Want Great Translation In Your Mix? Event ASP8 Studio Monitors Get It Done!

The main Nashville Trax speakers are a pair of Event ASP8 Studio Precision Bi-Amp Direct Field Monitors. Retailing at $750 each, they’re designed to accurately hear every nuance in the entire frequency spectrum:

Event ASP8 Studio Monitors

Event ASP8 Studio Monitors

Notice the reflections on the face? The fronts are polished like mirrors.

Event ASP8 Studio Monitors. You could shave in this!

Event ASP8 Studio Monitor. You could shave with this!

More than one seasoned session player has remarked while listening down to several parts just tracked, “This is the only studio I record in where I can hear everything!”

We also have a set of JBL’s with a switch to toggle between the Events and the home stereo quality JBLs.

This assures that you mix will sound as great at home, as great on your computer speakers, as great in your car stereo, as it does at the studio.