Is your Child a Future Star? Disney Rap, Pop Music, or Country, We Can Help!

If your child shows talent in the area of Rap, Pop or Country music, your first step should be to have a demo made. If that turns out as good as you suspect it might then you incorporate that as part of an entire album or even pitch your child’s talent to movie producers and A & R people in the music business.

Step 1.

Our producer will evaluate your child’s talent and team them with appropriate song material. He’ll then write the charts for the musicians to play, hire them and schedule the recording session. Your child does NOT have to be present for any of this, we can do it completely over the Internet.

We cut Music Only Mix In Your Child’s Key. For example here
s a recent rap song we produced for a child to rap with:

Step 2: A young singer, such as Samantha will sing or rap on it as a guide for your child. Copies of both the music-only version and the guide track version are sent to you almost instantaneously over the Internet.

10 year old female session singer, Samantha.

10 year old female session singer, Samantha.

A Samantha guide vocal:

Step 3. Your child sings or raps on the “music only” version. At that point it can be mixed either locally or your child’s vocal can be sent back to us to be mixed in with the music.

If you do think your child has talent then it’s important that you ACT NOW! e-mail us at

Boom Buh Jinjee is © 2015 Amarish Dave and is posted here for demonstration of production values only. No other use is permitted. If you wish to record this song or use this production the songwriter holds all rights, including the right of first release.we will be glad to forward your interest to him.