How to Earn Income from your Songs on YouTube!

Gary Nowak operates a business on YouTube using our productions of his original songs. His latest A Miracle At Work is just getting started.

The first, titled Gasoline featuring actor Christopher Rigali is closing in on a half million views! Chris is an awesome actor and has superb lip syncing skills. It really looks like he sang it!

YouTube compensates songwriters several ways and you don’t have to be on a major label, any independent songwriter can create a song video and post their song on You Tube.

1) Independent songwriters are paid for advertising revenue clicks on their video post.

2) Your music is made available for licensing to professional and consumer content uploaders. You get paid each time your music is played as featured or background music in someone else’s video.

3) You get royalties for original song material video plays.

Besides continually pitching the majority of our catalog (of client song demos and masters) to our major label and top independent label contacts, if you’re not computer savvy, we can create a video of your song for you, then post it on YouTube.

We can also place your songs on through’s Advantage program; on CD Baby and their associated AllMedia and MicroSync programs, on TuneCore etc. to make your music available not only on YouTube, but also through licensing channels for TV, film, video games, and more.

We can place your single demo on Kickstarter and request funding for a master recording or a full blown CD, video and promotion.

Of course there are more traditional ways to profit. Your songs could be picked up by a producer looking for songs for an artist, they could be featured in an indie film or placed on a network TV show.

Like the idea of making a pro version of your tune and posting on You Tube to see if you can pull in some bucks? Want us to produce a song for you? Send your rough MP3 to and request a quote today!