Drum Tracks Online : Nashville Trax Recording Studio Session Quality Drums For Your Project Delivered Over The Internet!

David Northrup at Red Rocks

Our studio session player is ready to cut your drum track!

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Nashville Trax announces the addition of Drum Tracks Online! If you need a drum track in your song, you can now have a Nashville session quality player such as session drummer David Northrup or session player and Montgomery Gentry’s drummer, William Ellis,track it on an excellent quality drum kit, using excellent gear and recorded by an experienced engineer.

Replace a metronome or drum machine with real drums!

Have the Nashville Trax studio drummer lock up to your acoustic guitar or piano track then build your song from there!

Replace your local band drummer with a pro session player!

Drums are the foundation of your recording yet it’s difficult to find a good local drummer capable of playing at session quality. They may be great at playing live, but studio? That’s a completely different situation.

Loosey goosey drum tracks? Use Drum Tracks Online!

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