What’s A Good Studio for Recording Christian Music?

Record Where Your Beliefs Are Respected

Record Where Your Beliefs Are Respected

Just because a studio claims to be “Christian” doesn’t mean its the best choice to record your Christian material. It also needs to be a studio with the right commercial gear and reputation.

Consider Nashville Trax At Nashville Trax the owner/producer, singers and musicians who will work on your songs are Christians who understand the process of recording Christian material. Its what we listen to. In fact, most of us, when not touring, play in the worship bands at local churches on Sundays, constantly learning the best of the latest Christian music.

One major benefit here is we have at Nashville Trax  combination of session quality Christian musicians you can get nowhere else on the planet.

Most Christian singers or Christian songwriters will benefit from working in a studio where their efforts are respected so they can focus completely on their project.


Nashville Trax does record secular material but Christian and country are the studio favorites. You can’t beat the equipment at Nashville Trax or being surrounded by believers as you record your single, your demo or your full blown CD.

And if you’re doing at least three Christian songs on your project, Nashville Trax automatically gives you up to 8 hours of free recording studio time to help defray or eliminate your travel expenses!

Why not forward your rough MP3 files now to nashtrax@bellsouth.net for a price quote?