Nashville Piano and Keyboard player, Steve King, added to our Piano Tracks Online service: Piano, B3 Organ, Strings, Synthesizer Available

Nashville area session piano player, Steve King, has been doing tracking sessions for us since 2006 but has now been added to our Piano Tracks Online service.

Steve is called on regularly for Hammond B3 Organ, Strings and synthesizer sounds also and will do those for Tracks Online clients.

Steve, formerly with Keith Urban is highly skilled at country, rock, blues, jazz… basically any style of music and is one of the most in-demand session players in Nashville. We are thrilled to have Steve King on the Nashville Trax roster.

Piano Tracks Online

Are you looking for a piano track for your self-produced home or studio project that you can order online? Maybe you also need Hammond B3, Clavinet or synthesizer?


A Nashville Trax piano players doing a Piano Tracks Online project for a client.

A Nashville Trax piano players doing a Piano Tracks Online project for a client.

You can go straight to the order page now where you can hear several samples of our keyboard work:

Piano Tracks Online

Piano Tracks online is easy! And it’s simple, just drag the piano file into your mix and it locks up automatically. Plus, tracking piano using a Nashville session quality piano player results in stellar work!

Cost? Only $95 per track!

To order you simply Pay Pal the $95 to

Then send us an mp3 of the rough mix you are working on to A count of of 1-2-3-4 upfront helps the piano player come start at the correct moment.

A click track panned to one side so we can dial it in as needed is helpful but optional.

A chord chart is helpful as well as optional.

Need piano? What are you waiting for?