Inexpensive Recording Studios in Nashville

So you’re Looking for cheap recording studios in Nashville.

Nashville Trax
offers a lot for the money. Yet unlike many other inexpensive recording studios. there’s plenty of parking, excellent quality sound, rooms designed to record in, equipment manufactured after 1962 and knobs that actually work properly instead of sounding like they have dirt in them or work only if you twist them back and forth enough.

Studio rates in Nashville can range from about $45 per hour to over $300 per hour. Nashville Trax does post an hourly rate of $75 but often bids a set price for a demo, single or album so you’ll know the total cost before starting, including musician costs and studio fees. And it will be reasonable!

Here are some pics taken here, one of the less expensive recording studios in Nashville:

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For additional information e-mail or text/call 615-319-8616