Bass Guitarist Available! Bill Watson (Nashville Trax music producer) available for shows in the Nashville area and the U.S.

Do you need a bass guitarist for an upcoming show?

Or a bandleader to assemble a band for your upcoming show here in Nashville or using Nashville-based session or touring musicians?


Opening The Producer’s Choice Awards in Las Vegas, NV 11-7-18, Bill Watson. bass guitar and bandleader; Jim Riley of Rascal Flatts on drums; Jenee Fleenor of NBC’s The Voice on fiddle, Ten times Music Row Session guitarist of the year, Brent Mason and The Swansons of Los Angeles, CA.



Interested in hiring Bill to help with your upcoming performance?

Rates for shows in Nashville are negotiable and depend on the number of songs and amount of work and time involved. Outside Nashville rates include travel, per diem and show pay.

Contact him with details of your show via or text particulars to 615-319-8616

Bill (B.E) Watson playing bass for the Los Angeles based duo, The Swansons on their Nashville debut show with Brent Mason on guitar; Jim Riley (Rascal Flatts) drums’; Joe and Angie Finley; Jenee Fleenor (Blake Shelton/The Voice/Steven Tyler and 2016 CMA Musician of The Year) on fiddle and several other Nashville session quality musicians, Bill Watson band leader:


Need chops?

Nashville session player band, Basket Case @ 3rd & Lindsley in Nashville, Bill Watson bass guitarist & bandleader.

Nashville session player band, Basket Case @ 3rd & Lindsley in Nashville, TN Bill “B, E.” Watson bass guitarist & bandleader. Left to rt: Steve King keys (Keith Urban); Holly Covell and Rodney King (session bgv singers); Tom Wild guitar (Mindy McCready) David Northrup drums (Boz Scaggs); Kristen McNamara (Nashville Star, American Idol);; Bill Watson; “Mr. Johnny” sax.

Need a bass guitar player for an upcoming performance you have booked?

Nashville Trax producer, Bill Watson, based in the Nashville Tn area, and a member of The Nashville Trax A Team has many years of experience playing bass on shows and/or filling in on bass guitar on short notice.







Bill Watson and Brent Mason minutes before a show featuring The Swansons, an award winning husband and wife duo from Los Angeles, California…

… Game on:

Bill Brent Swansons Show

To book Mr. Watson on bass guitar or have him assemble a band for you contact him with details at or text to 615-319-8616.

Watson is known for doing his homework and fits into almost any performing situation in the genres of classic rock, modern country, traditional country, and contemporary christian. He has assembled multiple complete bands for various projects.

We live in a video world. One reason to do shows in Nashville is to capture your act on video for future promotion; for posting on social media and your web site and to help sell your act to music industry A&R.

It definitely can increase your credibility to be backed up with some of the very best musicians in the Nashville session and live recording scene. B.E.. can arrange a Nashville based pro video crew of up to three cameras to capture the essential moments in the shows.  Ask about video or photography pricing, it’s likely the best investment you can make in your career.

All photos and videos on this page were taken on shows played in 2015, 2016 and 2017 except the photo above  of Basket Case, the songs of Jon Smith, featuring Kristen McNamara (for which Mr. Watson was the bass player and band leader) was taken in 2009.

B.E. Watson playing bass, Contemporary Christian music with the band at Compassion Church in White House, Tennessee:

Bill Watson, Bass Guitar, Nashville Trax Producer playing with Jamie Braham, Clarksville Riverfest

Above: B,E, Watson playing bass guitar with country singer-songwriter, Jamie Braham, Clarksville Riverfest, Clarksville, TN

Watson has also played bass guitar on multiple shows throughout the South, North and Midwest United States including The Sargeant Sisters (based in Pittsburgh, PA), Fishin’ With Dynamite (based in Atlanta, GA) Flashpoint (based in Virginia Beach, VA) and  toured the Midwest with Holiday Road (based in Des Moines, Iowa).

Fees for smaller venues in the Nashville area are negotiable depending on the time involved and distance.

Outside the greater Nashville/Mid-Tennessee/South Kentucky area, there is a reasonable day rate fee,  plus per diem and travel expenses that typically includes time spent charting/learning the show playlist.

Interested in hiring Bill to help with your upcoming performance?

Contact  him with details of your need via or text particulars to 615-319-8616.

The Man In The Distance Mix Finished!

