Top Nashville Music Producers

If you’re searching for a list of top Nashville producers to record and produce your album project you should consider Bill Watson of Nashville Trax. For your an independent country, bluegrass, blues, folk or rock project, he is almost surely the right fit.

His experience encompasses decades and his numerous repeat clients testify to his skills. Don’t miss the testimonials.

For his credits, visit this site as well as this very blog
You can contact Mr. Watson via text: 615-319-8616 or e-mail:



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Songwriter Kerry McFate (left) and producer Bill Watson (right) take a break from mixing songs for Kerry’s Clarence Lowden album.

“Bill, From the moment we met at the studio to begin the project, all my concerns were put to ease.  Your notes and charts before hand made 3 similar sounding acoustic songs become unique, each in their own way.  All my musician friends that I have been playing these songs with here in New York are impressed. I E-mailed the songs to them, check out their comments:

“Really nice man, I’m proud of you! Wonder Wheel is my favorite. Decent equipment and good musicians make a huge difference. Overall, two thumbs up from me dude!” (this is the guy who found the Nashville Trax blog and recommended that I record at your studio).

“Wow Kerry! The songs sound amazing! Good job man, they sound killer. Now that your ears have been sullied by the lofty heights of pro musicians it’s time to get back down into the mud”- Ian

Thank you everyone worked on the Clarence Lowden project!” Kerry McFate , NY, New York