Michael Jackson’s Rhianna Demo Finished!

Tim Zimmermann

Tim Zimmermann

The Michael Jackson (not THAT Michael Jackson!) penned, Rhianna, we were hired to produce a demo on is finished!

Here’s a brief clip of the “before” version we were furnished with:

Here’s the Play It Again “after” sung by our pop vocal and background vocal specialist, Tim Zimmermann (pictured above):

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Rhianna is © Michael Jackson 2013, posted by permission. All rights Reserved. Unauthorized use is a violation of U.S. and International copyright law.

If you’re interested in recording Rhianna or using it in any commercial application please let us know and we’ll forward your “request for a mechanical license.”

Pro demos make everyone- friends, family, artists, record company A & R and music publishers- take notice. Have 3 or 4 pro demos to peddle and they’ll brand you as a pro-level songwriter every time you pitch them.

We would be thrilled to do that for you!

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Now Tracking : Fractured Fairytale

Gone will be a fun song to mix!

Gone will be a fun song to mix!

This is songwriter Michael Jackson’s third song I’m producing for him (this Michael J is no relation to the M.J. of “Billie Jean” fame).

It’s a swampy Delta blues type tune that I’m thinking will need a rough, edgy vocal, a lot of acoustic instrumentation like harmonica, acoustic guitar and a full drum kit. The first order of business will be to ask our studio session drummers the best approach rhythmically.

I love the tune, can’t wait to hear it come together!-b.e.

Update: It’s finished. Click here to listen!

This Waves Mastering Plugin across the stereo mix will help give it that glossy big studio sound!

This Izotope Compression Plug in across the stereo mix will help give it that glossy big studio sound!

Now Tracking : Gone

A second song in queue at  Play It Again Demos is by Michael Jackson, titled “Gone.” It’s a wonderful song with some interesting chord and lyric twists.

This would be a song I could hear Jamie Grace doing. I’m excited and looking forward to experiencing what I hear in my head coming to life.

The charts are finished and we’re tracking tomorrow, it should be mixed the first week of December!- b.e.

Update 12-1-13: The rhythm and overdub tracks are cut for Gone, the singer delivered some truly exceptional vocal tracks, now it’s on to mixing which is scheduled for Wednesday afternoon/Thursday!

Update 12-5-13: You can listen to the finished mix version here!

Tracking Now : Rhianna

 Nashville Music Producer, Bill Watson

An interesting tune came in this afternoon and since I’m charting a few songs now as I write this, I’ve added it to the upcoming session.

It’s for songwriter Michael Jackson but I’m relatively sure he’s not the same guy who wrote Billie Jean and was a member of the Jackson 5. But then again they say Elvis is still alive and singing somewhere…who really knows? Michael, if you send a pic and you’re wearing a single white glove it’ll freak me out a little, that’s for sure.

Anyway I find it very cool and intriguing that this is one of those rare finds that could be translated in several radically disparate styles, and even more so that Michael has given me permission to go any direction I wish, even though I mentioned Little Feat, Train’s Hey, Soul Sister and Johnny Cash as possibilities. Wow!

Update: The song is charted and we’re ready to begin tracking on it this coming Tuesday. There’s no doubt it’s going to be a dramatic transformation from rough to polished demo. I’m excited!