Songwriter Bobby Layton Drops By Nashville Trax

Nashville Trax music producer, Bill Watson, took a break today to meet with Songwriter Bobby Layton who stopped by to drop off 3 new tunes and talk music. He said he posted the first song Watson produced for him and his phone lit up immediately with calls from all over the U.S., best reaction he’s ever had to a song in his 12 years of writing, recording and pitching in Nashville.


Songwriter Bobby Layton and Nashville Trax producer Bill Watson

David Northrup (Oak Ridge Boys, Travis Tritt) In to Track Songs 4 and 5 of Over-the-Internet Album

David Northrup (Oak Ridge Boys, Travis Tritt) on the NashVille Trax drum kit.

David Northrup (Oak Ridge Boys, Travis Tritt) on the NashVille Trax drum kit.

David Northrup was in for tracking today on songs 4 and 5 of a Christian album Nashville Trax was hired to provide music for.

Wayne, the songwriter/singer, a.k.a. “Wayne from Main” who performs in a trio format under the name ‘The Greatest Gift. has been sending roughs of his scratch vocal and piano to Nashville Trax for Bill Watson, the producer on the project, to arrange and add instruments to, with Wayne doing his keeper vocals at a studio in Maine.

So far so good. Wayne was unhappy with his first efforts that floundered at a couple of other Nashville studios he tried prior to discovering Nashville Trax but he’s thrilled with the now completed songs 1 through 3 and is moving ahead with the entire project here.

Mr. Watson is ensuring the album doesn’t sound “cookie cutter” by using different arrangements, players and instruments. Next up on drums is highly acclaimed Jim Riley of Rascal Flatts on song 6 of the album. Jim’s picture was on the cover of Modern Drummer magazine this past month. As drummers go, it doesn’t get any bigger than that.