, producer.

Louise D’Arcy

Apr 17, 2014

I don’t have to have the track handed in until June but it would be great if I could have it on or before the 2nd of May if possible, just so I have plenty of time to add other parts and mix and master it.

Anyway just let me know if there’s any problems.

Thanks again!!

Kind Regards,

Oh yeah, no problem Louise. We do are in the habit of doing these quickly because a producer is usually waiting on our track to move their project forward. I’ll get it back to you no later than end of next week, most likely sooner.


Louise D’Arcy

Hi Bill!!

Sorry, I forgot to mention in my last email (but you’ve most probably heard it in the track anyway), I play slightly off the click purposely right at the end for the outro. I just thought I’d mention that, a part I had done elsewhere they stayed with the click and i made a messy ending.

Apr 18, 2014 at 5:01 AM

Ok, no problem.

To Louise D’Arcy
Apr 19 at 4:51 PM

Hi Louise,

Your steel track is finished. You’ll get a Dropbox invite no later than Monday afternoon and you can download it from there.

The player is our primary pedal steel guitar man, the great Mr. Mike.

Bill Watson

Louise D’Arcy

Apr 19, 2014
Hey Bill!!

Just listened to the steel guitar files and they sound Awesome!! Thank Mike for me for playing on my track, it sounds absolutely amazing and thank you for being so great to deal with.

Take Care,
Kind Regards
Louise D’Arcy


Louise ordered a second steel track in April 2016. She was very pleased with it also.

To order go to: Steel Guitar Tracks Online

Now Tracking: Man In The Distance for Songwriter Kevin Wood

William Ellis Drummer for Montgomery Gentry

William Ellis Drummer for Montgomery Gentry

Just booked in a song titled Man In The Distance, a full band demo for songwriter Kevin Wood.

Electric Guitar
Acoustic Guitar
Lead Vocal
Steel Guitar

And our fiddle girl Jenee will be doing extra work as well to make the bridge sound extra special super!

We’re figuring on approx. 8 hours of charting and studio time for writing the arrangement charts, recording rhythm tracks, recording scratch vocals then keeper vocals with harmony, recording overdubbed parts such as the acoustic guitar and fiddle + producer, engineering and mixing.

Same day Fiddle Track Over The Internet Via Tracks Online!

Marc Loren of 42nd Street Studios hired us to do a fiddle track (for a country song he’s been working on for one of his clients) through our Fiddle Tracks Over The Internet service, Trax Online.

It was a bit of a rush job, Nashville Trax was contacted by Marc in the morning and he needed to mix that afternoon. Our fiddle player, Jenee, happened to be available.

Done deal!

“Her playing is excellent and fit perfectly with this track. I look
Forward to future projects with you.” Marc

If you ever need him and you’re in the Ft. Lauderdale 33334 area, Marc does great work. We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with him and 42nd Street Studios.

Harmony Singer Online

How would YOUR song sound with a Nashville pro singing harmony on it? Awesome!

How would YOUR song sound with a Nashville pro singing harmony on it? Awesome!

Producing original music at home is popular but so many people who “roll their own” don’t know where to turn for just the right singer. The singer IS the song so it’s imperative that you hire the right one, but it can be frustrating to find a singer locally that sings well, fits the song and has a clue on how to deliver a track.

Yet it may be the easiest thing you do.

Simply pick your singer from this page

Need only harmony or both lead and harmony? Extensive BGV stacks? You’ll find that here.

Don Carr Resigns from Oak Ridge Boys Band

After 23 years in the saddle, The Oaks long time guitarist, Don Carr, has resigned to take a position with Sweetwater in Fort Wayne, Indiana. His duties will include teaching classes, clinics, shows and studio work at Sweetwater’s world class recording studio. Don has played on many tracks at Nashville Trax as well as at Java Jive We wish him well!

