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But how easy?

Louise D’Arcy found out how easy we are to work with, even though she’s located in Australia, she now has a steel guitar track by one of the best players in the world, straight out of Nashville Tennessee and Nashville Trax Recording Studio!

Here’s how it went down:

Louise D’Arcy
Apr 14, 2014


My name is Louise D’Arcy, I am a singer/songwriter from Australia and am currently Studying a Bachelor of Popular Music. For our assessment we are required to produce 20 mins of original material per semester. I have a country song I wrote called Crazy (Wild Heart) and would love some Pedal Steel guitar on my track. The track itself is still in early stages with only the acoustic guitar recorded and some guide vocals. I will attach the track, if it is not suitable in anyway regarding the volume of panned click etc. please let me know and I can send you another bounce from Pro Tools.

Kind Regards

Crazy (Wild Heart) with click

To Louise D’Arcy
Apr 15, 2014

Hi Louise, I’ll take a listen and let you know.

Do you have a chord chart by any chance? If not, no biggie, we have great ears, just saves a few minutes, don’t go out of your way to make one.

To Louise D’Arcy
Apr 15, 2014

Track is fine for us to work with Darcy, good job. Nice song, good voice.

What’s the deadline?

Bill Watson, producer.

Louise D’Arcy

Apr 17, 2014

I don’t have to have the track handed in until June but it would be great if I could have it on or before the 2nd of May if possible, just so I have plenty of time to add other parts and mix and master it.

Anyway just let me know if there’s any problems.

Thanks again!!

Kind Regards,

Oh yeah, no problem Louise. We do are in the habit of doing these quickly because a producer is usually waiting on our track to move their project forward. I’ll get it back to you no later than end of next week, most likely sooner.


Louise D’Arcy

Hi Bill!!

Sorry, I forgot to mention in my last email (but you’ve most probably heard it in the track anyway), I play slightly off the click purposely right at the end for the outro. I just thought I’d mention that, a part I had done elsewhere they stayed with the click and i made a messy ending.

Apr 18, 2014 at 5:01 AM

Ok, no problem.

To Louise D’Arcy
Apr 19 at 4:51 PM

Hi Louise,

Your steel track is finished. You’ll get a Dropbox invite no later than Monday afternoon and you can download it from there.

The player is our primary pedal steel guitar man, the great Mr. Mike.

Bill Watson

Louise D’Arcy

Apr 19, 2014
Hey Bill!!

Just listened to the steel guitar files and they sound Awesome!! Thank Mike for me for playing on my track, it sounds absolutely amazing and thank you for being so great to deal with.

Take Care,
Kind Regards
Louise D’Arcy


Louise ordered a second steel track in April 2016. She was very pleased with it also.

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