Fiddle Tracks Online!

Fiddle Tracks Online Fast and Priced Right!

Fiddle Tracks OnlineFast and Priced Right!

Need a fiddle track to top off your project?

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Fiddle Tracks Online has been added to the Nashville Trax list of services! If you need a fiddle part for a song project you’re recording at home, you can have one of Nashville’s top session quality fiddle players track just the part you need.

Why choose a semi-pro when you can have a true pro on your tune? ne of the most respected session musicians in Nashville she’s played on records for everyone from Taylor Swift to George Jones to Uncle Kracker!

There are plenty of fantastic live-band players, but session quality fiddle players? It’s a rare gift and only a handful of players on the planet qualify. It makes zero sense to pay the fiddle player down the street or the fiddle player from the hot local band to lay a track. You’ll likely end up dropping it out of the mix due to it being pitchy; containing inappropriate licks over the vocal; or having poor, thin, tone quality.

Pay not much more, if any, and get a player Nashville producers choose to lay fiddle tracks on hit recordings!