Back to the Future…Are Bobby Socks Next?

Weren’t we done with “records” cassingles and the like? Didn’t new and better tech leave them on the scrap heap of history? Not so fast.

The Recording Industry of America reports that vinyl records, which first overtook CD sales in 2020, have increased sales yearly since and are up substantially over the two year pandemic period, by as much as another 200%.

But it’s not just vinyl records making a comeback, a once nearly extinct format, the cassette, has also increased year-after-year sales that now total in the six figures over this past year.

The case for songwriters to make a portion of their work available in these retro formats appears to be building, and many singer-songwriters, including some on major labels, already have.

The Swansons have recorded three full albums here at Nashville Trax and we just released their second album on vinyl, red vinyl no less.


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