Amazing Sunday Service!

Bill Watson, music producer Nashville Trax, Play It Again Demos

Bill Watson

What an amazing time at church Sunday! Attendance was high and the pastor gave a tremendous sermon on the importance of having a healthy fear of God. Not respect. Fear.

For me, Sunday marked a turning point in my Christian walk- a far deeper commitment of time- as I debuted on bass guitar with the church band.

The songs were fun to play. Matt Maher, Lord I Need You. A song by Jesus Culture and 2 other new-to-me songs. But first up, I Am Forgiven complete with an 8 bar bass solo within three minutes of taking the stage! No pressure there, LOL. But Jesus helped me ace it, all glory most definitely to Him. Here’s the original of Forgiven I learned from:

I became serious about my Christianity about the same time we started this blog. I had just begun attending two churches here in the Nashville area and had a thought that perhaps I’d end up being called to play in the band although there was no reason to expect it to happen. This from my first Christian post months ago:

“And man, what a cool little band they have, with drums and guitars and backup singers even. Maybe you can be The Catcher In The Rye someday after all, stand with arms stretched wide on the edge of the cliff… perhaps save a few of His children from the evils of adulthood.”

I never told anyone in the church that I had this secret dream of being a bass thumping Christian Catcher In The Rye., or even told anyone I played a little, and with a bit of help from above might be able to provide some bottom end. But God has a way of getting things done, always working through people here on earth and a few of them approached me simultaneously a few weeks ago to ask if I’d be interested.

When The Creator of the Universe delivers a message asking you to do something it’s probably not a good idea to say no- The Catcher In The Rye ; )