David Northrup (Oak Ridge Boys, Travis Tritt) In to Track Songs 4 and 5 of Over-the-Internet Album

David Northrup (Oak Ridge Boys, Travis Tritt) on the NashVille Trax drum kit.

David Northrup (Oak Ridge Boys, Travis Tritt) on the NashVille Trax drum kit.

David Northrup was in for tracking today on songs 4 and 5 of a Christian album Nashville Trax was hired to provide music for.

Wayne, the songwriter/singer, a.k.a. “Wayne from Main” who performs in a trio format under the name ‘The Greatest Gift. has been sending roughs of his scratch vocal and piano to Nashville Trax for Bill Watson, the producer on the project, to arrange and add instruments to, with Wayne doing his keeper vocals at a studio in Maine.

So far so good. Wayne was unhappy with his first efforts that floundered at a couple of other Nashville studios he tried prior to discovering Nashville Trax but he’s thrilled with the now completed songs 1 through 3 and is moving ahead with the entire project here.

Mr. Watson is ensuring the album doesn’t sound “cookie cutter” by using different arrangements, players and instruments. Next up on drums is highly acclaimed Jim Riley of Rascal Flatts on song 6 of the album. Jim’s picture was on the cover of Modern Drummer magazine this past month. As drummers go, it doesn’t get any bigger than that.

Ten Year Anniversary of Oak Ridge Boys & Session Drummer David Northrup and Nashville Trax!

David Northrup Nashville Session Drummer, Click Here!

David Northrup Nashville Session Drummer

Yes it’s been ten years since David cut his first drum track here! Back then he was with Travis Tritt and also played occasionally for Wynnona Judd, Doug Stone, Tanya Tucker and others. Now he’s moved up to one of the hardest working and brest paying bands in Nashville, The Oak Ridge Boys!

His drumming can be heard all over the Nashville Trax site. You can have him play on your rock, blues or country drum track over the Internet at Drum Tracks Online.

Breaking News: David Northrup Takes Oak Ridge Boys’ Gig

David Northrup at Red Rocks

Our studio session player is ready to cut your drum track!

One of our two studio drummers, David Northrup has accepted a position to drum for The Oaks. David’s credits are extensive. His last steady artist gig was with Travis Tritt. Much luck David!

Unfortunately that means Chris Golden, son of William Golden, has been let go. We were told that William Golden was not part of that decision, but was gracious when informed.

David Northrup will remain available to record on your songs when he’s in town.

Hear David play.

William Ellis of Montgommery Gentry

William Ellis Drummer for Montgomery Gentry

William Ellis Drummer for Montgomery Gentry

If you need a great drum track you need go no further than William Ellis of Montgomery Gentry and he’s available through Nashville Trax. Besides MG, William has performed and/or recorded with:

Hunter Hayes, Travis Tritt, Keith Anderson, Blue Merle, Steve Cropper, Aaron Goodvin, Matt Kennon, Lisa Brokop, George Ducas, Rick Derringer, Jimmy Johnson, EMP Project, and more.

He’s a fantastic choice for either live or session work in all styles.

Another great choice also available through our studio? David Northrup, the groove king. If you need drums on a pop or rock song, he’s the man. He’s also great at swing, blues … you-name-it.

David Northrup at Red Rocks

Our studio session player is ready to cut your drum track!

David has toured with many major acts including a multi-year stint with Travis Tritt. When Wynnona Judd’s drummer/husband was injured in a motorcycle accident David was the drummer called on to fill in. He’s been with us since we first opened doors in Nashville 10 years ago and has been a part of numerous recording projects. See our website and this blog for more information about David!

Both drummers are available on projects recorded in our studio (why not come in, record and meet them?) or through our drums over the Internet service, Drum Tracks Online.

All at NashvilleTrax.com

Rockin’ Contemporary Christian Sample Demo

Looking to have a Contemporary Christian song demo produced that needs to rock? Please give a listen to this. Powerful rock drumming by David Northrup as well as bass guitar, rhythm guitar and lead guitar tracks played by Bill Watson supply energy to inspire the two female vocalists. Jessica Brooks delivers a heartfelt, emotional lead track as Nashville session singer Taryn M, lays down those awesome gospel influenced bgvs. 8 tracks of stacked bgv tracks, no less! Ron Fairchild adds greatly on piano also. We Pray is © 2013, posted by permission. If you’re interested in recording this song; using it in a commercial application such as in a movie or on a website; or singing it in a performing situation please let us know and we’ll forward your request to the songwriter and song publisher. Play It Again Demos version of We Pray:

Vocals: Jessica Brooks and Taryn M
Piano: Ron Fairchild (The Oak Ridge Boys)
Drums: David Northrup (Travis Tritt, The Oaks)
All Guitars and Bass Guitar: Bill Watson

Produced and Arranged by Bill Watson for Nashville Trax and songwriter Dan Mathews.

