Strings Online: Keyboard-Generated, Live Player Violin, Cello and Viola Delivered Over the Internet



Nashville Trax has added strings online to their list of instruments available to producers and self-producers of music.

The options you can add to a project you’ve started in your studio are:

  • Keyboard-generated string parts
  • Live string parts
  • A mix of keyboard and live musician-played parts (on violin, viola or cello)
  • Typically .wav files in the format required by the client’s recording setup (24/48, 16, 44.1, etc.) are exchanged via file exchanging services such as or

    Mp3s are lower quality than .wav files but can be exchanged via e-mail.

    For more information visit:

    Strings Online

    If you are searching for fiddle tracks:

    Fiddle Tracks Online

    If you are searching for keyboard tracks:

    Piano Tracks Online

    Tracks For Your Project Cut In A Nashville Recording Studio? It CAN happen!

    Why NOT have Blake Shelton's fiddle player and session quality musician Jennee Fleenor on YOUR project?

    Why NOT have Blake Shelton’s fiddle player, session quality musician, Jennee Fleenor on YOUR project?

    Nashville Trax Recording Studio announces its Tracks Online service allowing self-producers to add session quality instrument tracks recorded on quality equipment in a Nashville recording studio to their projects:


    For Immediate Release

    Many musicians throughout the world produce projects on home equipment as well as at local recording studios. The problem? There are only a few handfuls of session quality musicians in the world and the majority live and work in Nashville, TN. It’s known worldwide as Music City for a reason.

    Often, a producer outside Nashville needs a specific instrument track and soon discovers that many great live players simply don’t have the impeccable timing and skills required to play at session quality.

    Even if they can access Nashville players, how do they know which ones are really able to deliver the tracks they need before investing? Are they really session quality players? Will they record the part at their home using inferior home grade equipment? Digital is digital but commercial quality preamps and condenser microphones are not part of most home setups.

    Enter Nashville Trax Recording Studio Tracks Online Service which solves the problem with low cost individual tracks by proven musicians delivered over the Internet.

    Basic rhythm tracks like drums, bass guitar, piano, keyboards and guitar can be ordered or even mixed and matched to track together, all recorded on quality gear with an experienced producer/tracking engineer overseeing the process.

    Other instruments like saxophone, mandolin, fiddle, steel guitar, even vocals and more are also on the menu.

    A fringe benefit of the service is that most of the players available have credits you can use to help promote your project via a press release, on your website, etc.

    Bill Watson, owner of Nashville Trax Recording Studio reports some early success, “I think we’ve tapped into a real need with Tracks Online. Within the last 24 hours we’ve received confirmed orders for a banjo track, two steel guitar tracks, and a harmonica track. We hope to have continued success and increased volume because obviously, at the price point we’ve set, there’s a very low profit margin per track.”

    For more information as well as a sample of the work available visit Fiddle Tracks Online.

    Fiddle Tracks Online!

    Fiddle Tracks Online Fast and Priced Right!

    Fiddle Tracks Online Fast and Priced Right!

    Fiddle Tracks Online has been added to the Nashville Trax list of services! Now, if you need a fiddle part for a song project you’re recording at home, you can have one of Nashville’s top session quality fiddle players track just the part you need.

    Why choose a semi-pro when you can have Wanda Vick on your tune? One of the most respected session musicians in Nashville she’s played on records for everyone from Taylor Swift to George Jones to Uncle Kracker!

    There are plenty of fantastic live-band players, but session quality fiddle players? It’s a rare gift and only a handful of players on the planet qualify. It makes zero sense to pay the fiddle player down the street or the fiddle player from the hot local band to lay a track. You’ll likely end up dropping it out of the mix due to it being pitchy; containing inappropriate licks over the vocal; or having poor, thin, tone quality.

    Pay not much more, if any, and get a player Nashville producers choose to lay fiddle tracks on hit recordings!