Play It Again Demos Rap Tune Testimonial Just In.

Yet another satisfied client offers us an unsolicited testimonial regarding music recording work we’ve done for them!

This time it’s Amarish Dave, a client Bill Watson first worked with toward the end of 2008, when he produced the first of four Amarish’s recordings to date.

Amarish was moved to give us this unsolicited testimonial after receiving, in July of 2015, “Boom Buh Jinjee” a rap song written by his 10 year old son, intended for the children’s market:

“I have had Bill work with me on 4 songs, each of different genre, country, pop/rock, and recently rap style. All done well and professionally. I highly recommend his work.” Amarish Dave

Here’s a brief sample of the Boom Buh Jinjee raw track mix, ready for Amarish to add his son’s vocals:

And the guide track (for his son to follow when he records the keeper vocal) Amarish received featuring Samantha, our go-to voice for these type of projects:

10 year old female session singer, Samantha.

10 year old female session singer, Samantha.

Boom Buh Jinjee is © 2015 Amarish Dave and is posted here for demonstration of production values only. No other use is permitted. If you wish to record this song or use this production the songwriter holds all rights, including the right of first release.we will be glad to forward your interest to him.