The Christian Songwriter Association

A Christian Songwriting Association member kneels at the foot of the cross

A Christian Songwriting Association member kneels at the foot of the cross

If you write Christian songs, even just a few, it will benefit you to become a member of The Christian Songwriter Association. Benefits include:

  • A highly informative blog
  • Exposure for your songs on American CSA radio
  • Meetings in several chapter cities
  • Help writing, recording, promoting and performing your Christian music

    If you don’t live near one of the chapters in the following cities:

    Christian Songwriters of Phoenix, Arizona
    Christian Songwriters of Denver, Colorado
    Christian Songwriters of Orlando, Florida
    Christian Songwriters of Cleveland, Ohio (Ohio Chapter)
    Christian Songwriters of Nashville, Tennessee
    Christian Songwriters of Austin, Texas
    Christian Songwriters of Longview, Texas (East Texas)
    Christian Songwriters of El Paso, Texas
    Christian Songwriters of Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas

    Why not start your own?

    Additional information is available by phone or e-mail:

    Phone: (817) 527-1CSA

    Houston, Texas
    San Antonio, Texa

Vocal Tracks Online Service: Hire a Nashville demo singer for your song production!

Why not have  Nashville session demo singer Jennifer L sing your song?

Why not have Nashville session demo singer, Jennifer L, sing your song?

Take a quick look at the choices available at Vocal Tracks Online!

06-12-14 For Immediate Release:

Nashville Trax Launches Vocal Tracks Online!

Many self-producers and sometimes even experienced studio owner/producers don’t have the right singer available for a particular song. Vocal Tracks Online solves that problem by offering the client proven Nashville session singers over the Internet who can be added to their work by trading files online that lock right up to their project. It’s easy and it’s smart business!

The producer doesn’t have to “search and hope” by running Craigslist ads and other dubious singer search methods. They can get proven, reliable talent with great pitch and tremendous skills to make their singing choice a “sure thing” instead of an expensive shot in the dark.

Here’s one of our male vocalists, Jason, on a country ballad:

We have both male singers online and female singers online in almost any style a producer needs. If a producer needs a Jo Dee Messina style powerhouse modern country singer, they can Google “female country singer tracks online” and dial right into our site.

Pricing is reasonable and varies according to the singer’s experience; demand for their services; whether or not they do major label work and other factors.

Millennials Leaving Churches In Droves?

Bill Watson

Bill Watson

I read an article on this morning regarding why Millennials are dropping out of Christian churches.

The writer, an atheist, stated that Millennials- teens, college students, and people up to about age 30- are losing interest in attending church and don’t believe in God.

In the bulk of the piece the writer theorized extensively on fault: Who’s fault is it Millennials are dropping out of church?

He concluded it was the fault of the churches for focusing their message on Jesus and non-worldy values, as well as the result of an organized push by atheists with a “God is a myth” message that’s resonating. He also alluded to a general decline in interest among almost all age groups.

He ended with, “It appears that atheists and Christians are finally working together on the same task: getting Millennials to leave the church.”

It’s so typical of the hard left atheistic faction to argue a small point supported by a larger false premise, as if the false premise was a fact beyond debate. They then attempt to focus the debate on the details of the false premise. Clever, but I hope accomplishing The Great Destroyer’s work isn’t quite that easy.

When someone opposing you is saying, “You better change tactics because you are helping us achieve our goals.” it’s a highly suspicious position. If it’s true, the only logical course is to say nothing and keep reaping the benefits!

Is Christianity growing or shrinking? Is it really on the ropes about to expire as the mass media would sometimes like us to believe?

Are people losing interest in God?

I’ve attended two Christian churches in the last seven months, multiple times each. One has expanded to a fifth campus (campus = a complete church with a building, campus staff, a live worship band, etc.) with the pastor’s message cabled from the main campus to the other four. The church began about eight years ago with less than twenty members. It now has thousands of members among the 5 campuses.

The other church I’ve attended started in the late 90’s as a tiny group, meeting for coffee at Starbucks to talk about Jesus. Over time they purchased a building and they’ve added 100 new members over the last year. They are out of room and about to break ground on a huge building expansion project, fully paid for in advance.

