A Song Cut Contract for Dan Mathews

ghosts-in-swampLong term Play It Again Demos client Dan Mathews has obtained a cut on his song “Cajun Moon” which was a collaboration with Play It Again Demos producer Bill Watson. “Dan and I did a co-write on Cajun,” explains Watson, “We did the demo and started marketing it around town. The song was originally asssigned to publisher/producer Marsha Brown but the contract expired without a cut and rights reverted back to us. We didn’t promote it after the that figuring Marsha had shopped it thoroughly and there was no point in pitching it to the same companies/people again.

Then back in fall Marsha contacted Dan about a band she’s producing she thought Cajun Moon would be perfect for. We signed off on the deal with Heath Brown Music (ASCAP) two weeks ago (in early February ’13) and it’s being recorded now. We’re just waiting for the CD to come out this summer. The lessons here are it’s all about timing and it ain’t over ’till it’s over.”