Michael Jackson’s Rhianna Demo Finished!

Tim Zimmermann

Tim Zimmermann

The Michael Jackson (not THAT Michael Jackson!) penned, Rhianna, we were hired to produce a demo on is finished!

Here’s a brief clip of the “before” version we were furnished with:

Here’s the Play It Again “after” sung by our pop vocal and background vocal specialist, Tim Zimmermann (pictured above):

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Rhianna is © Michael Jackson 2013, posted by permission. All rights Reserved. Unauthorized use is a violation of U.S. and International copyright law.

If you’re interested in recording Rhianna or using it in any commercial application please let us know and we’ll forward your “request for a mechanical license.”

Pro demos make everyone- friends, family, artists, record company A & R and music publishers- take notice. Have 3 or 4 pro demos to peddle and they’ll brand you as a pro-level songwriter every time you pitch them.

We would be thrilled to do that for you!

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