Jenifer L Doing Banjo’d Up Country: Romance and Rodeo

Not only is Romance and Rodeo Jennifer L’s very first country song recorded in Nashville, the very banjo used on the original recording of the most famous bluegrass tune ever, Rocky Top, was played on it by Aaron McDeris. Pedal Steel: Mike Douchette. Fiddle: Jenee Fleenor.

Aaron McDaris shows off his historic “Rocky Top” banjo.

The song is hot off the press with publishing open and right of first release intact. If you’d like to publish or record it we’d be glad to forward your interest to the songwriter.

Romance and Rodeo is © 2014 KC Steele. All rights reserved, presented here as a demonstration of production values, all other use prohibited under U.S. and International copyright law.

Nashville Tracks singer Jenifer

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