Song Mastering Service

iZotope Ozone 5 Advanced Mastering Plug-In System

iZotope Ozone 5 Advanced Mastering Plug-In System At Work In Our Studio

We offer crazy low rates on mastering. For a limited time it’s only $75 per song with no minimum number of songs. 3 songs or more? Only $55 per song! Look through your old CDs and files and see if there’s anything you’d like to have done! Have you ever seen a price on mastering under $100 per song? This is full blown mastering well under $100 per song provided the song is under 6 minutes long!

Give us your.wav or MP3 file. We’ll return a .wav or mp3 stereo master file (your choice).

For those who aren’t sure what mastering is it involves taking the mixed track, reloading it into mixing software and adding EQ, effects, compression and more to the entire stereo mix. The end result is cleaner and punchier. The vocals have more clarity and width. There will be more depth to the mix. Basically, after mastering it meets radio airplay standards and it just sounds better!

This will be a fabulous opportunity for you to hear your old (or latest) songs mastered by a fresh set of ears,

If you’re interested in mastering visit the Nashville Trax Mastering Page, or send an e-mail to with Mastering Deal in the heading. You can ask questions or attach your song file(s) then pay via Pay Pal. .wav mixes sgould be sent via or