The front rows are filled with teens and college kids totally on fire for The Lord and worshiping with tremendous enthusiasm. They even have a weeknight “takeover” of the church attended only by local college students. They started it themselves and they run it, The parking lot fills to capacity.

I’m sure part of the attraction at that particular church is the demographic. These aren’t the uneducated, nearly penniless, rednecks desperately “clinging to guns and religion” some people mistakenly believe all Christians are. Jesus is for everyone.

The church draws it’s membership from the county with the highest per capita income in the United States. Sunday school is taught by college professors to people with PhDs. The church band is comprised of session quality players, some of the most intelligent, talented individuals on the planet.

And these people love Jesus. Look around and you see smiling, happy, super-friendly folks in love with The Lord and visibly displaying it. Millennials may attend the first time for other reasons but they come back because His spirit permeates the place.

Don’t try to convince me it’s not happening using cherry picked statistics. I’ve seen it.

Furthermore I know Trinity Broadcasting Network is constantly expanding on its multiple channel Christian Broadcasts worldwide. Christ’s message is being spread in more ways and with greater coverage than ever, finally fulfilling Bible prophecy that the Word would be preached throughout the world.

It’s even in Russia and bringing our Russian brothers and sisters, former atheists forced for two generations by the state to accept the “fact” there is no God, into the fold in astounding numbers. Not long ago Christianity was predominately a Western religion. Today, Latin America, Asia and Africa hold 65% of the world’s 2 billion Christians.

Wasn’t it just last week that CNN itself reported there are now over 200 Christian churches in Manhatten alone? And one of the newest, Hillsong, has quickly grown to over 5,000 members.

And wasn’t The Bible mini-series the most watched entertainment broadcast on cable this year?

How about the success of Donald Trump meets ZZ Top, Duck Dynasty? It’s breaking viewership records too, not in spite of it’s Christianity, but partly because of it!

Single track downloads of Christian/Gospel music rose this past year 8.8% from 20.3 to 22.1 million tracks over last year. Purchases of music downloads is mostly due to people under 30 years old with by far the highest purchasing age group being in the 25 to 29 age range.

Why would Christian music downloads increase in the U.S. by nearly 9% if Christians, especially Millennials in the coveted under 30 demographic, are losing their faith in droves? I believe these purchases are being made by millennial atheists with a hidden affinity for Christian music they listen to secretly in bedroom closets, LOL.

Christianity is about to breathe it’s last gasp…reeeeally?

Yes, some churches are shrinking in numbers, partly due to people migrating from smaller inner city churches to mega-churches in the suburbs. And some churches are behind the times. God’s message doesn’t change but the delivery system may need tweaking.

I totally understand, accept and love non-believers. Some of my friends and family are atheists and we get along fine. But I don’t understand people, like the author of the article, who actively attempt to destroy other’s faith.


What great good results from taking away a person’s moral compass? What great work are they accomplishing by destroying a person’s belief system that’s inherently full of hope and replacing it with a belief system absolutely devoid of it?

But oh, there is indeed an outcome. Non-belief inherently has a cost to the individual as well as to society.

It’s the devaluing and destruction of the traditional family unit.

It’s an absence of self esteem and the inability to see the eternal picture to the point that teens are committing suicide over Facebook posts and school bullying.

It’s a misplacement of values resulting in adults killing themselves over something as simple as losing a job.

It’s an increase in the number of people who hurt others without a thought of eternal consequences, knowing their actions are wrong but not caring, or maybe not even knowing the difference between right and wrong itself.

It’s more husbands leaving wives, forcing their children into weekend visitation with Dad and his new significant other, which imparts a completely different and unpredictable dynamic to the father-child relationship:

Fatherhood pushed to the fringes instead of where it should be, center stage leading, because the self is more important than doing the right thing.

And worse.

Does anything matter?

If all we amount to at the end of this extremely short journey is a box of bones in the ground then it matters not whether we are moral; whether we rob, rape or kill; whether we spend our time loving or hating, shooting or healing… once it’s all over and the smoke finally clears, nothing matters at all to bones in the ground. There are no consequences or rewards for any choice. Every word we speak or write is ultimately meaningless as is every action. A collective mountain of bones comprised of everyone who once drew a breath simply doesn’t care.

