Hot off the press, so to speak!

My approach was to re-format the original work into a more formal chorus/verse/bridge structure, alter the chords at the bridge to create some separation, track it as a three piece rhythm section, then build the production around the increasingly interesting vocal, including the introduction of some Antares and Waves vocal effects plugs.

The total music dropout with “cell phone” EQ on the vocal in the middle section adds a bit of “wow that’s cool ” factor. but I can take no credit, it was an unplanned afterthought that Jesus laid on me as I mixed, (He always helps me out).

Anyway it all seems to work, here’s a clip, see what you think:

This was Brittany’s first project here and it was a blast working on her vocal tracks. She’s friendly, a lot of fun, a great Christian woman and I absolutely love her singing style. Mixing was extra fun too as I got a chance to use several of the new plugs we added recently. Hopefully the results speak well of them.- b.e. watson

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