Free Music Publishing!

Sony Music Publishing, Nashville

Sony Music Publishing, Nashville

If you’ve had a limited release recording produced by Play It Again Demos or a master recording made at Nashville Trax you can now get it licensed with a music publisher, guaranteed!

You no longer need to worm your way in to Sony then wait for A&R to decide if they’ll take your song or reject it.

John Goodman of Dickie Goodman Publishing is offering free music publishing to any songwriter who has written an original song that isn’t yet tied up with a publisher! Dickie Goodman is Guinness certified as having the most Billboard charting novelty records ever. They have all the mechanisms in place to fully exploit your copyright.

Legal Restrictions: Note that a demo recording is not licensed for this type of use. You’d need to pay for an upgrade to limited release master and once you achieve 10,000 download or CD sales, an additional upgrade fee to full master recording is required.

Click here to go to Dickie’s sign up page and learn more.

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John Goodman offers free music publishing!

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Jump on it, the offer may not last!