But He does.

Man, if everyone in the world simply turned to Jesus and made Him and His Word the center of their lives, the problem solvers could go away. There wouldn’t be any problems to solve. And guess what, don’t believe in His divinity? It still works!

Belief in God and making Jesus the center point of your brief earthly journey is the default position of the truly logical, the default position of the truly wise, the default position of the few on this earth who are truly intelligent.

Instead of turning toward the one thing that absolutely will work, the one thing that is the real game changer for the individual, for society, the militant atheists are actively turning people the other way, away from Jesus.

Their genius on full display, shining like the brilliant beacon it is, I guess.

People need God. They have a hunger for Him that nothing else will satisfy. There may be agenda driven stats available to support the convoluted CNN article’s premise, but I can assure you, based on plenty of anecdotal as well as empirical evidence, the concept that Millenials are disinterested in Jesus is absolutely false.

Militant atheists want people to believe Christianity is on the ropes, uncool, holding onto a stale position, the refuge of losers, the home of the unintelligent, about to be defeated, when it’s actually the militant atheists who are losing the battle, desperately trying to stop the glorious truth that’s pouring out His message, finding His children and feeding them The Word that satisfies forever.

It’s reaching a people and generation who have technology in bucket loads. And wealth. And mobility. And logic to spare. But they have no hope in anything beyond the grave, the one thing that makes all that good.

Jesus is giving them some. Glory Hallelujah, He is giving us all some!- b.e.

Songwriting News: Writer’s Den signs Tom Worth


The Writer’s Den Music Group has placed songs on the TV show “Nashville”, as well as cuts by Alan Jackson , Lee Ann Womack, Ricky Skaggs, Joe Nichols and other major artists. They also published the 2013 Grammy nominated song, “So You Don’t Have To Love Me Anymore” recorded by Alan Jackson.

The first five songwriters signed by The Den all signed on to their very first publishing deals. And now they’ve added songwriter Tom Worth to their roster, proof that perseverence pays. Congrats Tom!

The Writer’s Den is located at 1604 17th Ave South Nashville, TN 37212.

Breaking News: Initial Mix Clip of “Rednecks Do It Like That”

Singer and songwriter Dan Thompson

Singer and songwriter Dan Thompson

Here’s the initial mix of the first song completed for the Dan Thompson debut album. It’s titled “Rednecks Do It Like That”

It still has some engineering work scheduled but this is fairly close to what it will sound like. The mastering process will also add some polish.

The picture above was taken as Aaron McDaris actually played his part on the recording using the banjo that Sonny Osbourne used on the original recording of Rocky Top in 1967!

The banjo part is occasional and subtle but is still a very important part that keeps the song chugging along.

“Dan Thompson is singing and playing rhythm guitar. When He wrote Rednecks Do It Like That the original hook line/title used a word that rhymes with “it” but might have limited potential radio airplay. Just as I was about to mention to Dan that maybe we should reconsider using a “swear word” repeatedly throughout the tune that might limit its appeal, Dan realized the problem and rewrote it replacing the word with “it”.

I recently discussed the subject of the current state of country radio airplay yesterday with a friend who’s well connected with radio programmers and the powers that be on Music Row. These days song after song is about the same few subjects, “Why is that? I asked.” What they related, is that basically, due to a few monster hits, if a song isn’t about pickup trucks. tailgating out in the woods, tractors, rednecks, mud. etc. people are afraid to cut it, fearing it won’t be a hit. So Rednecks Do It Like That doesn’t break any new ground in that regard, but rather, aims right at what country has become in 2014- b. e.

Our guy Aaron playing his historic “Rocky Top” banjo on “Rednecks Do It Like That”

Rednecks Do It Like That is © 2014, Dan Thompson, produced by Bill Watson. Used by permission. Intended for demonstration of production values only. All other uses prohibited under U.S. and International Copyright law. If you’re interested in recording or performing this song please let us know and we’ll forward your request to the songwriter and music publisher