How about that singer? Clear and emotional, she can put a song like this across! Why not your song?. Pro demos make everyone- friends, family, artists, record company A & R and music publishers- take notice. Have 3 or 4 pro demos to peddle and they’ll brand you as a pro-level songwriter every time you pitch them. We would be thrilled to do that for you! If you would like a quote on making a professional version of your song simply drop an e-mail with your MP3 rough version attached to: nashtrax@bellsouth.net with the details of what you want. We’ll likely bat a couple e-mails back and forth before we figure out an exact price. It can be completed over the Internet or you can be present for the entire project. Write in another style? There are more samples of work to your left in Categories > Samples of Our Work. We do bluegrass, rock, country, pop, rap, hip-hop, blues you name it!

Drum Tracks Online : Nashville Trax Recording Studio Session Quality Drums For Your Project Delivered Over The Internet!

David Northrup at Red Rocks

Our studio session player is ready to cut your drum track!

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Nashville Trax announces the addition of Drum Tracks Online! If you need a drum track in your song, you can now have a Nashville session quality player such as session drummer David Northrup or session player and Montgomery Gentry’s drummer, William Ellis,track it on an excellent quality drum kit, using excellent gear and recorded by an experienced engineer.

Replace a metronome or drum machine with real drums!

Have the Nashville Trax studio drummer lock up to your acoustic guitar or piano track then build your song from there!

Replace your local band drummer with a pro session player!

Drums are the foundation of your recording yet it’s difficult to find a good local drummer capable of playing at session quality. They may be great at playing live, but studio? That’s a completely different situation.

Loosey goosey drum tracks? Use Drum Tracks Online!

Click the link above for more information.

Basket Case: A Nashville Session Player Band

Basket Case

Basket Case

Basket Case at 3rd & Lindsley, Left to Rt: Steve King (keyboard); Holly Steele (background vocals); Rodney Ingle (background vocals); Tom Wild (guitar); Kristen McNamara (lead vocals); Bill Watson (bass guitar/bandleader); Tigar Bell (fiddle) ; John Heinrick, (sax). Background: David Northrup, (drums).

I received the first e-mail from songwriter Jon Smith back in my short hair days, 2005 I believe, saying he was disappointed with the work he’d received on his songs at several other Nashville studios and asking that 5 songs be produced for him at a budget far higher than any I’d experienced up to that point. The previous attempts to record his songs were interesting and the musicians competent, Jon said, but the music was flat, bland. There was no magic that he was sure was there.

We found it.

That initial e-mail led to multiple sessions totaling over 80 songs, a friendship, lots of rehearsals at S.I.R, and Soundcheck Nashville, a CD release, two videos and this live band that played Jon Smith tunes at venues in the greater Nashville area. What great fun it was!

Over the years of producing those sessions I used a lot of different top Nashville session players, excellent musicians all, but when Jon asked that a band be assembled so he could hear his songs performed live, I chose the ones I considered not just great musicians and singers, but also friends.

And my friends came through big time, the band sounded fantastic!

We initially resisted Jon’s suggestion that the male members wear white coats, but it turned out to be simply one more stroke of Jon genius. We only did a few gigs but quickly became known as “the white coat band” and it was memorable enough people still mention it occasionally, always referencing the white coats.

Here’s a swingin’ little tune that always made the setlist:

My Tears Are Puttin’ Out Your Fire is © 2007 Jon Smith. Co-writers: Jon Smith/Bill Watson, produced by Bill Watson. Used by permission.

That’s the studio version of MTAPOYF I produced in ’07 using mostly the same band pictured above.

Jon’s work was where I learned how to use horns effectively as opposed to creating a train wreck. Arranging, doubling, combining different horns together, stabs, swells, stacked horn tracks… if you have a tune you need sax, trumpet, clarinet or trombone on, or any combination of them, you’re at the right place! Send out an e-mail to nashtrax@bellsouth.net and ask for a quote!

I have the vids around of the band yet too and when I get around to it, will post some footage- b.e.

David Northrup & Bill Watson in a Basket Case video capture

Left: David Northrup drums, Bill Watson Bass Guitar. No wonder the band was called Basket Case. Two prime examples for sure!