Female Country Singer Tracks Online Delivered Over The Internet

Country and bluegrass singer Jennifer

Country and bluegrass singer Jennifer

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Need a female country singer over the Internet to sing your song and deliver it online so it will automatically lock up with your self-produced project?

It happens here! That’s what the Nashville Trax Vocal Tracks Online service is about!

Is Kassie the online female demo singer you need?

Is Kassie the online female demo singer you need?

Would Jenee Fleenor work for your tune?

Would Jenee Fleenor work for your tune?

Simply choose your singer, send us your rough mp3 so we can set the best key for your singer, record your tracks and send us a quick mp3 mix. You’ll get back a .wav file containing a great vocal track that will upload and lock right up, guaranteed!

Vocal Tracks Online Service: Hire a Nashville demo singer for your song production!

Why not have  Nashville session demo singer Jennifer L sing your song?

Why not have Nashville session demo singer, Jennifer L, sing your song?

Take a quick look at the choices available at Vocal Tracks Online!

06-12-14 For Immediate Release:

Nashville Trax Launches Vocal Tracks Online!

Many self-producers and sometimes even experienced studio owner/producers don’t have the right singer available for a particular song. Vocal Tracks Online solves that problem by offering the client proven Nashville session singers over the Internet who can be added to their work by trading files online that lock right up to their project. It’s easy and it’s smart business!

The producer doesn’t have to “search and hope” by running Craigslist ads and other dubious singer search methods. They can get proven, reliable talent with great pitch and tremendous skills to make their singing choice a “sure thing” instead of an expensive shot in the dark.

Here’s one of our male vocalists, Jason, on a country ballad:

We have both male singers online and female singers online in almost any style a producer needs. If a producer needs a Jo Dee Messina style powerhouse modern country singer, they can Google “female country singer tracks online” and dial right into our site.

Pricing is reasonable and varies according to the singer’s experience; demand for their services; whether or not they do major label work and other factors.

Male Session Singer Online Rock, Pop, Christian and Country Vocal Tracks Over The Internet

Nashville Background Vocal Specialist, Tim

Nashville Lead and Background Vocal Specialist, Tim

You wrote a song or you’re ready to produce a song but don’t have the right vocalist? Try our Male Vocal Tracks Online service!

Here you’ll find the correct male session singer to complete your rock, pop, Christian or country tune, right over the Internet!