Performance Tracks of Hit Songs & Originals Now Available!

The band Hoffman performing a show in Hendersonville TN. Your single act can sound like a full band! Your cover band can sound just like the original recording!

The band Hoffman performing a show in Hendersonville TN. They’re paid  hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars in base pay, plus earn even more in tips at each performance!

Do you perform with a band? As a trio? A duo? A single?

A quick search of Gigmasters proves that many singles and duos earn $400 to over $2,000 per performance! Why not you? Sound like a full band without the hassle or expense!

Perhaps you perform now? Have you ever tried making your sound bigger and richer by performing with pre-recorded tracks?

It’s EASY! you’ll hear four count off clicks and the song begins. You play along on whatever instrument(s) you wish. That instrument will be removed from the mix but the rest of the instruments will be there!

Your single act or duo can sound like a full band! Your four piece band can now have professional keyboards!

If you already use karaoke tracks you know most of the parts sound cheesy. Low quality programmed drums are usually the foundation and often, guitar parts are lame because they’re played on keyboards! All outputted to lossy, low quality mp3 files. Not with Nashville Trax, we use ONLY real, pro musicians, ONLY session quality players and we can give you high quality file formats!

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Performance Song Tracks