Bill Watson, Nashville Trax music producer Nashville Trax, Play It Again Demos

Play It Again Demos Music Producer, Bill Watson

Jenee finally returned from Los Angeles where she’s been “working” on The Voice (getting pampered/living it up on the production company’s dime, LOL) long enough to get some real work done: utilizing her amazing talents to get a few fiddle, mandolin and vocal tracks locked down. One was the final track needed to mix this awesome little ballad, Man In The Distance, written by songwriter Kevin Wood:

Here’s a clip of the client “Before” Version starting in verse two:

Our “after” Version, same spot:

Kevin did a great job laying out his vision. A lot of changes were made though, there was some superfluous stuff. And the song clocked in at about 5 minutes, way too long in a world where “radio friendly” is about 2 to 3 minutes.

“The “howling wolves” vocal sounds Kevin had were interesting but were deleted in the charting phase. Several bars of music that served no purpose were axed. Also, Kevin put a tag on every chorus which wasn’t appropriate (a “tag” is when you repeat the last line of a section, usually verbatim. in this case with different words but it still made the whole chorus feel too lengthy) I kept only the final tag.

A little tightening, and there you have it, a song I think has a great chance of garnering a publishing contract!

Which version would you take to the pitching table?

After hearing the mix, Kevin said, “Wow — Nice!! You guys did a great job, and you are very skilled at what you do, brother!”

Man In The Distance is © 2014 Kevin Wood, posted by permission.

If you’re interested in recording this song, using it in a commercial application or singing it in a performing situation please let us know and we’ll forward your request to the songwriter and/or the music publisher.

Session Alert!

Play It Again Demos performing band silhouette

Three special recording/mixing session dates are coming up Nov. 26th, 2013 plus Dec. 3rd and Dec. 4th featuring some musicians who are regular members of Billboard charting country artist’s bands. Tracking and overdubs are on tap the first two days, mixing the last.

Jenee Fleenor, the backup singer and fiddle player who plays for hit recording artist Blake Shelton has confirmed. Blake Shelton’s Mine Would Be You is currently the #2 song on the Country Billboard charts.

Jenee also plays regularly for Martina McBride.

William Ellis, drummer for Montgomery Gentry will also be on board. We’ll also be recording bass guitar and guitar.

If you’d like to get a song or two in on this event, or even attend the session to watch your song get tracked and meet the musicians, simply e-mail and let us know how many songs you want to include. We’ll promptly reply with the cost. 25% down will secure your slot but all remaining fees must be paid in full, in cash, by first downbeat. There’s room, we’ll work all night if necessary.

Update 11-26-13. 6:00 p.m. We tracked multiple songs today starting at 10 a.m. after which every part was backed up to additional hard drives (we do 1 backup as we record). Long day but the tracks sound great so far, we’re looking forward to the next session!

A Great Day Recording Music At Nashville Trax!

Songwriter Kerry McFate (left) and producer Bill Watson (right) take a break from mixing songs for Kerry’s Clarence Lowden album.

Songwriter Kerry McFate (left) and producer Bill Watson (right) take a break from mixing songs for Kerry’s Clarence Lowden album.

Wow! A truly fantastic day today tracking the first songs for the Kerry McFate CD at Nashville Trax. Two days of rain welcoming him to Nashville couldn’t dampen his enthusiasm that only increased as the recording progressed. Kerry ended that evening with, “Bill, this is way beyond anything I could have possibly imagined, just incredible, I’m so excited!”

Drummer David Northrup laid down fabulous tracks, including a couple of country shuffle beats, for Tom Wild, Wanda Vick, Mike Douchette and other session players to build on. As always, the Nashville Trax studio drum kit sounds were killer.

Kerry played his new Taylor acoustic purchased just for the session. It was routed through the Avantone CK-7 large diaphragm microphone plugged into the Avalon compressor/preamp, a combination I’ve come to rely on for acoustic instruments and it produced the rich, full bodied sound with excellent articulation it always does. We’re getting a reputation for delivering excellent acoustic guitar, fiddle, dobro and mandolin sounds.

Part of the fun for clients coming in to town is hanging out with the session players between takes. Kerry was treated to stories from David about his recent gigs with Wynonna and other artists, a story from Mike Douchette about how, back in the day, a master tape with hundreds of thousands of dollars of work on it, the only copy, was accidentally erased by some drunk guys clowning around who decided it would be a good idea to record their antics and grabbed the wrong tape to record over. Just lots of priceless stuff I’m sure Kerry will delight in sharing with everyone back home.

Tom Wild played two of the tunes on the same rig he used to played The Opry this past weekend, a maple Telecaster direct through his pedal board that could have easily passed for a Fender Twin Reverb amp.

Early vocal tracking on Kerry’s project, then mix tomorrow, I can’t wait to get at these fabulous tracks!- b.e.