Instrument and Vocal Tracks Online On YOUR Project!

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“I just wanted to drop a line and say the tracks was super awesome. I will be encouraging clients to use you for most all projects in the future.”- studio owner P. Rodgers, Saluda, S.C.

In today from Kim Berry of Citrus Heights, CA:

“I did a rough mix last night and blown away by the quality. The bass line is exactly what I envisioned. All of the musicians captured the essence of the song – up to that “grand finale” at the last beat. Banjo – fiddle – guitar parts … Everything fit.

I’m used to working with separate samples for chorus and verse – much faster when it’s one sample for the complete song – and the sync was perfect too – no latency to adjust for.”

Need Tracks?

Bass Guitar Tracks Online

Piano Tracks Online

Vocal Tracks Online Yes! Get the singer online you need for ypur song here!

In fact, see every instrument available by going to our main page and clicking the word “MORE” in the upper right corner for a drop down menu where you can order mandolin, sax, violins…you name it!

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Strings Online: Keyboard-Generated, Live Player Violin, Cello and Viola Delivered Over the Internet



Nashville Trax has added strings online to their list of instruments available to producers and self-producers of music.

The options you can add to a project you’ve started in your studio are:

  • Keyboard-generated string parts
  • Live string parts
  • A mix of keyboard and live musician-played parts (on violin, viola or cello)
  • Typically .wav files in the format required by the client’s recording setup (24/48, 16, 44.1, etc.) are exchanged via file exchanging services such as or

    Mp3s are lower quality than .wav files but can be exchanged via e-mail.

    For more information visit:

    Strings Online

    If you are searching for fiddle tracks:

    Fiddle Tracks Online

    If you are searching for keyboard tracks:

    Piano Tracks Online

    Piano Tracks Online

    Are you looking for a piano track for your self-produced home or studio project that you can order online? Maybe you also need Hammond B3, Clavinet or synthesizer?

    We DO THAT!

    A Nashville Trax piano players doing a Piano Tracks Online project for a client.

    A Nashville Trax piano players doing a Piano Tracks Online project for a client.

    You can go straight to the order page now where you can hear several samples of our keyboard work:

    Piano Tracks Online

    Piano Tracks online is easy! And it’s simple, just drag the piano file into your mix and it locks up automatically. Plus, tracking piano using a Nashville session quality piano player results in stellar work!

    Cost? Only $95 per track!

    To order you simply Pay Pal the $95 to

    Then send us an mp3 of the rough mix you are working on to A count of of 1-2-3-4 upfront helps the piano player come start at the correct moment.

    A click track panned to one side so we can dial it in as needed is helpful but optional.

    A chord chart is helpful as well as optional.

    Need piano? What are you waiting for?

    Great Day of Tracks Online Work At Nashville Recording Studios

    Our fiddle player, Jenee Fleenor solos at a Martina McBride concert. Jenee is available through Fiddle Tracks Online to play on your song, just one of the many world class players on our roster!

    A great day of work for our new service, Tracks Online, which offers self-producers high quality instrument tracks over the Internet.

    First a 10 a.m. at Nashville Trax Recording Studio to record four tracks of Mike Duchette Steel Guitar Tracks Online and two tracks of harmonica.

    Then it was off to our Pro Tools HD sister studio in Hendersonville, TN to produce seven tracks of piano and strings played by The Oak Ridge Boys long time band member, Sir Ronald Fairchild, for our Piano Tracks Online service on a project for a client in Quebec, Canada.

    Just in time too, Ron had to catch the band bus to the airport at 4 a.m. for a flight to play at an Oaks performance in Puerto Rico. Five star hotels, a one day paid layover to do some sightseeing, catered food, all to do a one hour show…hey it’s a tough life but somebody has to live it!

    Finally, caught up!

    Until returning to the studio where a Banjo Tracks Online order had just been confirmed via e-mail. The client’s mp3 will arrive in a few hours. Love it!- b.e.

    Need an instrument track? Saxophone? Harmonica? Dobro? Mandolin? Nashville music producer Bill Watson will choose the perfect session player to add to your mp3 mix and send it back as a high quality .wav file that will lock up perfectly for your mix and give you exactly what you need to make an impressive, spectacular song demo or master!

    Piano Tracks Online

    performing band silhouette

    performing band silhouette

    Announcing: Piano Tracks Online

    Start your demo with a custom session quality piano part!

    Replace a poorly played piano track!

    Add a piano track to build your production.

    For additional information please go to:

    Piano Tracks Online