Tracking Now : Rhianna

 Nashville Music Producer, Bill Watson

An interesting tune came in this afternoon and since I’m charting a few songs now as I write this, I’ve added it to the upcoming session.

It’s for songwriter Michael Jackson but I’m relatively sure he’s not the same guy who wrote Billie Jean and was a member of the Jackson 5. But then again they say Elvis is still alive and singing somewhere…who really knows? Michael, if you send a pic and you’re wearing a single white glove it’ll freak me out a little, that’s for sure.

Anyway I find it very cool and intriguing that this is one of those rare finds that could be translated in several radically disparate styles, and even more so that Michael has given me permission to go any direction I wish, even though I mentioned Little Feat, Train’s Hey, Soul Sister and Johnny Cash as possibilities. Wow!

Update: The song is charted and we’re ready to begin tracking on it this coming Tuesday. There’s no doubt it’s going to be a dramatic transformation from rough to polished demo. I’m excited!