Female Country Singer Tracks Online Over The Internet For Songwriter Producers

Kassie will sing on your country, blues or soul tune!

Kassie will sing on your country, blues or soul tune!

If you produce original music, either your own or for a client, and you’ve been looking for a female singer online to do the vocals on your track look no further than Kassie. Country, blues and soul are her thing. Take a listen to her sing this guitar/vocal country song:

Her voice is high quality, on pitch and features tremendous tone. Why in the world would you look elsewhere?

It’s best to choose your singer prior to recording the music so it’s in the proper key for them to do their best. But if you’ve made the mistake of recording first, or the singer you planned on bailed or didn’t work out, Kassie can make most any key work.

All we need is your lyric, mp3 rough to set the key. As little as an acoustic guitar or piano track is fine. Then we’ll need am mp3 of your rough mix, started at the very beginning of your recording window, for Kassie to lay vocals to. You’ll receive a high quality .wav file that will lock right up to your mix, no positioning or bumping necessary.

Interested? e-mail nashtrax@bellsouth.net for pricing OR

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Kassie can sing some blues now!Click her pic!

Kassie can sing some blues now! Click her pic!