Trick Pony: Together Again & Looking for Songs! Pitch Opp!

Pitch Opportunity:

All three original members of Trick Pony have reunited, (yes, including Heidi Newfield). Band member/producer Ira Dean is looking for material for a new record. Submit uptempo country hits only, and only through a Nashville based music publisher such as: Contact for permission before submitting.

Heidi is a fabulous harmonica player so if it works for your tune, a harp solo might be that extra edge you need to get a “yes.” We have a top-notch session harmonica guy in Mike Douchette, just chomping at the bit to play on your song.

If you’ve ever seen them live you know this a high energy band Trick Pony is and likely wanting material to match that mindset. We saw them at Kentucky Speedway where Ira rode his bass guitar across the stage and Heidi was all over the stage and runway playing her harmonica. High….energy!

If you’re nor familiar with the band, your homework is at: